Why the U.S. is in Serious Debt

by James Jaeger

Budgeting -- the act of allocating monetary energy towards some goal -- is, in many ways, more of an art than an application of mathematics. In this spirit it could be said that there are two ways to build a budget:

Method 1 is to start with a "given" LUMP SUM and break it down into line items.

Method 2 is to add up a bunch of "given" line items to get a LUMP SUM.

In the realm of business, owners (stockholders, investors, stakeholders) usually want you to budget with Method 1. Suppliers (contractors, vendors, employees, etc.) usually want you to budget with Method 2. In other words, those who PAY the budget want Method 1 and those who are PAID out of the budget want Method 2. And the reason people want Method 2 is clear: the entity that dictates the budget is in control. Method 1 is philosophical for those that pay, but Method 2 is ideal for those who are paid.

In the realm of government, Method 2 is usually used. This Method allows every division, department, bureau and agency in the government to list their "dire needs" and submit them as line items in a budget. Since everyone has "dire needs" and everyone is oblivious to the "dire needs" of everyone else, when this Method is used, every "dire need" becomes a mini "justifier" for the entire National Budget.

Unfortunately, when a National Budget is constructed this way, the Budget will always be high and, in fact, exceed the resources of the nation. The nation will then run a "deficit" and be forced to "borrow" in order to "balance" the Budget.

I want to clearly state this: THIS IS ALL A BUNCH OF CRAP.

The "dire needs" are arbitrary. The line items are arbitrary. The entire National Budget is arbitrary. Hence the deficit is arbitrary and so is the "need" to borrow and go into debt.


All of this arbitrary nonsense is based on Method 2 budgeting.

When a budget is constructed using Method 2, it's a budget that depends on a certain amount of ignorance and chaos because every line item is dictated by some "special interest." The vendor has his special problems and so submits his special bill. Employees, unaware of the vendors problems, have their special needs and thus submit their demands. Unions amplify these demands without regard to the needs of the vendors or the lawyers. Lawyers, congressmen and other professionals, have their requirements and demand a healthy cut of the budget because, after all, they write the very laws that make the budget necessary. And who dares question the military industrial complex. These people are so important they are privileged to the point of issuing "no-bid contracts" without question. Method 2 budgeting readily accommodates them in the National Budget.

Given all these screaming, hungry mouths and demanding, complaining people, is it any wonder the National Budget is over $3 trillion a year; the National Debt over $14.8 trillion and the long-term liabilities of the nation as much as $75 trillion?

What makes all this possible is the way the National Budget is built. And that Budget is usually built from the point of view of the GOVERNMENT rather than WE THE TAXPAYERS. Again vendors, employees, contractors and, yes, GOVERNMENTS, will always opt for Method 2 budgeting because it places THEM in control.

Let's explore the effect of these two Methods and see when it's appropriate to use one over the other.

The National Budget:

The People of a free nation are, in essence, the owners of that nation. It could be said that they are the stakeholders in the nation's general welfare and the ultimate guidance of its destiny. This idea is relatively new, for it is an experiment that has only run for about 230 years, since the founding of the United States, complete with guiding principles set forth in its Constitution.

But the idea of many people "running" a nation is easily subject to chaos. This is why the distinction between a DEMOCRACY and a REPUBLIC is so fiercely guarded by libertarians and conservatives. Such postulate that, once special interests in a democracy realize that they can simply vote themselves unlimited access to the national treasury, they are in a position to raid the national treasury until there is nothing left. In this sense the treasury undergoes "the tragedy of the commons."

But the good news is, this doesn't have to happen. If WE THE PEOPLE use Method 1 to budget our national expenses, we can avoid "the tragedy of the commons."

The Role of Government:

The relationship between WE THE PEOPLE and WE THE GOVERNMENT seems complex, but it's only complex when we fail to properly define roles, such known as "hats" and "posts" in the business world. WE THE PEOPLE are not just the OWNERS of this thing we call a nation, we are its managers, its taxpayers, its investors, its contractors, its vendors, its officers and its employees. We ARE the government, at least in theory. Thus, with all these hats and posts, duties and responsibilities -- energy flows going in every direction -- it's understandable how a self-governing nation can get into financial trouble.

Luckily there is a solution, and the solution is so simple, it may not seem like a solution at all to those heavy on brain -- those who insist life is too complex for anyone to comprehend ... other than themselves.

The solution is WE THE PEOPLE should use Method 1 construct the National Budget.

Under Method 1, WE THE PEOPLE would decide what LUMP SUM we want to allocate to government services, and what those government services will be. Once this is done it's simply a matter of finding the people that are willing to do the work for the LUMP SUM allocated.

If WE THE PEOPLE decide that we wish to allocate the LUMP SUM of $2 trillion for nation's business, but the people that are currently in the government cannot conduct the national business for less than $3 trillion, then WE THE PEOPLE simply hire different people that CAN conduct the national business for the stipulated National Budget.

A Citizen's Most Important Question:

This brings us to a citizen's most important decision. That decision is in the form of a question every citizen must FIRMLY ask himself:

How much of my money do I want to allocate to government?

While this is the basic question, there are several variations that may help better formulate the answer. Among these variations are:

  • How much of my money do I want to allocate to government services?
  • How much of my energy do I want to give to government to conduct the nation's business?
  • How much of my life's efforts do I feel is appropriate to allocate to the purchase of government services?

    The astute citizen will readily see that this simple question can be answered either philosophically or technically. The philosophic answer is a PERCENTAGE and the technical answer is an AMOUNT. Both, to some degree, are based on how you as a citizen want to define "government services" and "the national business."

    The U.S. Constitution attempts to define "government services" and "the national business." Among the services are the operation of the three branches, a navy and an army as needed. Other services are implied by the term "general welfare" thus SOME OF THE PEOPLE have defined them as everything under the moon, sun and stars. Among these are building roads, dams, policing substances, regulating interstate commerce, health care, schools, rockets, bridges to nowhere, energy, democracy abroad, wars, secret military projects, disease research and communication systems.

    How Philosophy Can Help:

    The problem is: the more services you want your government to provide, the more expensive your government will be. Since human wants are unlimited, one way this question might be answered is philosophically.

    The governing question would thus be: what PERCENTAGE of my money do I feel is appropriate to allocate for government services?

    The beauty -- or ugliness -- of this question is, it can be answered totally arbitrarily.

  • The anarchist will quickly answer the question with 0 percent.
  • The socialist will answer with 50 percent.
  • The communist will answer 100 percent.

    Whatever the answer, this sole question when answered, will determine what kind of government you will have.

    If you want a limited government, as the U.S. Constitution envisions, you can answer the question by saying 5 or 10 percent.

    If you want a government that provides all manner of services -- from global defense to health care and endless prisons for pot users -- you will answer the question by saying 50 percent.

    If you feel the government should do even more than the socialist, you will opt to allocate up to 100 percent of your energy (money) to that government.

    Thus, given these questions, WE THE PEOPLE have some decisions to make. As we have seen above, there is no way the National Budget will be balanced with Method 2, and there is no way Method 1 can be applied until the LUMP SUM we want to allocate to the National Budget is decided upon.

    As an example, if:

  • 150 million citizens say they want to allocate 10% of their money to government;
  • 100 million people say they want to allocate 5%
  • 30 million people say 1%
  • 20 million people say 50%

    The average percent WE THE PEOPLE want to allocate to government is thus calculated as follows: 150 x .10 + 100 x .05 + 30 x .01 + 20 x .5 / 4 = 7.6%

    Pursuant to these sample figures, WE THE PEOPLE thus want to allocate 7.6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (the GDP) to "government services" and "the national business."

    If GDP is $14 trillion, WE THE PEOPLE would authorize 7.6% of this for the National Budget. This LUMP SUM would be $1.1 trillion (14 trillion x .076 = 1.1 trillion). This means WE THE PEOPLE will select and vote into office only those citizens that can and will deliver "government services" and perform the "national business" on a National Budget of $1.1 trillion.

    In other words, we allocate our tax money in accordance with Method 1 -- NOT Method 2. WE THE PEOPLE are thus in control, not WE THE GOVERNMENT or WE THE CORPORATIONS or WE THE BANKERS.

    How to Avoid Deficits:

    Once the National Budget is established by WE THE PEOPLE -- NOT the people that are already IN the National Budget (i.e., WE THE GOVERNMENT) -- either the existing complement of public officials can or can not deliver for the LUMP SUM set forth in the National Budget. If they CAN deliver, then keep them. If they cannot deliver, CAN them.

    In both cases the KEY CONSIDERATION is this: WE THE PEOPLE must use Method 1 to determine the National Budget. We must NOT allow the people in government to set their own Budget, as in Method 2. We must not let them add up a bunch of "given" line items, no matter how "dire," and LUMP this SUM onto WE THE TAXPAYERS. This method of budgeting always leads to deficits. The VERY word "deficit" is used by statists to obfuscate the more accurate term, OVER BUDGET. Our government is OVER BUDGET almost every year, thanks to Method 2 budgeting.

    With Method 2 budgeting, OF COURSE we will run deficits. With Method 2 budgeting, OF COURSE the budget will NEVER be "balanced". It's RIDICULOUS to think that the National Budget will EVER be balanced when the very people that benefit from OVER BUDGETS are the very ones that draft the Budget. Come on PEOPLE, use your heads.

    WE THE PEOPLE must establish the National Budget.

    WE THE PEOPLE must use Method 1 budgeting methodology.

    WE THE PEOPLE must define the LUMP SUM.

    Once the LUMP SUM is established, we simply put our government out to bid, just like any other contract in any other business.

    There is no reason a government should be conducted any differently than any other business entity in a free market. Only socialists and communists would argue with this.

    If we want a world where free markets dominate -- and not governments -- we need to start taking responsibility for running those governments upon free market principles of proper budgeting and competition.

    A Management Team With Guns:

    A government is nothing more than a management team with guns. The most widely agreed service this management team with guns is supposed to provide seems to be defense. The government is supposed to be a protectorate and protect us from all those barbarians out there.

    As far as the other things the government is supposed to do -- we endlessly fight over them. This fighting is nothing more than the expected fighting one must do when they are foolish enough to use Method 2 budgeting.

    Method 2 budgeting will ALWAYS cause deficits, hence fighting. Deficits are going OVER BUDGET. Planning that results in over budgets, is no planning at all. Over budget financial "planning" always leads to debt. This is why we are in debt: we can't properly budget. We don't properly budget because the OWNERS of the U.S. fail to make ownership decisions. We should tell THEM what they will do with our tax money -- THEY don't tell us what they will charge us.(1)

    We can not only define the percentage of GDP we want to allocate to government, we can define the exact percentage we want to allocate to each and every division, department, bureau and agency IN that government.

    Remember that, if you want to keep a SELF-governing nation.

    When a citizenry gives in to Method 2 budgeting, deficits inevitably mount hence debt inevitably mounts. This then places the BANKERS in control. When the bankers get into control, you inevitably get fiat money, fractional reserve banking and all manner of debasement of the currency, not to mention debasement of the nation itself. This is how we went from a PRODUCER nation to a CONSUMER nation. A PRODUCER nation knows how to handle financial energy. A CONSUMER nation is clueless.

    If we take back responsibility for the allocation of our energy -- and that's what allocating money comes to, the allocation of energy -- we will take back the management of our nation. We will thwart the bankers' master plan of infinite DEFICITS requiring infinite DEBT and infinite DEBT SERVICE to an elite.

    The Motor of Civilization:

    WE THE PEOPLE are the motor of civilization. We are the energy of the planet. Those that use math to confuse and dominate are nothing more than parasites. G Edward Griffin calls them "monetary scientists." He is being kind, as "monetary parasites" would be a more accurate description. Far from true scientists, these parasites use our energy and power against us. It's a mentality. They use Method 2 budgeting to get all they can get. They run us into debt and poverty. They foist endless debt on us because we are ignorant and improperly trained in financial allocation and the ART of handling money. We thus squander our life energy when we use Method 2 at times when we should be using Method 1.

    Life is simple. Some make a living characterizing life as complex. This is your tax accountant at work. Your lawyer writing ever more complex laws. Your banker creating CDOs and your insurance agent creating credit default swaps. These are the parasites of existence. These people don't produce anything except paperwork. These people don't produce products, they create budgets and systems that enable them to covertly steal money and energy out of the System -- out of the pockets of hard-working Americans, not only in the U.S., but all over the "interdependent world."(2) They call it Globalization or the Liberal World Order. But you know what it really is: it's parasitic middlemen making life so "complex" only THEY can "comprehend" their labyrinth of laws, regulations and tax codes, thus necessitating their "dire" services as line items in Method 2-budgets.

    Don't allow this. Insist on determining what percentage you want to allocate to government -- all the governments that govern you.

    Government Crazy:

    And bear in mind there is no such thing as THE government. We are governed by MANY governments. Plural. Each government is in competition to suck our blood. We have a federal government, a state government, a local government, and many say they are now building a WORLD government. We even have governments BELOW the level of local government, i.e., district government, city government and even condo governments.

    This world has gone absolutely GOVERNMENT CRAZY.

    And the reason it has gone GOVERNMENT CRAZY is because government and BANKING are the two most lucrative endeavors. Governments basically steal money from us by using mathematics and if that doesn't work, they simply point a gun at our head. Banks aren't far behind. These partner, the basic deal being: "We banks will figure out how to steal from WE THE PEOPLE using math; we will then give you part of this booty and you will use it to buy guns to "protect" us when the seething masses come after us for fraud, super-grand larceny, murder AND funding YOU -- the governments -- with Method 2.

    All these governments need to go, with the exception of maybe two governments: the federal government and the state governments. The reason we need the two governments is to maintain a check and balance on each other.(3)

    Once we decide what percentage WE want to allocate to GOVERNMENT -- meaning the two governments -- WE THE PEOPLE should allocate a LUMP SUM to them for services and conducting the nation's business. If that sum is 7.6%, that means the Federal government and state government must SPLIT this 7.6 percent between them. None of this crap where the state takes X% and the feds take Y% and the other govs take Z%. That adds up to slavery.

    And who the hell do all these govs think they are, each one placing another layer of regulation upon the citizens and then using their fox-guarding-the-chicken-coop-Method 2 budgeting on us to milk as many dollars off us as mathematically possible?

    So, decide WHAT percentage you feel is ethical to allocate to the GOVERNMENT COLLECTIVE and don't let the regulation-crazy socialists and communists try to talk you into the idea that government is a social panacea. Get the LUMP SUM in mind:

    Is government a 5% value, a 10% value, a 20% value, a 50% value or a 100% value?

    The Value of Government:


    Decide DUDE!

    Stop watching pundits on TV, paying your taxes and voting UNTIL you decide (hopefully before this 15 April). Because until you decide, the rhetoric spewed by the pundits, politicians and "political experts" has no frame of reference.

    Philosophically decide how much of your BLOOD you want to allocate to the CONCEPT of GOVERNMENT. Think in terms of concepts and you will be able to detach yourself from politics and "reality". If you have your head stuck in "reality" you will never be able to fight your way out of the brown paper bag in which statist philosophers have placed you. Remember, no human really knows WHAT "reality" is anyway. Reality is only something we all AGREE is real. A high-level agreement. This, no human knows what can really BE or what is out there in the seemingly infinite Universe. Just because you have lived in some "reality" of over-budget government, dominated by a bunch of greedy bankers and thugs-with-guns who are scared to look up at the stars, does not mean this is the way it has to be. All these people will someday be DEAD, but the dreams and new realties you postulate can/will live forever. In fact, YOU may even live forever, physically or in some other form. So put things into perspective. You live on a tiny little planet where even the largest government -- and the most "mighty" military is insignificant. Those MONSTERS who use Method 2 budgeting on you, however, will never want you to know any of these things because they fear people that look up. They want you to keep your eyes on the MUD. They want to do nothing else but grow their governments and multinational corporations to dominate you and stay on top. This is what pathetically small beings they actually are.(4)

    Choice of Domination:

    Technically, it's a sure sign a civilization has run Method-2-amok when citizens allow three or four or five governments to "serve" them. Ideally we should have to write just one check to just one government. That check should be to the STATE government that surrounds us. Then that state government should allocate what was authorized in the State Budget to what is authorized in the National Budget. In other words, state governments should act as the agents of citizens in paying for the services of the Federal government. After all we are the "united States" -- NOT the "United States" or the "UNITED STATES". We are the states that are united. The services of the Federal government should be itemized in the National Budget and such services should be authorized and paid for by the states that have united in order to form a more perfect union that will provide services that are IMPOSSIBLE for either the private market OR the states to provide.

    Again, people forget, we live in the united STATES, not the UNITED STATES. We live in the states that are united, not the UNITED STATES. The UNITED STATES is some fictitious entity dreamed up by lawyers that don't even live in a STATE. They live in an alien district called Washington DC, short for District of Columbia.

    When citizens have to directly fund the budget of 3 to 5 governments, all using Method 2 on them, that's WAY too many governments using improper financial procedures on the layman. This is predatory finance, and the governments practice it with abandon. It MUST stop. States MUST demand their rights, and confront and fund the Federal government in accordance with the dictates of their citizens. The STATE should co-representative the citizen in the artificial entity known as the Federal Government, or US. The STATE also protects its citizens from the potential tyranny of a FEDERAL government that has grown too large or over-stepped it mission statement as provided in the U.S. Constitution. In exchange for being GRANTED existence, the FEDERAL government must DEFEND the states that are united from OTHER external GOVERNMENTS. AND this defense is NOT in the form of a STANDING army, it is in the form of the various states' Governors LENDING to the U.S. President, as commander-in-chief, their respective armies, such specified in the U.S. Constitution as the "militia of the several states." People that don't understand this Constitutional organization, or who attempt to misrepresent it, are actionable for "ignorance of the law is no excuse" and the willful attempt to obstruct the application of law, especially the Supreme Law of the Land, is at the very lease contempt.

    We thus need one limited federal government to protect us from all the "insanity" of the rest of the world and one limited state government to provide selected services near the places we actually live. All the rest of the governments can and should be retired. The market will provide any services they were attempting to provide. We do not need, nor can WE THE PEOPLE afford 5 or 6 governments. We cannot even afford 3 or 4 governments. We can only afford one local government and one national government, anything else is ridiculous, if not abusive.


    Budgeting Into the Sunset:

    Citizens need to get off the endless treadmill constructed by government officials, congressmen, lawyers, military contractors, vendors, employees and all STATISTS using Method 2 budgeting. These parasites use Method 2 to dictate the allocation of WE THE PEOPLE's energy, when it is WE THE PEOPLE that are the OWNERS of the nation and the ONLY proper entities that have the AUTHORITY to draft and allocate the National Budget, directly or indirectly, through our states.

    Keep these things in mind. Budgeting is one of the things a nation CAN control. You can control WHERE you allocate your energy. You can control your expenditures, but ultimately, the universe will always control your income. If a nation allocates its expenditures, its monetary energy, wisely, it will usually generate a thriving economy and more energy. There is no scarcity of energy in the Universe. The Sun burns 600 million tons of matter every second. If a nation allocates its energy from a perspective of other than WE THE PEOPLE, it will create little more than chaos and waste. This is why we are currently stagnating.

    Start with a "given" LUMP SUM and break it down into line items. Direct these line items to the business of the nation and the accomplishment of specific goals -- but first, decide what those goals are, and confirm that the proper business of the nation is ALIGNED with the U.S. Constitution. These actions will lead to national production and personal growth, the building blocks of a brighter future.

    (1) One way WE THE PEOPLE can practice using Method 1 on our GOVERNMENT is to practice on our LAWYERS. Since lawyers are "esquires of the state" (the reason you see the "Esq" after their names) they are in essence mini-governments. Thus, when you are shopping for legal counsel get out into the market and cold-call (never use references) a number of them out of the phone directory. Practice your Method 1 on them: "Hi I'm Joe Cit and I need a lawyer to draft a Will. I am offering $100 per hour, no retainers and expect first-rate work; are you available?" If the lawyer says no, you say: "Okay, thanks anyway." and hang up the phone. Then you go to the next lawyer in the "Yellow Pages" until you fine the one that will fit YOUR budget and who YOU feel will do a first-rate job. Remember, in LA, for instance, there are over 50,000 lawyers, so you WILL find one, even if it's a young esquire right out of law school. These are some of the best. But the way most people hire a lawyer is this: in a semi-terrified voice they quiver: "Hi I'm Joe Cit and I need a lawyer to draft a Will; how much do you charge?" The lawyer then CLOBBERS them with Method 2: "I charge $500 per hour and expect a retainer of $1,500." You, the customer, have suddenly been financially co-opted. But what's worse, by failing to shop around and use Method 1, you have allowed the free market to dictate to you rather than negotiate with the free market. Every time a citizen caves to Method 2 financial demands, without confronting the market with their demands, prices rise and quality of service, or product, falls for all. We are thus screwing ourselves by caving into the demands of thugs with guns and Method 2 Budgeteers.

    (2) Ever wonder why the CFR-crowd that praises globalization in the pages of magazines like FOREIGN AFFAIRS wants the world "interdependent"? They want it wired together so that the SYSTEM is larger. If the system is larger, the Ponzi schemes they play with it run longer and are able to amass more wealth for the 1 Percenters before the music stops. A larger SYSTEM is easier to hide in. Parasites can hide in a large fluid system more easily than a in self-sufficient, competing nation states. And lastly, ARBITRAGE -- the act of profiteering from small differences in the price of international currencies and securities -- is made much more lucrative in a multi-trillion dollar global economy than in smaller, redundant economies. So, in essence, the corporate fascists, in collusion with thugs with guns, have used our world Congresses to not only re-configure the laws of every country to their financial games, they are skimming the life-blood out of our SYSTEMS through their globally-connected, fiat-issuing, central banks.

    (3) State governments are supposed to provide a "check and balance" to the federal government, what the Framers called the "general government." This is why the 17th Amendment should be rescinded. The 17th took power away from the States, thus they are less effective in providing a check and balance on the federal government. The Founders, through their ORIGINAL Constitution designed the STATE legislatures to be the entities that elected the FEDERAL senators. The idea was to keep the STATES firmly in the loop. If the STATES aren't in the POWER loop, THEN there is no effective way to COUNTER the power of the FEDERAL government. We thus see issues like the Arizona issue where the state of Arizona must challenge the Federal government on its irresponsibility in connection with illegal immigration. More importantly, we now see the Federal government in collusion with elite Wall Street banks in a cartel called the Federal Reserve System. This government-sanctioned, quasi-private banking cartel has now monopolized the money supply in all 50 STATES and has been debasing it since 1913. The states need to rise up and demand that Article I of the U.S. Constitution be obeyed. Money should never be ISSUED by either the government (federal or state) or a cartel of elite banks. Money is a POSSESSION and FUNCTION of WE THE PEOPLE, who produce the PRODUCTS it represents. Legitimate money is ALWAYS established in the free market as a commodity which then gains acceptance as "currency" through PRACTICAL application: not government degree (i.e., government "fiat"). Now that the states have been neutered by the 17th, they are less able to enforce LAW on the over-budget, profligate Federal government. The 17th must thus be repealed immediately, and states must be free to ENCOURAGE, not issue, paper currencies -- REDEEMABLE in gold and silver -- to compete with the non-redeemable Federal Reserve Note. Also, the States MUST take the Federal Reserve System AND the most senior officers that are currently managing it, to court. Ideally this should be the U.S. Supreme Court, but since the U.S. Supreme Court keeps rejecting this case, the case should be brought before any and all of the State Supreme Courts ASAP. The 17th has not made any of this easier -- and of course -- that was the plan the monetary parasites had in mind.

    (4) One way to identify one of these "pathetically small beings" is to listen to their rhetoric about space exploration and colonization. When you hear the sentence: "We have enough problems here on earth so how can we spend money on space exploration." When you hear this sentence, or its variant: GET AWAY FROM THIS CREATURE. Do not associate with it. Do not do business with it. Do not acknowledge its existence. Just disconnect from these kinds of people because they are mentally ill. The reason they are mental is because they can't stop looking at MUD or talking about SHIT. Their "bathroom humor" is endless, yet their "dreams" about what Humanity can and should accomplish are non-existent. Many of these creatures sound very wise and practical. They are often opinion "leaders," even presidents. They have great stage presence, with deep or certain voices and cadences, but in the end, they are defective growths of nature. They are defective because they fail to realize or admit: we will ALWAYS have problems here on earth. Thus, to use this as a "reason" why we (governments and private enterprises) should not spend money on space exploration, is to say, in effect: "We must NEVER explore space." The psychopathic fallacy of this inference is that: IF THE HUMAN RACE FAILS TO EXPLORE AND COLONIZE SPACE, WE ARE EVENTUALLY DOOMED AS A PLANETARY SPECIES. Thus, in essence, these creatures are subconsciously advocating the destruction of the entire Human race. Do you want to associate with a person that secretly wants to destroy YOU and everyone you know? Consider that the next time you hear the complaint: "We have enough problems here on earth, so how can we spend money on space exploration."

    ORIGINATED: 16 October 2011
    SUPPLEMENTED: 05 November 2011

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