The Real Political Spectrum
by James Jaeger

The real political spectrum has nothing to do with liberal or conservative, left or right, democrat or republican.

These are all false choices, designed by governmentalists, also known as collectivists.

The real political spectrum is COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM.

This spectrum measures the degree individuals should or should NOT give up personal liberty and freedom to the group in exchange for benefits of the group.

The "group" can be any human collective, such as a government, a state, a corporation an organization or even a church. Any human group is a collective and thus subject to the political spectrum.

To the degree a group imposes its "rights" on the "rights" of the individual, the group will remove "freedom" from the individual (by imposing "laws") in order to protect the group. The problem is all groups have different "laws" as to what is "right" and "wrong." Thus the real battlefield is here, in determining the relative merits of each group -- but you won't hear the corporate-gov mainstream media frame it this way, because if they did, they would undermine the very power they use to subjugate.

Thus ALL politics is nothing more than the struggle between group domination and individual freedom.

Unfortunately, certain groups that have been victimized in the past are often the largest advocates of the collective. They feel the way to protect themselves in the future is to be a part of the most powerful group thus no one will ever again be able to push them around. What these mentalities fail to realize is they are simply making the problem of collectivism worse. As soon as victims become new rulers, they will reactively impose the horrors done to them on yet others. The cycle of larger collectives and greater destruction will thus continue. The only way out is to realize the nature of this game and stop playing it. The basic building block of all humanity is the individual, not the collective. This is where the focus must be, individual freedom, ability and responsibility. This is the only long-term way to bring obsolescence to the nanny-state and the military-state.

Creative ideas usually come from the individual, not the collective.(1) Therefore the collective is dependent upon the individual for certain services, just as the individual may be dependent upon the collective for certain things.

Governmentalists, also known as collectivists, always want bigger government. They want this so that the individuals in society can be better controlled. By control I mean in a "positive" sense and a "negative" sense. A positive sense might be given education and health care when needed and in a negative sense given restraint and jail time when needed. Of course positive and negative are totally relative, but mostly interpreted from the POV of the collective. Thus, were history different, that lone assassin that shot Hitler would be deemed "bad" and jailed by the group for the sole reason that Hitler was part of the collective whereas the assassin was "just" an individual.

So the game you are locked into: routing for the dems or the GOP is quite laughable. Both the dems and the gop are collectivists. The dems will enslave you with bigger governments and the GOP will enslave you with bigger corporations. Meanwhile elements from each will hedge their bets and continue to enslave you with bigger church. You are thus forced to chose between two evils that will lead you to the same destiny, for big gov and big business are ultimately partners in the same crime, as you will see up the road when they merge forces.(2)

So brainwashed by these two collectives is the common citizen that s/he hardly recognized the political messiah that came and went during the 2007-2008 primaries. That political messiah was Ron Paul, who has warned of straying from Constitution, the only hope for individual liberty in a world increasingly dominated by collectives.

(1) Why is this? Because a creative idea by definition is different. An "idea" that emerges from a group of minds is a compromise. It's only as different as the group is small in relation to the general population.

(2) Today the collectivist's weapon of choice is fiat money. See FIAT EMPIRE to find out how big gov and big corp print up endless amounts of money and debt to fund their missions of collective world domination. See

22 June 2008

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