How to Avoid Killing the Golden Goose and Getting Your Own Head Chopped Off

by James Jaeger

What would be an ideal outcome of the current global financial meltdown that's still in slo-mo progress?

Would we really like to see the entire system melt into a pile of burning rubber or would we like to see the Golden Goose live another day, perhaps another thousand years? The answer to these questions is in the hands of the Global Elite and how they handle the Global Geese that lay the golden eggs of the world.

If the Federal Reserve System were to crash, or be discontinued -- say in 3 months -- would that be the ideal scene? As much as I have "ranted" about this System since about 1992 and "ranted" about the 1-Percenters ("Global Elite") since 1987, I think the System could be reformed and even perfected. The System could even be reformed and perfected without the 1 Percenters loosing their assets or having their heads chopped off by angry Global Hordes.

Stranger, there is a way the 1 Percenters could regain their dignity and the respect of most of the world (the "99 Percenters."). All they would have to do is initiate a program of REAL CHANGE, not the "change" promised during presidential elections as we all now know U.S. Presidents are little more than ACTORS performing the lines of a play written by the Global Elite.

So, I humbly proffer these suggestions as to how a new draft of the play could be written and placed into the world's economies in such a way that many of the PEOPLES OF EARTH, especially U.S. citizens, would realize that a REAL CHANGE was actually HAPPENING. Because People in general have been so rapped and pillaged by disdainful elements in the Global Elite the past 30 or 100 years, there is NO WAY they will believe any sentence that has the word real "change" in it. So don't push that button any more. The Global Elite should stop pushing buttons and simply MAKE some real changes. Here are some suggestions, not in any particular order that would be "real change":

1) WIND-DOWN FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING. This banking practice is basically fraudulent and now everyone knows it thanks to movies on the Internet like MONEY AS DEBT, FIAT EMPIRE and ZEITGEIST. The Global Elite should therefore ask the Fed-member banks to gradiently increase fractional reserve requirements from the current level towards 100%. This will eventually terminate the practice and help attenuate the heroin of fiat currency coursing through the veins of society.

2) ALLOW GOLD AND SILVER COMPETITION. Taxes should be removed from the purchase and sale of gold and silver and gold and silver coin should be re-introduced as legal tender. This single act would place Federal Reserve Notes and Article I, Constitutional money into direct competition. If the Global Elite did this slowly, not all would run to gold and silver because most of the population still has faith in FRNs. This exercise, more than almost any other deed, would show the Liberty Movement that "real change" could actually happen. This single act would not only reverse the debasement of the currency, it could stem some of the demonstrations and riots that are sure to come if tampering with the money supply is continued by the Open Market Committee. Eventually, paper currency, if any, should be redeemable in gold and silver and dines, quarters and half dollars should be PRIVATELY minted once again. Bernard von NotHaus should be exonerated and permitted to set up and manage such mint. When the Global Elite -- through their lackeys in the U.S. government -- attacks someone who is only trying to educate the public about sound money, this is an offence that they will surely pay dearly for someday if it continues.

3) CUT THE U.S. BUDGET. Since the National Budget for the General Government (U.S. Federal Government) grew slowly over time, deliberated blow by blow as a result of the ideals of various constituencies and factions on all sides of the political spectrum, whatever spectrum you want to rely on -- it is impossible to make selective cuts (categorical or line item) to the Budget. As F. A. Hayek makes quite clear in his Global-Elite-must-read-book, THE ROAD TO SERFDOM, it is impossible for even a Democracy to agree on the allocation of money to the degree that democracy is large, diverse and/or extended over large areas. Thus, the only way the Budget can be brought under control is for across-the-board cuts to happen in ALL CATEGORIES AND ON ALL LINE ITEMS AT ONCE. This cut (the "Cut") must be made on the real budget, not the inflation-projected budget and the Cut must be a slightly higher percentage than the real CPI, a CPI which includes both food and energy. I would guess the percentage of the Cut would have to be somewhere between 5 and 10 percent per year until the size of the U.S. Government has been reduced by 50% to 80%.

4) RE-PURPOSE THE GLOBAL MILITARY. As a country and a world, the Global Elite must surely understand that there are, in essence, only two ways for them to remain "in power" over the long-term. The first way -- a zero sum game -- is to militarize the planet into a high-tech, feudal society where all workers and corporations reluctantly serve their dictatorial goals and interests. The second way -- a non-zero sum game -- would be to somehow access the vast infinities of the universe so that, not only the Global Elite could survive and prosper on new levels, but so could the rest of the Human Race. To effectuate the later goal -- which I maintain is far superior than the former for both the Global Elite and Humanity -- the Global Elite should re-purpose and thus RE-ALLOCATE (not Cut beyond what's discussed above) all military expenditures from the bogus, post-9/11 goal of "planetary security" to the realistic goal of "exploration and colonization." Put bluntly: every year 10% of global military expenditures should be allocated from the creation of (NATO) bases, weapons and wars, to the creation of CHEAP ACCESS TO SPACE and the establishment of new TECHNOLOGIES to explore and colonize NEW frontiers, such as the world's oceans, poles, deserts and its moon -- but MORE IMPORTANTLY: Mars and the other planets and moons in the Solar System. This plan will not only keep the millions of people in the world's military-industrial complex employed and productive, it will provide the frontier-shock Robert Zubrin says is mandatory (in his book ENTERING SPACE) for the advancement of civilization. Since a re-purposed military could be amongst the vanguard to a future of 'vast universal infinities,' it would be providing global security, ipso facto, for real security mostly comes when most have enough of the necessities AND luxuries of life to be happy and productive. Yes, as you Global Elites well-know, MONEY DOES BUY HAPPINESS, especially when ethically handled.

5) RESCIND THE FASCIST PATRIOT ACT. Given that usurpers and tyrants have now taken control of much of the U.S. Congress, courts across America and the General Government -- as evidenced by their anti-Constitutional treatment of both the power of the purse and the power of the sword -- the Global Elite could restore much confidence if they were to stand down with their aggressive postures against ordinary people. Since most of the currently observable police state-mentality is "licensed by" the PATRIOT Act, and its spawn-legislation such as NDAA, TSA and CISPA, it would be extremely symbolic to all Libertarians and Constitutionalists if the PATRIOT Act were rescinded and acknowledged as just another overly-zealous and foolish act by a bunch of power-hungry paranoiacs who stepped out of line from the Global Elite's true intentions. All Constitutionalists know that the Department of Homeland Security is a bogus and totalitarian agency instated upon WE THE PEOPLE as a gross, Neo-Con, overreaction to the events of 9-11. The U.S. Constitution -- in its provision for the PERMANENT militia of the several states and a TEMPORARY army -- provides all the homeland protection needed for "the security of a free state" as envisioned by the Constitution. The wheel has been invented, no one needs to re-invent it or make it square. Thus, the Department of Homeland Security is a bogus add-on to the Constitutional structure that does not SQUARE with the vision of the Founders or the letter of the Law. It is thus an illegal act and must go. It must go, along with the PATRIOT Act, for if these anti-Constitutional constructs do not go -- they will eventually antagonize the population, and its 100 million gun owners, to a full-blown revolt with the destruction of the 1 Percenter's assets, and possibly their persons as well. To put it bluntly: the PATRIOT Act is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs and that goose WILL squawk big time. A HAPPY population is a productive AND tranquil population.

6) BACK OFF THE INTERNET. If the Global Elite are stupid, they will try to regulate or attenuate free speech or the freedom of the Internet. Sure, the Internet provides a forum for the 99 Percent to bitch and moan about the 1 Percenters, but isn't this bitching and moaning in cyber space better than the bitching and moaning that COULD occur in real space? To the degree bitching and moaning is abridged -- also a clear violation of Constitutional law -- the bitching and moaning will happen on Wall Street today and the gated communities tomorrow. So, let the steam blow, but also LISTEN to what they say for Christ's sakes. We all are blessed with billions of brains out there thinking about the Problems of Existence. YOU Global Elite "think" tanks think YOU have all the answers to a planet's survival recipes just because you have $30 billion in the bank? Please, don't let your money make you arrogant. Wealth does NOT confer genius. Making money is NOT as difficult as folding protein, finding the Higgs, curing cancer, or even managing a world. So grok this:

YOU NEED THE GENIUSES OF THE WORLD. YOU CAN'T BUY ALL OF THEM. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE L. RON HUBBARDS AND NIKOLA TESLAS THAT ARE OUT OF YOUR CONTROL. And remember, it will probably only take ONE of these to create an AI learning-kernel that will produce a superintelligence so powerful it will make all your arsenals of hydrogen bombs totally meaningless. But you know this.

So, the Internet allows us all to network this intelligence -- PEACEFULLY AND CONSTRUCTIVELY -- and create the non-zero sum game I mentioned above. THIS will help you as well as the 99 Percent provided you get rid of the stupid TRICKLE DOWN justifications.


The Universe is a NETWORK not a PYRAMID where things can "trickle down." Reagan, like most politicians and businessmen, was stupid on physics and math.

Accept that fact Global Elite. Read up on your science and math.


Attitude of the Global Elite:

About 80% of the Peoples of Earth probably have little or no faith in the Global Elite at this time. It used to be that people respected the rich, because they wanted to be rich themselves someday. They figured, "Hey, that rich guy over there is the future me; I don't want to piss on him or his success." The "American Dream" was alive and well, millions figured, only a matter of time before they too will be amongst the "rich and famous" -- the name of a popular TV show (which you don't see on the air any more).

Yes, times HAVE changed. Due to abuse of the monetary system by "old money" as well as the "nouveau riche" -- through fiat currency issue, fractional reserve banking, derivative trading, etc., -- most people recognize that the American Dream is dead, or dying. Thus, they no longer respect the rich. In fact, they spit on the rich, especially when they realize that the quality of their lives will NOT even be as good as their parents lives. Yes, the rich, you guys in the Global Elite, have become rich and now you have used government (by purchasing up Congress) to make it impossible for any others to move up the economic ladder. You have made almost all professions a function of licensing and regulation so you can stymie competition and you have systematically destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar and savings. You are now hated, not admired.

And one of the proofs of this claim is the attitude of the rich and the Global Elite with respect to GIVING.

According to Forbes, there are about 400 billionaires in the U.S. and about 1,200 billionaires in the world. A billion dollars is so much money, most can't even comprehend it. An airplane propeller doesn't even rotate a billion times during its lifetime of service. Nevertheless, you never hear of any billionaire in the Global Elite handing out money to the poor or even to a middle class person directly -- almost all "charity" is done INDIRECTLY, through trusts and foundations.

When have you ever heard of a billionaire walking around the streets simply handing out 100 dollar bills? Rockefeller used to hand out dimes -- the equivalent to about $5 today -- but you never see anything remotely like even this happening today. And Rockefeller was so hated, he HAD to hand out dimes to improve his image as recommended by his PR agent, Ivy Lee. Imagine what YOU have to do? Well I'm trying to help you out here.

Today's research shows that 9 out of 10 will NOT accept money from a stranger offered for free. I have actually done this experiment personally -- walked around society trying to hand out 50 dollar bills. People won't take them. On the other hand, if you simply drop 50 dollar bills, or any bills, on the street or floor and observe from a distance, sooner or later someone will pick them up, look around or not, and pocket them. By this method, billionaires could hire people to drop money all over the U.S. and world if they truly had a charitable bone in their bodies. But they don't even though this would be direct, anonymous charity, and the government would, and could, play no part in it.

Instead, as mentioned above, Global Elite billionaires (the 1 Percenters) seem to only give their money to foundations and trusts, which are then supposed to allocate this money to "good causes" according to their lawyers' "advice." The problem with this is it's a crock of horseshit, and the public knows it. Trusts and foundations are another form of "trickle down economics" and everyone now knows the rich do NOT trickle down their wealth unless they can get some kind of promotional value out of it, or unless they can get some sort of a quid pro quo from their counterparts (other 1 Percenters). And again, the proof is you never hear of rich people dropping money around society from time to time even though there are a thousand billionaires on the planet and millions of millionaires. Never once have I, and you ever heard of this happening, even though the idea of this used to be a TV show, called THE MILLIONAIRE, in the early 1960s.

So, the empirical conclusion is this: the rich no longer give or give a crap. The Global Elite does not give or give a crap. The 1 Percenters do not give or give a crap.


The Internet and the Occupy Wall Street movement have thoroughly debunked the American Dream and the "altruism" of the Rich's "trickle down" economic theories. Given no change on these fronts, the Global Elite are dead meat. Hear that Bill Gates? No one on the street gives a shit how much money or your lawyers encourage you to fund trusts and charitable foundations. Again, most of the "charity" -- if not all -- from such entities and mentalities is really for the promotional value of the settlers and donors: NOT the poor or the 99 Percenters. And stop taking the trips foreign countries to show how much you "help the poor and cure diseases." This is all a crock, as your current world system VALUES diseases for they are big business. If diseases were cured, trillions of dollars of revenue would vanish from the coffers of multinationals.

A poor person finding a 100 dollar bill on the floor of a Walmart can immediately get some food or pay his cable-rape bills whereas the same person will be sick or dead by the time Khan Academy has educated enough students to "benefit society".

So, above are a few REAL CHANGES that could be made to salvage the Global Elite's image and their Global Golden Goose.

Acknowledged: THE DISTRIBUTION OF 100 DOLLAR BILLS ON THE STREET WILL CHANGE NOTHING -- this is just a small piece of evidence that demonstrates how truly UNCONCERNED the Global Elite is about the poor, the middle class and the 99 Percent. But the fact that out of MILLIONS and MILLIONS of rich people in the world, NONE of them feel ANY desperation of the kind that would motivate them to simply toss 100 dollar bills on the streets of America's dead dreams in the off chance that they could make even a tiny molecule of difference to SOMEONE proves that the 1 Percenters, the Global Elite, are callus and uncaring at the very least.

The alternative to a serious change in attitude by the Global Elite is a Global Rodney King episode like LA 1991 -- only this time it will be the mansions, yachts and cars of 1 Percenters wherever the eye can see. One can't guard all this: 40 to 60 percent of the assets you own. And if the you 1 Percenters think your U.S. military can protect all of your golf courses from midnight demolition raids on the greens, bridges and sand traps, dream on. It would be better for some real changes that do some real things to move WE THE PEOPLE back to a limited Constitutional government and FREE markets than it would be to continue foolishly down the current path of planetary resources and asset acquisition. After all if you kill or piss off the Global Golden Goose, you too will be back to carrying your own water, but not starting your own fires.

05 May 2012

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