Most Hated Professions
by James Jaeger

People that create money out of thin air and then lend it to you so you can be a debt slave to them. Bankers are tools of the state who facilitate its financial operations when it desires to bypass taxation, hence the veto power of the citizenry, on matters of waging war, expansion of government and maintaining power through the military-industrial complex. See CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND and FIAT EMPIRE at

Lawyers that install themselves in political office in order to facilitate the banks and corporatocracy (that has grown up around them). Congressmen -- installed by mostly Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Pharma and Big AIPAC -- reconfigure the laws to benefit consolidation, monopolization, monetizing debt, fiat money, fractional reserve lending, mainstream media propaganda, the military industrial complex and businesses "too big to fail". See

People that force you to pay money to a government that uses violence to endlessly perpetuate its expansion and security over yours.

People that work for the court in an effort to extort ever higher fees from the public as a result of increasingly complex laws they create in order to maintain a monopoly on comprehension hence, compliance. Lawyers facilitate the purposes of Big Banks, Entrenched Congressmen, IRS Agents, Other Lawyers, MPAA Executives, Big Oil CEOs, Big Pharma, Nazi Policemen, Tax Accountants, and Tow Truck Drivers. Lawyers that help the "little" guy survive and navigate in the System, who charge a fair and modest fee, who enjoy their work, not for the money but in an effort to serve, are excluded from this class.

People that use predatory, unethical and often illegal means to control the product output of the motion picture industry in a way that suits their worldview and political agenda. All talent that confronts the Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture industry is screened by approximately 21 MPAA studio executives that use discrimination and blacklists to ensure that only pre-approved people are allowed to participate in the motion picture industry. See

People that have stolen the petroleum resources of earth (with the help of bankers, lawyers and congressmen), in order to provide a product that destroys the environment while monopolizing the transportation system. See THE TYRANNY OF OIL.

Legalized drug pushers that use the mass media to get the public addicted to all manner of chemicals, every chemical leading to a next chemical, eventually leading to the hospital system and death.

Power hungry Nazis who enjoy forcing citizens to submit to the endless laws created by lawyers, bankers and congressmen of the corporatocracy. Egotists who drive around in cars with so many obnoxious flashing lights and strobes their mere presence creates a dangerous public distraction.

Young dumb boys that enlist to get paid to "just do their job" killing other human beings in the name of the state-sanctioned ideology they just happened to be born into.

Worms that welcome the complexity created by their fellow lawyers and congressmen and who live off the preparation of increasingly insane and invasive tax returns.

People that relish stealing your car because the "law" gives them permission to do so, especially when you are parked in an illegal space that a policeman desires to utilize when giving a ticket.

11 February 2009

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