Profit-Motive and the Money-Mentality
by James Jaeger

I have anguished over the "profit motive" for many years but had this anguish accelerated when the movie, "ZEITGEIST Addendum" came out. I am concluding that there are at least two kinds of profit, thus profit-motives:

A) Just and deserved reasonable profit from the production of products and services that truly benefit society;

B) Unjust enrichment derived from the production of shoddy and/or unwanted products/services, as well as gambling and/or cheating and/or illegal activities.

Since the cultural Marxist influence of the 1960s, I have seen an alarming number of people move from a profit-motive based on A to a profit motive based on B.

This I have called the MONEY-MENTALITY in respect of my late father who recently passed away. My dad was a psychiatrist and had seen it all -- in charge of some of society's most dangerous and insane at state hospitals, such as NORRISTOWN STATE and HAVERFORD STATE, as well as a corporate physician able to observe some of the best and brightest at places like, the DUPONT CORPORATION. My father used to call them the "MONEY-MENTALITY." To him this was probably a mental disease, and probably needs to be categorized as some sort of perverse obsession.

Basically the MONEY-MENTALITY is defined as a person that obsessively works mainly for money: not excellence, needed and wanted products/services or the betterment of society. More is never enough. "Greed is good," as the money-mentality writers and studio executives from Hollywood spew. The money-mentality wants to better himself and maybe his family and will do it at the expense of society "justifying" it by concluding that self-interest generates an emergent property that is the foundation of capitalism.

Indeed, business is full of the money-mentality.

Business schools turn them out like hoards of beer drinkers endlessly pissing;

Wall Street sucks them up, Hollywood glorifies them;

The stock market ricochets all over the graph because of them;

Credit Default Swaps and Collateralized Debt Obligations are their gift to humanity;

Gamblers epitomize the money mentality;

Day traders are useless gamblers;

Las Vegas and Atlantic City are temples built to the gambling money-mentality;

The State Lottery is a disease of the money mentality;

Congressmen, seeking endless office, support and depend on the money-mentality;

The executive demanding or accepting salary/bonuses 500 times his fellow employees is the sickest manifestation of the money-mentality;

The celebrity and his greedy/hostile agent are not far behind, puking their hostile and violence-oriented "art" into the culture;

The BabyBoomer getting rich, so s/he can screw and drug away his or her life is the logo of the money-mentality;

The money mentality is out there using and abusing the capitalist system in order to enrich himself at the sake of society. S/he justifies this with "the profit-motive." This creature says: "Hey what's wrong with making money in America, it's a free country. You against capitalism?"

Yes, one SHOULD be against the kind of capitalism the money-mentality, with its "profit-motive" justification, practices: MONOPOLY CAPITALISM and UNBRIDLED CAPITALISM at their worst. Certainly the money-mentality does NOT practice FREE-ENTERPRISE CAPITALISM, nor is the money-mentality's "profit-motive" justified.

Know the money mentality running roughshod over free-enterprise capitalism by whether he does A or B. Know that the current meltdown we are all suffering is BECAUSE of the money-mentality.

02 March 2009

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