by James Jaeger

As of the mid-term election of 07 November 2006, the Dems are more in power, however don't consider things will change all THAT much.

Sure we may get out of the war, but remember BOTH parties are bought and paid for by corporate interests. The important thing to remember is: THE MAJOR (MULTI-NATIONAL) CORPORATIONS DONATE MASSIVELY TO BOTH PARTIES TO HEDGE THEIR BETS. Maybe they would prefer the GOP was in power, but they heavily fund candidates on BOTH sides of the political spectrum. Thus excessive amounts of the laws of the U.S. are continuing to be configured for corporate interests -- NOT for the Peoples' interests.

Thus before there, can or will, be any real change, the PEOPLE must take back the Congress from corporate influence.

They can only do this by getting rid of all the incumbents from BOTH parties because their social networks allow long-term congressmen to VOTE-SWAP, push excessive PORK and maintain the status quo and take corporate contributions which are really just bribes. See "Overthrowing the Corporate Government" at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/overthrow.htm for details

As of 07 November 2006, step one is well in progress, i.e., many of the INCUMBENTS in the Republican congress HAVE been OVERTHROWN. But again, don't think you are out of the woods. You are NOT.

In 2 years, the People must throw out all the new people that have just taken office, whether Dems or GOP, and continue to throw out as many of the next third as possible.

The flushing of Congress will take at least 6 years.

Only after they are significantly flushed -- BOTH parties -- will the following have even a chance of happening:

1. TERM LIMITS MUST BE ENACTED TO KEEP CONGRESS FROM BECOMMING ENTRENCHED. After thinking this over, I would say no more than one 6-year term for any congressman. This will still allow an orderly one third turnover which is in sync with a 4-year executive term but with the added benefit that the gov will tend to be more responsive to the People.

2. THE GROSS AND IRRESPONSIBLE MILITARY BUDGET MUST BE SLASHED. The annual $440 billion allocated to the Military MUST be cut down to no more than $150 billion per year. This will still a) keep the U.S. stronger than all other countries; b) force the military to spend more economically; c) pause long and hard before entering into any more wars; and d) reduce the U.S. dependency on fiat money. (See http://www.mecfilms.com/fiat)

3. MUCH MORE MONEY MUST BE ALLOCATED TO ENERGY DEVELOPOMENT. Out of the Military savings at least $50 billion a year must be put towards energy development - specifically plasma fusion and solar. Right now the gov only spends ONE HALF A BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR ON ENERGY DEVELOPMENT. That's one HALF a billion. Yes you read that right, $.5 billion per year opposed to 440 BILLION dollars a year on destruction. This is not only ridiculous, it's totally insane, if not treasonous. We are AT WAR because we have ENERGY problems. Thus, because of your entrenched Congresses' gross negligence, the corporate interests have allowed us to fall way behind in energy development, so much that we are using our youth to fight wars to take OTHER peoples' energy (oil). It is TOTALLY INSANE to spend $440 billion on a war machine that only HAS a "purpose" because we are FAILING to allocate sufficient money to the very problem we are fighting over - scarcity of energy. Remember, Bush is an agent of the Oil Establishment and that's the only reason we went into Iraq -- the second most oil-rich territory in the world. Terrorist attacks will simmer down once the U.S. stops pigging up every one else's oil and fossil fuels. And if they don't, I THEN say we get drastic with them.

4. CORPORATIONS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE POLITICAL PROCESS. Corporations are NOT people. They should thus NOT have the rights of people. Where does it say in the Constitution, or Bill of Rights, that ARTICICIAL entities created under the state, i.e., corporations, have the rights of people. It does not. These artificial entities, known as corporations, do not ACT like people, nor do they CARE about people. They only care about making money in a mechanistic, unfeeling way, for their top officers and stockholders, stockholders which ultimately amount to less than 5% or 10% of the People. Look how corporations have gone back on their words to provide PENSIONS to millions of employees in America yet look at the EXCESSIVE PAY they lavish on their CEO and top executives -- over 500 times the lowest paid employee.(1) Look how they got so many employees to invest their 401k money into their corporate stocks and then only the insiders got out leaving the middle class holding the bag with stock depreciations of 60% or more. Look at the continuing WEALTH DISPERITY this, and other corporate activities, have been creating for ordinary people. Look at the military-industrial complex (more properly called the CORPORATE-MILITARY COMPLEX) that keeps us at war just so it can extort yet more debt out of a Congress that has been bought and paid for by the very corporate interests that feed on public debt. As a result, the U.S. is in more serious debt than it has ever been in its history (over $8.5 trillion at this writing) and we are in jeopardy of seeing the collapse of the dollar, if not the entire U.S. and global economy.

Look how many young boys have had to die fighting these corporate-sponsored wars, on both sides. Look at all the OUT SOURCING OF JOBS. Look how greedy, dollar-driven corporations have made almost all products cheap and minimalist these days. Products hardly last more than 2 to 3 years before they break or must be replaced because they are made with minimum workmanship and minimal materials. Look at the errors and omissions rates we are now seeing because people are apathetic and hate their jobs. Hardly anyone does anything right these days because there is so little pride of workmanship left. Little is done right the first time. Why SHOULD people make an effort when everyone is on such a treadmill working at minimum wage, with no promised pension, no retirement possible, loosing their jobs to a bunch of semi-slave labor Chinese workers. All this while the Congress is wildly printing up more and more fiat money (monetizing debt) to service the endless "war on terror" for the benefit of the Oil Establishment and the Corporate-Military Complex. Look at the balance of trade deficit we now have ($700 billion per year) because the private corporate banking system, known as the Federal Reserve System, has managed to remove us from Constitutional money set forth in Article I, Section 8 and 10 of the U.S. Constitution (i.e., money redeemable in gold and silver and international trade that is settled in gold transactions. This CHECK AND BALANCE intended for the People -- redeemable paper money - has been completely removed by corporate banking interests and the major corporations that the Federal Reserve Member-banks lend artificially cheap money to. THE CORPORATIONS AND BANKS ARE THUS YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES -- AT THIS TIME. THEY HAVE BOUGHT UP YOUR GOVERNMENT AND ARE USING IT TO FURTHER ONLY THEIR OWN INTERESTS - interests that are leading to greater wealth disparity, i.e., less sharing of planetary resources, products and services. THEY MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE POLITIOCAL PROCESS. It must be made illegal for them to PAY hard OR soft money to political candidates in any way, shape or form. You will NEVER get this sort of legislation passed with an entrenched Congress and that's why you MUST throw out ALL the incumbents no matter WHICH party they say they belong to. NO CORPORATE MONEY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SUPPORT CANDIDATES, hard OR soft. Again, to even begin to do this all incumbents must be purged.

Other things that need to happen are as follows:

5. REPEAL NAFTA AND GATT. Ross Perot warned us about these trade agreements but the ignorant in the public, and those who allowed themselves to be brain-washed by the corporate media, failed to take heed. The middle class is now paying the price, and the full bill hasn't even arrived yet.

6. DEVELOP CHEAP FUSION AND SOLAR ENERGY. This kind of energy should be developed by the U.S. using savings from the bloated military budget. Once developed, we can export electricity to the rest of the energy-starved world and remedy all or part of our massive trade deficit. We can also remedy our trade deficit by selling security to the rest of the world. If the rest of the world has to pay for the Empire's security, maybe they will then appreciate it (more).

7. AN INTERNATIONAL GOLD STANDARD FOR TRADE SHOULD BE REESTABLISHED. Before the criminal Nixon closed the gold window for international trade, the U.S. did not have the trade deficit problem it now faces. This problem is now so bad it threatens the U.S. existence because over 50% of the money used to purchase foreign imports is now borrowed money -- borrowed from the very people from whom we purchase foreign goods. Again, it's now over $700 billion a year and is totally unsustainable. This situation has been effectuated by the criminals that have been injected into Congress by corporate interests discussed above.

8. NEW FRONTIERS MUST BE OPENED. The only way civilization advances is through the exploration and development of new frontiers. When this stops a civilization stagnates. The U.S. and World civilization is thus stagnating at this time. This can only be remedied by opening up new frontiers starting with manned exploration of the Moon and Mars. Such will provide "necessity" for invention and innovation will replace the "need" for war, which should now be considered an obsolete remedy for stagnation. To this end the Outer Space Treaty of 1976 should be repealed. Any country, company or individual(s) should be able to stake a claim to any real estate in Solar System. This suppressive and shortsighted treaty was signed by none other than Nixon and is part of his criminal legacy.

9. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMET MUST SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE. Significant portions of the military budget should be reallocated to EDUCATION and R&D here in U.S. The U.S. is pathetically behind many other parts of the world and its general reluctance to participate wholeheartedly in stem cell research is evidence of this. The government should only provide "no-strings attached" grants to selected research projects that weenie investors and banks won't finance because they're too scared. It is sadly true, the so-called free-market probably would never have funded the space program or the Internet. Free market capitalists need to take a serious look at this and re-evaluate their risk tolerances. If companies, especially larger companies, are unwilling to risk between 2% and 10% of their resources/capital on research and/or high-risk/high-rewards start ups, these companies are being irresponsible with their capital and no longer deserve to be patronized by the public.

10. THE WORLD SHOULD PAY FOR U.S. SECURITY IF IT WANTS IT. The U.S. should stop being the World's police force and the countries that receive security perks from it should be made to pay. NO more nattering and no more free lunches. The Empire should make its "vassal" states PAY if they want peace and quiet in their areas. If not, let them fight their way into oblivion. It should be NONE of our business. The U.S. must bow out of NATO.

11. GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST. The U.S. should get out of ME, especially Saudi Arabia, and remedy all the insults we have given to rest of world by abusing our superpower status. Israel has more than enough military strength to defend itself so the U.S. should stop sending billions over to it. Let Israel PAY if it wants more U.S. security like the rest of the world is being asked to do.

12. MORE POLITICAL CHOICE MUST BE BUILT IN TO THE POLITIOCAL PROCESS. Independents and third party candidates should be allowed and encouraged to debate on national TV for presidential elections. The two-party system should be replaced by a 3- or 4-party system like other countries have been successfully using at this time. The presidential debate commission that has been suppressing debates with third party candidates in them (last one was with Ross Perot) must be abolished. Networks that fail to allow more choices should have their broadcasting licenses revoked.

13. THE U.S. FOOD SUPPLY SHOULD BE DRASTICALLY IMPROVED. The food supply of U.S. should be deemed generally toxic and replaced with a new food supply. Look at how fat and sick so many in the U.S. are. It's disgusting and we can blame the money-grubbing food corporations for configuring the U.S. food supply to be PROFIT-making, not HEALTH-sustaining. Walk around any major corporate food store such as an ACME, a SUPERFRESH, a GIANT or a RALPHS and you should be puking. Most of the "food" in there is no better than watered-down rat poison. Hundreds of (toxic) chemicals designed to enhance the flavor of food, make you addicted to its taste and pump up fat cells so you eat more, have been re-classified as "spices." This is so you can't read about exactly what you are putting into your body on the back of the box. It's disgusting and this serious problem will never be remedied as long as the very corporations that profit are allowed to pump millions into the campaigns of their congressional lackeys.

14. THE FDA SHOULD BE ABOLISHED. The Food and Drug Administration should be exposed as the criminal corporate lap-dog organization it is and abolished. To see what the FDA is really all about, and how it serves the pharmaceutical companies, many of which were established as cartels under Nazi Germany, read a book called WORLD WITHOUT CANCER by G. Edward Griffin. This book will astound you, so before passing judgment on this and the below, read it. The corporate pharmaceutical lobby is so powerful in buying up Congressmen they forced Sumner Redstone, CEO of Viacom, parent corporation of Paramount Pictures, to fire Tom Cruise when he spoke out about the danger and abuse of pharmaceuticals. Redstone has since been all over TV spinning this to appease his corporate sponsors by trying to make us believe he fired Cruise because he's 'too expensive.' The fact of the matter, which Redstone, and his type, aren't talking about, is that they make MUCH more money selling 30- and 60-second TV commercials to pharmaceutical companies than Tom Cruise makes for them by starring in action pictures. Have you ever seen a pharmaceutical commercial on TV? They play ENDLESSLY. Do the math and you will see what a fraud Redstone's spin is. Here's another perfect example of the corporate MEDIA kissing the butt of other corporations to maintain their power and cash flow irrespective of the good of the People. It's as disgusting as the food supply and as sickening as the FDA has allowed the People to become. All this is a function of corporate control of YOUR Congress.

15. GLOBAL WARMING SHOULD BE GIVEN HIGHEST PRIORITY TO REMEDY. If more money is allocated to FUSION and SOLAR this will eventually be self-remedying. See Al Gore's movie, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH but also see recent movies invalidating Gore's movie. Let's put it this way, if worlds burning of fossil fuels over the past 200 years causes a PHASE TRANSITION in the delicate thermal balance of the oceans and atmosphere and we have a sever climate shift as a result, NONE of the points in this article will matter. You and I will be DEAD. So don't even consider the delay on figuring out how serious this problem is. Any congressman or corporation that does anything to prevent or inhibit the study of this problem, GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE, is an enemy of Humankind no less than Adolph Hitler or Josef Stalin. Is the world warming up because of natural solar cycles or is the world warming up because of excess carbon dioxide produced by Mankind's industry. This question MUST be quickly answered.

16. Get rid of the "minimum wage." The government has no right to price fix anything. Get the government out of the free-markets. Getting rid of the minimum wage will remedy the illegal immigration problem.

THE SENIOR FACT IS: NONE OF THE ABOVE WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED (IN TIME) UNTIL AND UNLESS THE DEAD WOOD IN THE CORPORATE-INFESTED CONGRESS IS SYSTEMATICALLY REMOVED FROM POWER. Further, the congressmen and corporate executives that balk at this the most should be impeached and brought to justice as nothing less than war criminals.


(1) The corporations Americans have given their lives to have reneged on their responsibility to provide funded pensions because the BANKING lobby (banks are corporations too) has reconfigured the banking laws to suit THEM at the expense of the People. In other words, when a corporation files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, the BANKS always get "superpriority" on any money that's left or that's loaned BEFORE the People get their pensions. So millions of Americans have been screwed because the corporate banks have hijacked the government to re-configure the bankruptcy laws to suit them and NOT you. Case in point.

(2) See the book, EMPIRE OF DEBT, by Bill Bonner.

(3) To find out how the Federal Reserve System finances an entrenched Congress, as well as ever expanding government, see the documentary, FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution at http://www.FiatEmpire.com

(4) See the book, THE LONG EMERGENCY, by James Kunstler

(5) With the possible exception of Ron Paul, who is the only voice in Congress pointing out the fiat money scam which powers the Empire. Ron Paul, M.D., should run for president because this country needs a physician as soon as possible.

(6) See http://sysopmind.com/singularity.html

(7) For more information on this subject, see Overthrowing the Corporate Government at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/overthrow.htm

ORIGINALTED: 08 November 2006
REVISED: 03 October 2007
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