What Your Property Taxes Buy

by James Jaeger

Everyone loves the public school system, especially THEIR public schools.

And the idea of the state educating the citizenry so that all Americans are smarter and more-fully informed -- wow, what a great idea! "No kid left behind" -- the creation of the perfect citizens in a mass-assembly plant even Henry Ford would admire. What could be more socially responsible, more supportive of the "general welfare" stipulated in the U.S. Constitution and originated by Rousseau.

Yes, the public school system sounds like a great idea on the surface, but let's take a closer look at what your property taxes are actually buying. An analogy may serve the point:

Let's say the WALMART CORPORATION decides to take up the mantle of public education. Now all public school education will be paid for by WALMART. Finally, no more government-sponsored public schools.

So at WALMART HIGH, what do you think they will teach?

They will teach that NAFTA, GATT and TPP are great trade deals.

They will teach that Communist Chinese slave workers are far better than American workers, AND much cheaper.

They will teach the WALMART work ethic: "screw the workers whenever possible and allocate the profits to top management."

Will there be pictures of Jefferson and Washington or the presidents of the United States on the walls at WALMART HIGH? Of course not, who are these guys compared to members of the Walmart Family who were instrumental in founding the WALMART CORPORATION.

And will there be any religious symbols -- like Buddha, Jesus or a nativity scene -- displayed at WALMART HIGH? Of course not, the only symbol that will be displayed will be an 8-foot statue of a golden $ in the lobby of every school.

Yes, the kids that graduate from WALMART HIGH will be the perfect little consumers -- each programmed to pull out their wallets and credit cards at the drop of an impulse. Each programmed to build yet more WALMARTS across the nation instead of anything resembling a dirty, old FACTORY.

Finally America's kids will be properly educated in free-market, capitalist principles at the WALMART HIGH SCHOOLS across the nation. These will truly "Make America Great!

And this is exactly what your property taxes are paying for right now at the public schools across the nation. America's kids are being properly cloned upon socialist, Marxist, principles that ensure an ever expanding state through a program of endless welfare and warfare, all paid for by fiat currency and academic ignorance.

Yes, WALMART HIGH is alive and well, only it's called GOVERNMENT HIGH. So forget about private school, charter school or home school, go get that public school diploma kids -- it's "free."

23 December 2017

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