Towards New World Order
by Joe Zabrosky

Unfortunately, the INTERPRETATION of the 14th Amendment which came into being in 1868 has allowed corporations personhood in many cases [see Northern California City Challenges Corporate Personhood A New ... (PDF) ... a legal creation, personhood (for purposes of the 14th amendment) in an 1886 decision. Other court cases led to full corporate personalization in 1910 .. More Results From: and many others ]

As it is in most cases--according to human nature there tends to be a motive, whether spoken or unspoken, behind most actions in life. The courts pro-corporation interpretation of the 14th Amendment is no exception. It is a mere grain of sand on a seashore in the International Banker's scheme for the New World Order.

The Bankers--the same ones who controlled Europe when our melting pot was still under England's rule knew that they could not take control of America if they could not take control of the land in America. According to the original Constitution (the first one) the only entities who could take possession of land in America were we the people--land was granted and could not be sold. This was a major obstacle to the Bankers; thus they used the 14th Amendment to give Corps the rights of people and as a result they could then take control of all the land in America. You don't believe me take a better look at your title to your house--if you don't have a land patent on your land you do not own it--you have an equity deed, quick claim deed or some other kind of deed. This is a three party contract of which you have beneficial interest--color of title not real title. The Govt owns your land because they have true title to your land in most cases. Same thing with your car unless you have the Manufacturer's Statement of Orgin and purchased it with at least $20 of gold or silver. Look on the back of your title--the watermark says Void. Its why you have to get it registered with the state and insured because you don't own it. On top of this the govt has hypothecated that land and property to the Federal Reserve as collateral for their unpayable debt--unpayable because they and their citizens do not have enough gold and silver to pay it off since it was stolen from them in 1933 when the Federal Reserve foreclosed on their loan to our American gov't and demanded that the debt be paid in gold and silver (The greatest bank robbery in the history of the world--we can talk about that another time).

Even after you pay your land and car in full the govt still legally owns it because they have true title. IF you get a land patent and own your land with an alodial title then you truly own your land and home because you have true title. As a result, if you miss a payment the govt cannot come in and take the home--they must work something out with the mortgage company. To do this you must step out of the foreign jurisdiction that our US govt corp operates in (State of New Columbia) by ending all adhesion contracts with the Govt such as SS#, Birth Cert., and others; thus taking up your true citizenship of the American Republic. The bankers, thus govt, thus media make these so-called patriots who take up their true citizenship look like freaks (because they don't want anyone else doing it) when in reality they're the only ones who have shown the proper respect to the Founding Fathers who gave up there lives so that we could have this great country. The sovereign elite (Bankers) keep our people's minds occupied with sports, sex and numerous other vehicles in the media to lull us asleep while they create Bills through their puppets in Washington and then Calling Banks to get those puppets representing your state to vote on that Bill in the direction that will further their agenda (New World Order). All while we the people are too busy trying to make a living, or lulled to sleep by the brainwashing of the media to even know what Bill is up for a vote so that we can call the Politician in our state and tell him which way we would like him to vote on that particular Bill. It was planned that way--read the Communist Manifesto and then take a good look at what is really going on in America and you might see some eye-opening similarities.

Back to the land, one of the advantages of truly owning your land is that you don't have to pay property taxes on it. Our Founding Father's knew the importance of the land belonging to the people of America--its why our original motto was Life, Liberty and Land. It was the Bankers that made sure that was changed to the Brainwashing BS that the vast majority of US Citizens think its always been --Pursuit of Happiness. For the most part we have already lost our country--take a look at the original Constitution. Americans use to be people that studied the Bible and the Law of the land in the Constitution. Initially the Bankers didn't think they could take this country because of that very fact.

You know in 1937 in Nazi Germany if somebody told you that there were Concentration Camps up and ready to go you would have looked at them as if they were crazy. Well you know what? There are many concentration camps here in America on military bases up and ready to go. Half our standing army if not more wears UN patches on their attire and are not of US decent. The UN Military is under foreign command. The World Court is already in place. People have already received the computer chip in their hand and scan it over the scanner at the grocery store to pay for their food, etc., and Israel already has all the materials ready to rebuild the Temple--they even have the red heifer picked out to sacrifice. I am not one of these people that yells the end is near I am simply speaking what I have learned and find it hard to stop when I start simply because it is all CONNECTED.

It all leads back to the Bankers and their Evolutionary mindset that they are higher beings more evolved then us the common people; hence they are going to control us; thus they are going to control the world. The same mindset Hitler and Stalin possessed --who came very close to controlling the world, and were responsible for some 66 million lives. These can be scarey times, but as always God has the last Word which is summed up quite nicely in Psalm 2: WHY DO THE NATIONS CONSPIRE AND THE PEOPLES PLOT IN VAIN? THE KINGS OF THE EARTH TAKE THEIR STAND AGAINST THE LORD AND AGAINST HIS ANOINTED ONE. "LET US BREAK THEIR CHAINS," THEY SAY, "AND THROW OFF THEIR FETTERS." THE ONE ENTHRONED IN HEAVEN LAUGHS; THE LORD SCOFFS AT THEM................. its worth reading in its entirety.

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