The Origin of Life
by James Jaeger

Frankly, I don't see what the big problem is, or maybe that is the big problem.

When one asks the question of the origin of Life, what they are actually asking is what is the origin of MOTION for LIFE is nothing other than complex MOTION.

Cells, under the design of DNA, perform a certain kind of motion we call, replication. This is no big deal. Everything in living organisms simply moves because its being animated by a bunch of chemicals reacting with each other. The complexity of these reactions is of course a marvel, but this marvel DID have billions of years to orchestrate and more importantly, where did the initial impulse come from.

Thus again, what we should be asking is WHAT is motion and how did THAT happen?

To me MOTION is the strangest thing I can imagine. Motion is NOT simply distance per a unit of time. Motion is something humans have NO idea about, yet they endlessly attempt to define it with mathematical arbitraries and circular logics.

Motion is something that is innate to us humans, simply and only because we ARE motion. That's all we are: matter and energy in MOTION.

Every thing, every thought, ever purpose, every possible conception a human, or any other being, can have is about one thing and one thing alone: MOTION.

So if you want to get to the "origin" of life, you are going to have to figure out what motion is first.

And don't tell me that motion is created by something that moves. And don't tell me that motion is change, for change is an attribute of motion but motion is not necessarily an attribute of change.

Change is only an attribute of position but in order to have change of position there had to be motion. Thus, position is based on motion, for were there no motion there would be no change of position and thus everything in the universe would occupy the same space at the same time. If it were to do this it would vanish for the only way one can turn something into nothing is to create an exact duplicate of the something and place that in the same space and time as the original. Since two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time -- the same position or the same "pattern" -- the objects will either destroy each other or be FORCED to "move." Thus motion is probably a result of the Universe being forced to "spread" out in order to avoid its own destruction. This is the reason for the Big Bang I would suppose.

So Life is probably a continuation of this impulse from the Big Bang.

I would guess that, since everything in the Universe is forced to expand (what we see as the Red Shift) so that it can continue to merely exist, the Universe has created a serious problem for itself. Either it expands to its eventual death by dismemberment OR it condenses back into occupying the same space at the same time and thus all of its motion goes into its very destruction.

Given these considerations, I would suspect that Life is exactly the opposite of motion because motion cannot exist unless there is also a static. Since everything we see in the world seems to be built on a catch-22, there is no reason to not suspect that the entire Universe is also built on a catch-22 as well. In other words, MOTION Is caused by a STATIC and a STATIC is caused by MOTION.

Thus Life is caused by the interplay of static AND motion. Life is thus a communication device the Universe uses to interpret its existence. The Universe does this in a desperate attempt to survive. Thus, all Life is probably tightly integrated and in communication with itself, whether on one world or any other world. If this is so, the strange thing is the phenomena we know as differentiation or individuation.

How is it that you can possibly be different from me? How is it the Earth can possibly be different from Mars? How can we possibly have over 100 elements, each element "different" from the others. I would say we also have another serious problem, that of defining what we mean by "identities". In short, how can we possibly have such things as "nouns" let alone "proper nouns," the subject of this thread.

Yes, we live in a very strange world, a world with creatures that have devised this entire pastime known as "science," yet the players in this game have no inking as to what the very elements of their inquiry actually are. They have no idea, beyond an imaginary mathematical construct, what MOTION IS, nor what TIME is, nor what LOCATION IN SPACE is nor what CHANGE is nor what IDENTITY is nor what POSITION or PATTERN is: yet they speak of all these elements as if they have some sort of relationship with each other. Then this entire relationship meme is institutionalized into what they call "reality" and, after "argument" (i.e., mental justification), they all agree with this imaginary thing called "reality" and go about their business "living."

Given all this, I guess Life is nothing more than a postulate that existence is "real" and since all the interpreters of this postulate agree that they too are "real" they all support each others' fantasy so strongly it forms the "solidity" of a so-called universe.

Ho hum.

14 September 2001

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