The Sexual Recession
by James Jaeger

Sexual diseases, such as the current AIDS problem, may be one of the reasons an economy goes into recession. Follow:

1. If sex is a high (to some the highest) form of recreation, and;

2. AIDS inhibits sex because it scares the women away from having sex, then;

3. This frustrates the men - because they don't get this recreation, hence;

4. Being unfulfilled they don't work as hard or produce poor careless products;

5. Hence the economy goes down a lot or a little.


Men create and produce to impress women in no small part. There may even be no other reason they create and produce once one gets down to the non-politically correct basics.

If everything that is created by men on this planet is done for the women, then probably everything that is created by women on this planet is done for the men.

If you think there is some other reason you understand men and women better than most and maybe see more there than there is, or perhaps you have no interest in sex.

Perhaps it is a mediocre experience for you.

When men and women are inhibited from having sex because they feel they might die if they do it - they do not woo each other as fervently. They do not create for each other in order to impress each other as much. There is no reason. Mere existence is not enough. Survival is boring. No one merely wants to survive. To survive is for worms that have accidentally been washed up upon the beach.

Men build things and make things to impress women. They get rich, become good or expert, healthy or more intelligent or more powerful to impress women. Nevertheless they say their reasons are to help society. Very few really give a shit about something they cannot fathom - such as society, the world or the Universe.

Further, when there is sexual inhibition men and women are colder to each other. This makes men especially colder to each other because they get into hotter competition against each other for the diminishing number of adventuresome women still around - as most of the women have backed off from socializing and/or sex because they scare more easily than the men when it comes to AIDS. Thus, since it becomes increasingly difficult for men to get laid in any given night, they usually become unfulfilled so when it is time to go back to work - they cannot work and do not want to work because their mind is contemplating sex and better times.

Thus nobody any longer gives a damn.

Mass apathy ensues and grows and we increasingly live in an economy of growing emotional deficit. Women soon suffer as much because men start hating the women. The result is they treat them with less respect and the events of rape and horrible crimes against women increases. A man goes out and can't get laid for the 50th time - so he gets pissed-off-drunk some night and decides to play bury the knife with the next "cold bitch" he encounters that turns him down for sex (due to her fear of AIDS). She doesn't get AIDS; she gets KNIFEITIS. Perverted movie producers then pick up on these spurious blade incidents and spread the sickness further - making women even colder and thus fueling the phenomenon. Then you Mr. and Mrs. Public ask: Gee why are Richard Rimaras and other night stalkers all around? Frankly, is one an a-hole if one can not put this together? An other question of existence?

You're a disgrace for that act of omission and all your others. How often do you get your fat ass off the couch to write your congressman? I bet never or hardly ever. You should get out of the U.S., if that's the way you exercise your freedom.

And if you don't like this letter or its tone - sorry - at least I care enough about us to write when I'm pissed off about persistent horseshit such as this unproductivity and AIDS situation around the place.

A recent national survey asked people what is the problem that worries them the most? AIDS? CRIME? or TAXES? The answer was AIDS!

Maybe this should tell us something. AIDS worries people most. Get that? A national survey found that AIDS worries people the most!

So, if this is true, and it is, how many billions or hundreds of billions of dollars of lost productivity will it take before the people of the U.S., the world and the governments realize that it is too expensive to allow this disease to continue without a cure? If $50,000,000,000 were immediately raised to get a cure for the disease - it would be cured immediately.

Fuck all the politicians' rhetoric. By the time one gets to be a politician one is totally out of touch with reality. (Artists get more done.) This is why politicians will never be intelligent enough to see simple truth - they have to make simple confront seem complex to impress their colleagues with their high IQ understanding of the "complex" world and they have to justify their paychecks by prolonging problems that could be solved quickly. If you push their face into the shit (by a NICE letter to them, unlike this one) and make them stop pissing away our money on who the hell knows what they buy all day long, AIDS will get cured!!! Before anyone can solve ANY problem, he or she has to be in health. The NATIONAL BODY is sick over AIDS. The cure for AIDS has to be created by next January 1st no fuckin' if's and's or but's. Then education can be put in place and the rest of the world problems solved in priority.

People use drugs so they can de-inhibit sexual recreation. Since girls and boys are scared of AIDS they use more and more drugs (cocaine and alcohol) to pave the road with that numb old feeling that releases the inhibitions and opens the door to getting laid. It's that simple. DRUGS are used to get SEX, AIDS inhibits SEX, INHIBITED SEX cuts PRODUCTIVITY, decreased PRODUCTIVITY means LESS MONEY spent on AIDS research and other PROBLEMS. It's a vicious cycle that gets more and more vicious.

We have to wise up and cure this disease immediately or the economy of the world will absolutely crash. Fuck the other explanations - they're obfuscations or "reasons" that are only substitutes for the real reason because some people cannot confront sex and it's effects.

The current Federal Reserve/International Bank/CFR-ridden Establishment, which is on its way out, does not want to see a cure for AIDS because they need more people fucking and making baby bodies to supply and replenish the militia and pay future taxes on their socialistic one-world planet.

Churches do not want to see a cure for AIDS because they want to see people marry, screw and have new baby recruits so the religion can expand and take in more "donations" and so they can suppress the sexual revolution, which they caused in the first place by threatening populations with the wrath of god if they didn't marry to cut out screwing around. Viable then, viable now, they figure. ENNNNNNT. Not True. Go to the end of the line and eat shit.

Of course 1) neither of these two now useless entities will ever tell you this, and 2) these entities imagine that AIDS actually serves them by slowing down the sexual revolution.

As soon as we all realize the above facts of life - the sooner we will move our world into a more mature condition - one where sex takes its rightful place as the supreme validation of productivity and the preferred method of recreation and procreation. Notice the word itself: RE-creation.



The Sciences are the Humanities

An idea is to a Man as a Religion is to Mankind, or:

Idea/Man = Religion/Culture

Realize that languages are imprecise and faulty and any number of self-referencing systems can be devised.

Some of the "belief systems" or "logical systems" that are already invented are called: arithmetic, mathematics, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, democracy, capitalism, totalitarianism, socialism, religion, science, governments, countries, civilizations, ideologies, etc. Pick the best for your purposes.

Realize that governments are created because of fear people have of the environment thus, in order for governments to continue to exist, they must continue to create that which brought them into existence - fear.

Flow should be regulated at the source, not mid stream.

War is the discharge of potential flows, gone kinetic, and is its own enemy.

Banking and saving institutions cause war for their benefit.

Individuals who are rich inflow more than they outflow.

Individuals who are poor inflow less than they out flow.

Riches are defined as the control of the flow of some energy (money, connections, knowledge, sex, water, electricity, gold, communication channels, press, ideas, pleasure, pain, light, sound, fear, enlightenment), and such directed to a common holding point or relatable points.

Every Being in a given Universe resonates with one "specific frequency" traversing that Universe and this specific frequency forms the potential difference between this Universe and the adjacent Universes. The potential causes creation.

The "Specific Frequency" in the Physical Universe is called the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

A flow can only be balanced by an exact flow of similar kind.

A river of water can only be balanced by a river of water.

A river of electrons (a wire) can only be balanced by a river of electrons.

Attempt to balance a higher frequency flow with a lower frequency flow will cause the higher frequency flow to degrade.

The word "Universe" and the word "God" are the same thing. A study of the Universe is a study of God.

The flow of ideas and knowledge cannot be balanced by the flow of money.

Charging or paying for ideas with currency or matter causes the ideas to degrade to the frequency of currency or matter, hence all such ideas eventually become matter.

Ownership = Declaration + Force

Ownership is neither bad nor good

The purpose of ownership is to control the flow of matter

An idea transmits through a Universe faster than matter, electricity or light because every idea is already everywhere all the time. The process of cogniting, or reality, is a selective unveiling of all supreme existence (knowledge) for the purpose of experiencing motion, also known as time.

An idea is transmitted to all intelligence tuned to the frequency of the idea at the moment the idea is recognized and there is no distance, in spatial terms, acknowledged by any idea or memory.

An idea will transmit broadband or narrow band to the degree it is on the threshold of a broadband or narrow band mass reception.

Your current thoughts are modified by all the thoughts of the beings that are thinking about your thoughts in present time.

Anyone who detains, stops or reroutes a natural flow becomes the original channel of the flow itself and eventually loses all energy gained by doing the above to maintain the new channel.

Energy in the Physical Universe is free because it is a reciprocal entity of space.

Any man, organization or entity that continues to charge for energy once the debts of research, development and implementation are repaid, in original denominations, is a liability to the Planet's inhabitants and culture.

Any and all energy contains a constructive and destructive use and both are a matter of opinion.

The suppression of newly discovered energy sources, as justified by the fear that such will be used to destroy, will result in the exact destruction that is attempted to be avoided.

War on the Planet Earth is caused by the suppression of energy sources by relatively small groups of individuals who seek to gain ownership over the sources of energy for the purpose of enforcing their own ideologies, religions, cultures or types of developed and cultivated pleasure - oblivious and/or uncaring about the outer environment and at the expense of the outer environment.

The more you communicate the better people know you. The better people know you the more they realize that you are different from them. The more they realize your differences, the more they realize you are not like them. The more they realize you are not like them the more they are attracted to you in a negative way - they dis like you but have to have you. They have to have you to either 1) avoid you, 2) change you or 3) become you.

The act of disliking something is not necessarily the same as not admiring or not respecting something.

Negative attraction is the phenomenon of slowing to look at an accident or watching the O.J. Simpson case unfold on TV. The person watching the accident watches it to assure himself that it is truth - that it can and does happen. Now, knowing this, he seeks to change himself, his driving habits, to avoid having it happen to himself. The person watching the O.J. Simpson trial is interested in blood and murder. One only absorbs that which is a harmonic of their core beingness, hence that person who avidly watches blood and murder is trying to avoid being a murderer or trying to become a murderer - possibly without being caught.

Air is only free because no one has figured out how to charge for it. If a method of charging for air could be devised, there are those mentalities that would meter and charge for it.

The same goes for sunlight.

Air, sunlight, water and electricity should be free to all consumers.

A national debt is inversely proportionate to the cost of energy. I.E.

Debt = 1/Ecost
The suppression of energy flow, call it Factor S, is equal to the amount of cumulative interest owed to all banking institutions in a given economy - national or worldwide - by the consumers of the energy flow.

Power organizations that cause factor S to continue "employ" covertly and overtly:

  • Bankers
  • Historians
  • Economists
  • Philosophers
  • Evangelists
  • Lexicographers
  • Authors
  • Producers
  • Secret Police
  • Brokers
  • Psychiatrists
  • Politicians
  • Agents
  • Pharmacists

By "employ" it is meant, flow money to.

To the degree a world population can be kept in confusion, through drug and alcohol addiction, poor education, assaults on moral, sexual diseases, taxation, war, inflation and religion, it can be marshalled and manipulated.

By allowing, and encouraging, random ideas to flow into a society, a white noise of confusion is allowed to exist. An example of this is allowing many CONSPIRACY THEORIES to exist and flourish. Obfuscates the real ones, if any.

Positive advancement and retardation occur from this white noise.

Neither communism or capitalism work and both will inevitably fail - communism first, capitalism second. Socialism is just a less aggressive version of communism, thus it will fail just after communism.

Pure Democracy, does work, but if it ultimately creates leaders that retain the data and understanding levels only necessary to be a member of the general population - then it will fail third because of lack of ability to use many minds to resolve complex problems. It's not what the people want for their districts and world - it's how they can get it (without hurting others and the environment) that counts. In an infinite Universe it is all available - and everybody wants it all - it's how to make it happen that should be the focus of a democratic genius.

Communism and Capitalism have nothing to do with Democracy. Capitalism is nothing more than a sophisticated game of crap. Old men who have lost their ability to do real work and create real products, spend each business day betting on the productivity and energy of the younger, more idealistic people in the entrepreneurial ranks and workforce. It's currently called the "Stock Market." Whole ideologies and subcultures have developed around it to attempt to satisfy greed and eradicate risk.

Volumes could be written about that one word: Risk. Basically the expression of risk is the expression of cowardice. You know this from childhood. A daredevil walks along the high ledge, risks falling, to show that he or she is not a "scardy-cat" - not a coward.

Investors, for the most part, are concerned with risk hence to that degree are cowards. They are scardy-cats. Now too old to take risks, they bet on the risks taken by younger boys - the entrepreneurs.

These investors may be scardy-cats because they have been beaten down once too many times by an unfair, insane economic system - such as the one you live in and one you allow to exist.

So all the old boys on the market floor - betting against each other in the buying and selling of securities - is a sad and sorry sight really once you know what it really is - an entire socio/economic system to seek greed while avoiding risk. Little of this has anything to do with creating products or services that directly benefit people.

If a few young entrepreneurial slaves look like they are going to be creating a cash flow, the old, coward risk-avoiding- betters, the stock-boy investors, will be right there to lay their money on that horse. This then drives the price of the stock up due to the sick law of supply and demand. Thus value - stock "value" - is created by greed. The stock value goes up, and the old boys keep it to suck off the cash flow; or they sell it to suck off the capital gain. When they sell it they flood the market with shares so the sick law of supply and demand devalues the shares so another boy, who is less willing to take a risk at a higher price, laps it up, thus creating a demand all over again.

Never save money or energy for a "Rainy" day - spend it on opportunities for those are the good days that will drown out the Rainy days eventually.

Seek pleasure with the equivalent energy you seek pain. Don't avoid pleasure. Don't avoid pain.

Communicate as much as you listen and Listen as much as you communicate.

Never assume or believe the concept or actuality of God is totally within you or totally exterior to you. Since the Universe of thought can effect matter, matter is in the Universe of thought and free-flowing ideas.

Free-flowing Ideas

An idea is a regrouping of perceptions into a recognizable communication. All people have brilliant ideas and thoughts, and each person feels that, overtly or covertly, he or she is the brightest and most intelligent. IQ is not constant. It changes throughout the hour, the day and the life of an individual.

The mind's perception oscillates from broad-band to narrow-band. This means a person's mind thinks about narrow concepts, such as their physical body, and then to broader thoughts, such as the immediate environment, the more distant environment, further into space and even the infinite. In other words self to infinite and in doing so causes insecurity to the Being having such perceptions since half are so trivial they frustrate and the other half are so universally important and brilliant the Being can't figure out which is "real" or which he or she should be thinking about. Thus this is an oscillation of thought.

The faster the oscillation, the more stable and integrated the intellect because it is possible to hold a better understanding of the relative factors pertaining to existence.

Thus intelligence is a function of this thought oscillation, thus:

o Perception of time is a function of awareness

o The more aware the Being, the faster time seems to "pass"

o The less aware the Being, the slower time seems to "pass"

o Hence velocity is a function of awareness, and

o Time and velocity are reciprocal entities. t = 1/v or v = 1/t

The rate of oscillation of the mind, from considerations of self (family, human associations) to considerations of all of it (country, planet, Universe, god), IS the frequency of the BEING.

Each Being oscillates at a distinct frequency which may have varying periods between cycles.

A cycle of awareness is "attention to self," "attention to Universe," "attention to self."

The full cycle is the "macro-frequency" of the Being.

The nuances of acceleration and deceleration towards midpoint and return of the cycle are the "micro-frequencies."

Macro-frequencies may be called "macrocognitions" and micro-frequencies can be called "microcognigitions."

Mirocognitions manifest themselves in minute to minute behavior and emotion.

Macrocognitions manifest themselves in life long behavior and general "personality."

Beingness is a combination of microcognitions, macrocognitions and genetics.

The branch of philosophy called ontology is the study of macrocognition.

Neurology is the study of microcognition, effect of - not cause of.

States of mind are caused by the following:

o Exterior frequencies focused on a Being's mind.

o Interior operating microcoghnitions.

o The Macro-cognitive Template of the Being's mind.

If you adore your mind, you adore all Creation, ipso facto, because Creation is the result of mind.

Any logical system, including all Creation, is correct to the degree it does not violate what it defines itself to be. That's why "Natural Laws" seem to exist.

To the degree any logic system further defines its existence, it subjects itself to further degrees of potential and actual inconsistency.

Since ideologies are groupings of philosophical ideas into useful units of force, all ideologies are inconsistent and illogical so long as they are comprised of symbolization (words) that evolved over distance and time.

The evolution of sounds to represent the motion of matter (words and language), Being to Being, has created the false illusion of understanding of the state of affairs of the Universe - due to the fact that words carry with them the descriptions of former states of motion that no longer are distinct components of the current state of the Universe and its total motion or state of affairs.

Therefore, any ideology, philosophy or religion dilutes in direct proportion to the degree it attempts to further define itself by means of sound and symbolization.

a) Phenomenon can only be described by language which existed prior to such phenomenon.

The action of symbolization (by audio or visual means), has limited usefulness in connecting and advancing a culture or world.

The fact that, over time, each word "grows" new meanings and definitions, proves that symbolization is virtually useless in understanding macrocosmic affairs of long duration.

Language, in order to be useful, must be re-constructed as a type of mathematics and each symbol or word can only have one exact absolute, universal, definition with a specific number of integrated, exactly defined other words - no connotations allowed.

Languages evolved due to geographic isolation and rulers (Kings) desirous of creating captive cultures so that they could maintain power over their subjects.

Governments used to propagate language barriers and differences to maintain centralized power more easily.

Interior Centralized Power is not the best method of governing.

The fairest form of government for a Planet is to divide the Planet into two (or more) Sectors: Sector A and Sector B. Sector A governs Sector A's affairs from within Sector B's borders and Sector B govern's sector B's affairs from within sector A's boarders.

Governments or Powers-that-Be "employ" lexicographers to diffuse the language and historians to reflect history in terms of the diffused language. This is the "white noise of society."

Since no accurate data about past, present and future can be transmitted, no power, other than that already established, can be transferred or transmitted through the "white noise of society" - hence - unknown to populations of a planet - they are slaves seeking freedom.

The word "freedom" and the word "new" are the two primary buttons used for the purpose of centralizing a force or group of people.

The word "freedom," and the concept of "Freedom" are imaginary concepts and "quantity" much like imaginary numbers ("i") in the field of mathematics, (they are imaginary concepts defined to exist for a useful purpose - in the case of freedom - to enslave.)

"i" can be used to compute with.

The concept of "freedom" can be used to compute with.

A product or quotient may be derived using "i."

A product (GDP) or condition may be derived using "Freedom".

Freedom cannot exist in the physical Universe as any matter is subject to the influence of other matter by physical agreement (i.e., F=ma, D=vt, P=mv, E=mc2, etc.)

In order for an idea to be free from the influence of other ideas, the purveyor or thinker must have no perception of ideas.

Therefore, to be mentally free, or spiritually (read micro cognitively) free, one must be totally unaware of any given Universe of ideas. Where U = a given Universe we get:

Freedom is proportionate to:


(Freedom) (U1) ~~ U2

Perceived Freedom in any one Universe is inversely proportionate to the collective awareness of that Universe.

A Being can focus all of its attention on one idea at a time, for however short a period of time.

When a Being feels that it is focusing all of its attention on all ideas at one time, it is actually creating a substitute for all the ideas themselves and focusing on the substitute instead of the ideas. This substitute is called a "concept."

A concept evolves into actual matter, given persistence and energy. This is the cause of the creation of physical matter and becomes a substitute for the idea itself in Time (like in Physics or in Christianity).

Time is a system itself, but we forget that often.

Matter is a substitute for an idea or a group of ideas (a concept).

An idea is a focus of attention.

Attention is the directionalization of awareness.

Awareness is the receipt of an increment of change in microcognitions (Delta Cm).

Change in microcognitions is a complex frequency that resonates with similar and identical changes in microcognitions to the degree they are identical.

Matter will form wherever attention is focused.

All matter has associated with it - electrical charge.

Electrical charge is produced by the focusing and coupling of attention scalars.

Mental charge may be released by focusing attention on a piece of matter.

Deliberating bodies, such as congresses and boards of directors, are not the optimum method of creating solutions to complex problems - because egos get in the way of logic.

Neither is an individual or small group.

The impersonal dialogues taking place on the Internet right now are the birth places of new thought because no one knows each other and each has an impersonal "handle" that makes their true identity unknown. Thus it is much easier to have no ego involved.

The reason ego is non-productive where debate is involved is this: When a person sitting at a round table, such as a board table or on a TV debate show, makes a mistake in his or her data or logical argument, that person's ego will force them to argue endlessly to justify their point when they themselves fully know that their point has been shown to be false.

This waists the time of every body - the perpetuation of argument for the preservation of ego. But this is the state of modern deliberative bodies.

It is such a joke, that there are now endless "talk" shows on TV that have no other purpose than getting human beings egos stirred up for a display of entertainment for the ones intelligent enough to refrain from participating in such nonsense. The shows, which are run mostly during the work week afternoons and mornings, are for non-productive house-persons.

Productivity means spending time on things that make money because the money represents products that are needed and wanted by others. Spend time on things that make money, spend money on things that buy time.

Things that buy time are:

  • Proper tools
  • Clean and organized operating/production space
  • Systems to handle and care for broken tools
  • Good health, good ethics

It's easier to be just and ethical - when you have little money because money is a messy form of power. Connected with every unit of exchange (such as a Federal Reserve Note) are countless efforts, dreams, and broken dreams of other Beings not fortunate enough to be holding the unit of exchange you now have in your hand as the remains of their power.

But power facilitates creation which is cause of perfection.

For perfection is the reason for creation.

Every person you meet is a sub-plot to the story of your life.

The Life-Basis

If the common denominator of all life is the urge to survive, it's the struggle to live that underlies the urge.

Why do we struggle to survive? Because we fear death and/or enjoy life.

But why do we fear death? Because we do not generally know what it is or what happens.

Thus, if the mainstream ever solved the mystery of death - what happens for sure - the fear would be released, for knowledge can dissolve fear.

If we did not fear death, perhaps we would not struggle as much to survive, hence we would die more easily and civilization would attenuate or die out completely.

Thus, in order to live, most people in a civilization must be in mystery about death until the civilization advances to a point whereby it can provide enjoyment or enlightenment in sufficient quantities to induce beings to live for that reason alone.

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