Plow the Fields
by James Jaeger

Each and every member of the Senate and House should be removed.

Given that there are only 100 senators and some 435 representatives, this is a tiny number of people compared to the hundreds of millions of citizens these "career congressmen" have adversely effected over the past 20 years of endless terms.

Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat you could effectuate this plan. Just apply this simple rule the next time you are in a voting booth:


If you're a Republican, vote for a NEW Republican.
If you're a Democrat, vote for a NEW Democrat.

This solution will turn the soil and allow for a new, healthier crop of representatives. Sure, some of the new guys will not be better than the old guys, but on average the entire congress will be healthier and more able to think outside the box -- get things done and not be in corporate pockets as much.

When one considers how entrenched almost all of the congressmen are and how they have configured OUR government to operate in basically THEIR interests AND the interests of THEIR corporate contributors, it should make any patriotic American sick to their stomach. Sweep them ALL out. Then replace their staffs and rebuild. If they are all replaced in kind, you will still be able to retain the same balance of power, the same Democrat to Republican ratio, BUT we will ALL be working with a fresh slate of talent.

If turning over the soil, plowing the field, was not something that REALLY works, farmers wouldn't be doing it every year, and they wouldn't have done if for millennia. Do it for your Congress. We do it for the Executive branch every 4 years, why not the Congress? Could you imagine if you had Bush in there for 20 more years? Could you imagine if you had Clinton in there for 20 more years? Well don't look now, but you now HAVE over 500 Bushes and Clintons in there almost permanently right NOW. Plow the Field.

If you agree with this proposal, pass it on and help put it into effect. The Congress would NEVER vote in a term limits solution and you can't count on the corporate media to spread the word. So the only way something like this could possibly happen is for concerned citizens to deploy word of mouth technology. Forward this email on to even 3 people and you will set into motion an exponential call for change.

28 November 2005

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