How the Mainstream Media is Escalating the “War on Terror”
by James Jaeger

CNN ran a piece with Dr. Sanjay Gupta this morning. The idea was that “terrorists seek to make us feel insecure wherever we are.” They can suddenly attack anywhere, at anyone, at any time. This gives the terrorist a "psychological" seniority over us and a sense of cultural pessimism.

Okay, let's say this is true. The terrorists are having an impact. What's a solution?

A solution, possibly the only solution, is for the mainstream media to stop reporting on terrorism in a sensational and political manner. If the mainstream media simply under-reported on terrorism, few of us would be as scared. This would thus contribute to a defeat of the terrorist mission: to make us feel scared, hence vulnerable.

Of course, when a terrorist attack happens, those local to the attack inevitably feel vulnerable, but, if the mainstream media doesn't widely report it, at least the vulnerability will not be spread to millions of others. If this policy were effectuated by the mainstream media, eventually the effectiveness of terrorist attacks may die out. Terrorists, not able to promote their message or deeds using the massive strength of the mainstream media, would experience their psychological superiority over the masses diminishing.

Since there is little or nothing the average citizen can do about terrorism anyway, what is the reason the average citizen needs to know all the bloody details? Given this, the mainstream media is not really providing any service to the citizenry by informing it about attacks in any sort of bloody, sensational or political way. In fact, the mainstream media should be viewed as a prime suspect for the abetting of terrorism by promoting its acts so widely and so frequently. The mainstream media could thus be seen as putting the citizenry into increasingly serious positions of psychological submission to the tactic of terrorism.

It could therefor be posited that:

That said, and if true, the public does need to know the qualitative facts -- just the quantitative facts. The reporting to the public should be in the form of statistics and graphs, possibly related on public service channels. Pictures, video and sensational, politically-spun "news stories" from women in red dresses with blond hair need not be part of the reports. Just the facts: Stat: is terrorism increasing or decreasing? Stat: how effective has the government been in dealing with it? Stat: how much money are we spending? Stat: who receives that money?

The mainstream media, by endlessly presenting terrorist acts in a sensational manner, is exploiting news of public concern and in effect profiting from it as if it were "entertainment." This practice is despicable, especially when one considers the damage and lives its profitable TV show -- THE WAR ON TERROR – has caused or contributed to since September 2001.

It's time the New York-based media and the Hollywood-based movies stop spreading terror all over the planet. It's bad enough that many of the weapons in the hands of ISIS bear the insignia "Made in the USA". It’s even worse that many of the entities that make these weapons are major advertising clients of the mainstream media. Let’s get the mainstream media out of the business of promoting and profiting from the WAR ON TERROR along with its buddies in the U.S. Military-industrial complex.(1)

(1) To find out how the MAINSTREAM MEDIA wandered so far from the vision of the original Hollywood movie moguls, visit

Originated: 27 March 2016

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