The Perfect Solutions to Humanities' Problems

by James Jaeger

If we, as a world, were able to address the cost of WAR, DEBT, ENERGY and POPULATION we could have a paradise.

Think about it. Wars are fought over energy and population problems. Then they are financed with debt. All 26,000 of the bombs the United States dropped on 7 nations last year were financed with fiat currency-generated debt.

The problem facing Humanity is not unknowable. The factors I have outlined above are not unknowable. Is there anyone reading this that disagrees that war is wasteful and bad? Is there anyone reading this that does not feel debt also wasteful? Is there anyone reading this that does not agree we live in a universe of energy and it would be nice to be able to reduce its costs towards zero. And lastly, is there anyone reading this that would like to see the world more populated?

I'm sure there are factors other than war, debt, energy and population that one could bring up. But let's just start with these four since they seem to be omnipresent and known to all, if not axiomatic.

If these four factors are basically the gateway solutions to Earth's problems, then why not address them? WARS are fought and paid for with DEBT because too many people in the POPULATION do not have the necessities of life, most of the expense being due to expensive ENERGY. Drop the cost of energy out of human production and suddenly there is almost no product that can't be delivered to some major population cheaper and with greater ease. Stop blowing things up in wars, and everyone will have their stuff and have no need to conflict with their neighbors for more stuff. Lower the birth rate on the planet, and we'll have fewer people to support and fewer people needed for survival in developing nations. Stop using debt to pay for things, and only those things which one can afford will be purchased. Since no one can afford war, stop purchasing wars with credit. The citizens of every country on the planet should refuse to allow their governments to finance wars with borrowed funds. This act alone could reduce the size of all governments, and reduce their competition for YOUR resources and money. That's right, governments are in competition with YOU for money and resources. The larger you allow the state monster to become, the more it will eat. Since the term "WAR" is really interchangeable with the term "GOVERNMENT," I will simply use the world WAR for the purposes of this article.

Given these considerations, what we are really dealing with is a type of high-level puzzle, a puzzle that has elements of a Rubik's Cube and a game of Chess booby-trapped with various catch-22s.

But here's the good news, what we are really dealing with is the type of problem AI was "born" to solve.

If this is true, I would suspect the problem has to be sufficiently defined before it can be solved. So I will attempt to define the problem in that it makes sense to me that the four factors -- WAR, DEBT, ENERGY and POPULATION -- are interwoven. In fact they're tied together like a knot. But here's some more good news: knots CAN be loosened AND even Rubik's Cubes CAN be solved. Catch-22's can be solved and games of Chess can be won. An AI computer even beat the Go champion of the world.

So if we start with the problem as a knot, the question is, what string does one pull first, the strings being WAR, DEBT, ENERGY and POPULATION. Which one, when pulled first, will start to unravel the knot? And how long should that string be pulled before some other string should be pulled? I will take some guesses to try and get this started.

What is the least intractable of the four knots: WAR, DEBT, ENERGY or POPULATION? People or governments will fight no matter what when they are confused. And they are confused because the problem we are working on here has not yet been solved. So WAR is probably never going to be the starting point for untying the knot. What about DEBT? Can debt be phased out so that wars cannot be financed? Hardly, because the entire world financial system is now run by central banks. Remember the movie ALIEN? Well the "face huggers" -- those crab-like creatures that attached themselves to the crew member of the Nostromo -- are attached to almost every human's face on the Earth. You can't remove them because they are attached to your system. Debt is now in every human and corporate part of the global system and it's multiplying and flowing like acid-blood everywhere, financing wars, drugs and every manner of mal-investment conceivable. So getting rid of the heroin addiction of DEBT right now would be impossible. This means WAR and DEBT are here to stay, because the "monetary scientists" that created the global war-debt system DESIGNED it that way.

This brings us to ENERGY and POPULATION as the last likely strings we could pull to loosen the global knot that's strangling the world. Let's take a look at POPULATION first.

Surely, if the world only had half the number of people or a quarter the number of people there would be more to go around, hence less motivation to start or support wars. If everyone had all the food, clothing, shelter and other things they wanted, who would go to war? Well, if you answered this question, you know how we will answer some other questions down the line. The first thing however to consider is the horrible possibility that, consciously or subconsciously, someone doesn't WANT everyone to have all the food, clothing and shelter they need. If society were to lose scarcity, there would be no special privileges hence there would be no elite or stratification of society. There would be no haves and have-nots, alas, there would be no knots. But reducing population by request or government fiat is impossible. Nature has [i]designed[/i] populations to increase, especially when intractable problems, such as the problem we are trying to solve, exist and threaten them. This is one of the built-in catch-22s that abound in the physical universe.

So what are we left with as our "first" string? We're left with the very thing -- the very string -- Nikola Tesla placed so much of his attention on: cheap or free ENERGY that's abundant or unlimited. That's right, Tesla dedicated his entire life to solving the ENERGY problem, for the ENERGY problem is the gateway to the solution of the problems of WAR, DEBT and POPULATION. And when these four are solved, all other problems facing humanity will surrender. At that time we will become a full Type I Civilization and be on our way to a space-faring Type II civilization with at least two branches of humanity. But back to Earth and ENERGY. Why is energy the key to the other problems? Surprisingly there's really only one obvious reason: energy is the only string that's immediately doable because, again, you are not going to get rid of WAR, DEBT or POPULATION initially. On the other hand, science and technology have been advancing on all fronts no matter what WAR is happening, who is in DEBT or what the POPULATION. Cheap or free, abundant or unlimited ENERGY is a function of science and technology, so no one can stop this progress even though governments -- and the elites that use them as their weapons -- know this. That's why the ENERGY budget is always so low and the WAR budget is always so high. The state uses perpetual WAR to drain the ENERGY budget into virtual insignificance so there can never be the sort of breakthroughs envisioned by Nikola Tesla. Again, it's a matter of stratification and control. This is why Wall Street -- led by J.P. Morgan -- and the Energy Establishment -- led by Thomas Edison -- withdrew financing and blackballed Tesla in past years. They feared he may have been onto something, at the very least he inspired young inventors and scientists to dream dangerous dreams. And now, with the recent release of confidential papers from Tesla's room at the New Yorker Hotel, we are finding out that Tesla may have been murdered by the FBI or some other government agency when they raided his files.

So the key to untying the knot may be to revitalize Tesla's goals, if not his research. Whether or not there is unlimited energy in vacuum or the Dirac Sea of electrons, there IS unlimited energy in SOLAR and FUSION. If the rogue state that now infests the U.S political "swamp" refuses to allocate sufficient funds for the exploration and deployment of these energy sources, then the congressmen that are suppressing the advancements should be dismissed. They can be dismissed through the vote, term limits or an Article V Constitutional Convention. All of these things are doable and WE THE PEOPLE need no congressional or elite permission.

When the ENERGY breakthrough of "all time" happens in SOLAR, FUSION, ZERO POINT or something ELSE -- and how could it NOT happen when we live in a universe flooded with infinite energy -- the manufacturing cost of all products will drop towards zero no matter how much fiat-currency the world's banks attempt to monetize. The way the world's central banks siphon off any productivity breakthroughs is by printing money to represent (tally) the newly created products. They are then able to use the expanded product base to "justify" a further expansion of the monetary base. Once they have done this, a face-hugger is on your face, and everyone's face -- and they suck additional life out of the you and the civilization, life they rely on for their security and to maintain the wealth stratification that keeps them in what C. Wright Mills called, the "power elite."

In technical terms, the banks suck interest out of you and the state creates inflation, a hidden tax. BUT, if an energy dividend were to escape from the power elite's claws, they would not be able to expand the monetary base fast enough before populations stopped initiating and supporting WARS. When that happens the power elite suffers two serious blows: their major client for DEBT, the state, dries up and the POPULATION starts to dwindle. This then becomes a self-generating positive feedback loop. Populations become so affluent they no longer have motivation to fight, need to borrow or desire to have numerous off-spring. War and debt are only present in a civilization of scarcity and strife, and this is why the power elite that depends on WAR, DEBT and scarcity, want WAR and DEBT. They also need an ever increasing POPULATION in order to sell their energy-starved products and debt to, not to mention a constant flow of young men to fight for "security" -- security and perpetuation of the state. So excessive POPULATION is a goal of the power elite because excessive population and blowing things up create a scarcity that ensures wealth stratification.

I think all of the things covered here are pretty obvious and routine. What may not be easy is getting agreement on what string to pull first. You can decide if I have made an argument for ENERGY, but be assured beneficiaries and apologists of the current WAR-DEBT system will find all manner of ways to obfuscate the issues and/or make them so complex nothing gets done. Just like the tobacco companies and the climate-change arguments. Oh, and BTW, did I mention, if WAR, DEBT, ENERGY and POPULATION problems are addressed, CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING, whichever term you prefer, will automatically be addressed, for SOLAR, FUSION and ZERO POINT are clean energy sources. The current hurricane, Irma, that's now hitting the coast of Florida should be a wake up call to all U.S. citizens that these things may continue to get worse. We may need to force the power elite to release some Tesla technology sooner than they had planned.(1)

So let's start pulling some strings and untying some knots and AI can help us with this.

(1) See

Originated: 09 September 2017
Revised and Suppemented: 28 January 2018

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