by James Jaeger

It's a terrible thing when a wonderful family man gets gunned down by a pissed off African American just because he happens to be a New York cop. But, if that same family man were an ordinary citizen, or perhaps a New York surgeon that performed brain operations three times a week, literally saving thousands of lives over his career, would these two regular citizens have a thousand cops in a "sea of blue" paying last respects? I doubt it. So what's wrong with this picture? Is a cop's life to be respected more than a brain surgeon's life? The real question is this: is the NYPD paying respects to a slain officer or is it really paying respects to itself?

How many at the funeral of officer Wenjian Liu actually knew Mr. Liu personally? Probably only a fraction. So is this thousand-man motorcycle parade a display of reverence for a single man who lost his life performing the risky job he was well-paid for, or is this really a display of defiance, little different than North Korea when it displays its armed forces in the streets? The answer to this question is obvious. The display is MAINLY for the police force, NOT Officer Liu. Police forces must have future recruits, so quality men cannot be too scared to join up. All governments go psycho whenever their ability to recruit is jeopardized. This is why they go out of their way to praise and butt-kiss the men who "serve." It's a sell-job that never ends, and this "funeral" was part of the sell-job. No one is going to sign up to be a NY cop if they think they could get shot and then get no recognition. So all this pomp is little more than promotion to brainwash the nation's youth into joining up to become future government-sanctioned killers -- or to become a hero like officer Wenjian Liu?

But America has become a TRUE police state when it makes "heroes" out of cops that were doing little more than sitting in a patrol car eating a sandwich when they saw "action."

So who is responsible for this pathetic state of affairs? Those who have militarized America's police forces are responsible. Those lawyers and congressmen who have written and passed the PATRIOT Act are responsible. These rogue politicians, and their fat, little desk-bound "grinders," are directly responsible for the widespread police brutality we are now seeing around the nation.

Don't believe it's happening? Just go to YouTube and enter the search term: "police brutality" and you will see thousands of videos and pictures, all a product of the militarization of the state police forces under the watch of the Department of Homeland Security.

Heinrich Himmler in Nazi Germany called HIS "Department of Homeland Security" the "Department of National Security" or the "Reichssicherheitshauptamt." What this means, in essence, is a unification of national police forces. It's ironic that a villain from one of the biggest mass-murdering nations in history configured his government this way, and now YOUR very own corporate-elected politician in Washington DC is doing, or condoning, the exact, same thing. Just goes to show how history repeats itself when people sit around drinking too much beer and watching stupid Hollywood movies. Also goes to show that the tyrannical-mind has not changed all that much down through history.

The savvy citizen will also note that the word "police" does not even appear in the U.S. Constitution.

So why does "police" not appear? Because the Militia System, made up of the people themselves, is supposed to BE the police. Don't burn yourself on the coffee, but this is called "self-government" -- what we are SUPPOSED to be here in America in order to be a FREE state. We are supposed to be a volunteer force of local citizens -- not a paid, mercenary force of out-of-towners. Is it any wonder so many of today's police have little problem with morality when shooting a suspect with 5, 10, 15 and 20 bullets or strangling them while they scream, "I can't breath," 5, 10 or 15 times? This is the way cultural Marxist, mercenary forces operate. They kill, they murder, they burn and destroy -- and they do it for a paycheck or because: "I was just doing my job." How many times do you hear that line? Endless meat heads use that exact line and have been using it for millennia.

Such police could care less about the citizen, the subject, because they are in a fraternity ABOVE the level of mere citizen, or subject. That you are a brain surgeon, a cigarette pimp or taxpayer makes no difference. You will not be in the police parade and you are not part of the elites that the police REALLY serve.

This is the state of so-called "national security" in today's America: no security for WE THE PEOPLE and endless security for the WE THE ELITE and WE THE CORPORATIONS.

Americans have wandered from Constitutional principles and now we are paying the price. The Militia of the States are supposed to be the police forces. These Militia consist of citizens -- you and I -- not paid mercenaries, like the New York and Ferguson police.

That police viciously shoot round after round of bullets into American citizens is to be expected given the situation we are in today. Whether or not justified, over-reacting with force like this is a clear indicator that police across the nation have become paranoid and psychotic. The Framers knew this could happen, and this is why police forces are NOT written into the Constitution -- only the Militia of the several States, manned by WE THE PEOPLE are authorized.

Thus, technically, the New York Police Department and the Furgeson Police Department are illegal. They are illegal under the highest law in the land, the U.S. Constitution, as there is no authority for either of these police departments to exist. And if they have no authority to exist, they are little more than over-reacting, psychopaths that maraud the streets in uniforms defrauding the public for prestige and personal gain, i.e., police pay.

But what police forces in America really amount to are state standing armies.

The Founders knew that when you have an army "standing" around, sooner or latter a "reason" to use that army is going to be invented. Is it thus any wonder Blacks -- the easiest and most convenient targets -- are the first victims of such standing armies? No wonder at all. And this is why they are brutalized left and right the nation over; and this is why they are totally justified in being pissed-off as hell.

And contrary to the biased "news" you will see on FOX, MSNBC and CNN -- or the news vacuum you will never see -- this is the actual reason Blacks and concerned Whites are marching together and protesting all over the nation. Too many police are rude, mean, overly-authoritative, and over-reacting to citizens, especially minorities. Then they, as an organization, have the gall to give themselves a massive parade in the guise of an officer's funeral. No such parade has EVER been given to a tax-paying, American citizen that has been gunned-down by a policeman.

And the Attorney General has never convicted and jailed even one (1) police officer for the thousands of displays of police brutality documented on tape by WE THE PEOPLE across the nation. There is going to be hell to pay unless the standing army of police across this country starts reading their Constitutions and gets with the program. And the program is the Oath of Office that they swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution -- NOT the government in New York City, New York State or Washington DC. The piece of paper -- the Constitution -- is what the Oath is sworn to.

Police forces are NOT authorized by the U.S. Constitution and every policeman across the nation should quit his position and demand that he be re-instated in his State Militia, and if there is no State Militia, he should spend his time arresting those responsible for allowing, or causing, that to happen. Only the Militia System is authorized as a "policing" force to "uphold the laws of the land," as stipulated in Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 of the Constitution. And if there are any police forces established, these forces operate and report to the Militia of their respective States -- NOT the federal government or one of its Nazi-styled departments spawned by the PATRIOT Act. See http://www.molon.us/movie as a primer to the Constitutional State Militia System that is your rightful heritage.

Originated: 04 January 2015

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