Why Energy Remedies War
by James Jaeger

No one knows the ultimate price tag to develop the ultimate energy sources of SOLAR and FUSION, but the development and exploitation of these are well worth it even if it costs as much as we have spent destroying things with war this past century.

To the degree the world wastes money destroying things through war, we will never advance, or advance very slowly (as is the case now). I don't buy the argument that war stimulates good innovations. Maybe some, but most innovations are bent to military uses and compared to the aggregate destruction of war, they're not worth it. More importantly, no ideology is worth war because all ideologies are temporary. All ideologies are based on the remedy of scarcity. This his is the wrong thing to base an ideology upon because it takes us all in the wrong direction. Since all ideologies are based upon the remedy of scarcity, all such poor ideologies will evaporate in the presence of the remedy of scarcity.

Scarcity can only be remedied when energy is remedied.

We now have the ability to remedy energy for the first time in human history but we are squandering this ability on war.

Throughout time, war has been fought so one group can justify its theft of the possessions of another group. The "justification" is always, "oh they were the ENEMY for the following reasons: blah, blah, blah."

If scarcity were remedied, the premise for war would be gone.

Greater abundance makes possible even more abundance because 75% of society's production isn't diverted into the manufacture of weapons and training young men to be killers.

It's a reinforcing positive or negative cycle. We are reinforcing the negative cycle each time we take any planetary resources and used them to destroy. Every time we do that, we use up vital resources to remedy the very reason for war in the first place, thus WAR BEGETS MORE WAR.

Again, energy is at the root of this. One of the first valuable things one group of cavemen plundered from another group of cavemen was FIRE. Now we plunder OIL. We still use war as the "tool" to plunder other groups for "energy." Thus, the use of energy to plunder for more energy is counter productive. Drop war out of the equation, and all the resources spent on that useless activity can be focused on remedying the energy scarcity once and for all.

I believe we have arrived at a point where war is now obsolete and any use of it to steal energy, when the same energy should be used to create more energy -- FUSION and SOLAR -- is insane. If the human race fails to pass this simple test -- it no longer deserves to exist.

After we have developed and deployed SOLAR and FUSION power, the world will have all the energy it needs to accomplish the following:

A) Develop technologies to address the harm we have done to the biosphere;

B) Provide every human with a decent standard of living, "decent" being defined in a democratic process that involves all participants;

C) Provide every human with the opportunity to have, do and be more;

D) Address technologies to develop NEW, useful products instead of the barrage of products we have today which perform so many of the same, or similar, functions in the same category;

E) And most importantly, use FUSION to develop rocket engines that will be powerful enough for us to explore and colonize the Solar System.

Point E is the production target for the planet, because if we don't attain point E, we will never become a Class II Civilization, i.e., a civilization that has mastered the ability to responsibly utilize the resources of its world AND its stellar system. Note that I have changed it from TYPE II civilization to CLASS II because I feel that, in order for a civilization to truly be class II, it must not only expand into its stellar system, but also provide for the welfare of its home planet. Any civilization that simply expands outward and doesn't maintain it's rudiments, take care of its birthright planet, isn't very CLASSY.

05 December 2005

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