by James Jaeger

Just like government tax return forms, have you noticed how insanely complex postage rates and mailing identifications have become?

Remember when it used to be simple:

First Class mail
Second Class Mail
Third Class Mail

Now we have at least 13 categories to decide on before mailing a letter or package. Should it go:

Priority Express Mail International

Then we have to decide if it should go:

First Class Mail International
First Class Package International
Priority Mail Express International
Priority Mail International

Then, as if our brain is not fried enough, they make us decide if it should go by:

Flat Rate Envelope
Large Flat Rate Box
Medium Flat Rate Box
Padded Flat Rate Envelope
Small Flat Rate Box

I kid you not. These are the actual categories that are listed by PayPal and at the Post Office.

And it's a lot more than 13 decisions when you consider the potential combinations, the algebra connected with 13 factors. What is it, 13 squared or 13 cubed decisions? That's at least 169 potential combinations, hence decisions.

This is ridiculous!

What brain-dead, profit-motivated, drug-infested mentality came up with the PO pricing scheme we have today? It must have been the same people, or mentality, came up with the even more ridiculous 1040 Tax Forms. Who are these people? Are they $300-per-hour lawyers that sit on their fat asses at word processors all day vomiting out minutia and tit-for-tat so they can increase their "billable hours" (as law firms call them)? Probably. But whoever they are, they are part of the swamp.

The Post Office and tax return complexities are exactly what you would expect from a Swamp -- a bunch of government employees that get fat and complacent on an annual $4 trillion budget and with little or no competition. That's right, little or no competition, except for heavily regulated "competition." And this is why the federal government -- and especially the state and local governments -- must be cut back to a size envisioned by the Constitution. This would be a government no larger than what could be supported if each citizen contributed about 5% of his or her annual income.

Right now the three (3) governments that are milking you -- federal, state and local -- take as much as 60 to 80 percent of your energy, your money, directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly. And remember, inflation is a hidden tax too.

Government is not only an expense, it's a luxury. Most of government services -- except for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines -- are NOT vitally necessary. They are "make-work" projects, bureaus and departments. And just like the Post Office, the government has been creeping up its services with more and more complexity and more and more unnecessary, differentiated services.

In other words we really only need three classes of postage: First Class delivered in 2 - 3 days; Second Class delivered in 3 - 5 days; and Third Class delivered in 5 - 9 days. And if certain businesses need really fast service, we could add Express mail delivered overnight. We certainly don't need 2-day express. What kind of crap is that? Mail will get there in 2 days by first class or by overnight even if it's late by a day -- it will get there the next day, the second day.

All this unnecessary complexity and differentiation create inefficiencies -- system-wide inefficiencies -- thus "justifications" for the money mentality to pile on charges known as taxes. That's right, taxes. These inefficiencies cost the tax payer money. Thus, any "deal" you think you are getting by having infinite "choices" is neutralized by the added cost of the system. So government becomes a bigger and bigger expense to the citizen. But the government doesn't care -- all it cares about is making payroll for all the people that are employed in the DC Swamp and around the country in the thousands of other government offices at the state and local levels. Top hell with the payroll for regular Americans. Just like in Communist China, everyone eventually works for the State.

So remember the government is an expense. Government service is no different than your electric bill, or your cable bill, or your rent or mortgage or condo fee. The government is an EXPENSE which is in competition with all your other free-market priced expenses. But unlike all other free-market priced expenses, the government expense, the "tax," is set arbitrarily by backroom lawyers at word processors and extracted at gunpoint. This means -- as nice as Lefties think their Uncle Sam Government is -- they will come after you with guns if you don't pay them FIRST. If you don't hand over money to the very lawyers that write the fucking ridiculous Post Office pricing schedules and the mind-numbing 1040 IRS tax schedules, they will literally come after you with AK-47s, if necessary, and shoot you dead if you refuse to pay them with debt-backed, Federal Reserve Notes. And it says this is the only acceptable payment on every single dollar bill: "This Note is legal tender for all debts public and private."

So this is the system YOU have allowed to develop by sitting in your couch the past 40 years and doing nothing. Given this at least think about these things the next time you mail a letter. Then watch the 8 documentaries we have prepared for you that address the problems discussed in this article. They're all up for free at www.homevideo.net

But after you watch them, don't be a stingy asshole: buy the DVDs at www.MoviePubs.net and re-watch each of them so you really GET what the world-class experts in the films are saying. The movies will be a lot easier to watch on TV while sitting on your sofa than at a computer or on your "stupid phone" -- AND, most of all, you will be helping us produce additional movies that are desperately needed in light of the fact that the mainstream media and the public school system have been taken over by cultural Marxists.

22 October 2017

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