How Corporate Fascists and their Political Enablers Can be Neutralized

by James Jaeger

Why are we sitting here in an economic depression?

This question was once answered by an American philosopher too controversial to name. He said, "Production is the basis of morale." When people don't create things, they not only become depressed, they eventually starve or go to war in order to stave off death. This is as true to day as it was a billion years ago when we all were Amoebas. Hunger is the result of non-production. If people don't get out there and farm or make products which they can exchange with others, they go hungry or go to battle.

But today there is another factor one might consider. Parasites. Economic parasites are entities that place themselves in between PRODUCERS and CONSUMERS. The two largest parasites are government and its spawn: bankers. In short, the Federal Reserve System and the fiat currency it generates by monetizing debt enable an ELITE class (the "1-Percenters") to covertly confiscate wealth from the PRODUCER class (the "99-Percenters").

Thus, when you have 99% PRODUCING and 1% FREELOADING -- or printing up money under the "authority" of government -- you eventually end up with a crashed economic system and millions unemployed. In essence, when a 1-Percenter class financially, or otherwise, enslaves the remaining 99% and overtly or covertly extracts their productivity, you have, by definition, "class warfare."

And proof of this is all over the "interdependent" world, from the Tea Party revolution and Arab Spring to the Occupy Wall Street movement and National Default Day. These people have one thing in common: they have all been victimized by fiat-issuing banks and the multinational "corporations that surround them," as Jefferson might say. All enabled by a government "authority" that has been used to systematically debase the U.S. dollar by divorcing it from the gold-standard and placing it under the debt-standard of the new world "order."

The angry global mobs that are now spread out across the sky, should have been protesting decades ago, but now that their lines of credit have finally run dry, they are not only unemployed, but hungry and pissed.

So what is the "Grand Strategy" to remedy all this protest, as Gene Sharp might ask? What should be the FINAL SOLUTION this time, as some would-be Hitler might be asking himself right now? Simple, America must lead the world back into production and we must start with ourselves. We should start producing viable products here at home instead of just DEPENDING on things produced by -- yet denied to -- people in other nations.

Why does this OBVIOUS FACT OF EXISTENCE even have to be stated?

Shouldn't it be obvious that, if a nation doesn't produce, it's doomed? If a nation sits around living off credit cards, it's doomed? If a nation's main exports are weapons and violence-oriented Hollywood movies, it's doomed?

Has the propaganda from the five multinational corporations that now own or dominate all Western media so destroyed our brains, we can't see the OBVIOUS source of our OBVIOUS problems? Please, kill me!

So, if lack of production is the source of America's problems -- and isn't it at least A source of our problems -- how can we re-build the nation's manufacturing base?

Simple: let's start applying some POLITICALLY INCORRECT solutions. (See After all, was it not "political correctness" that got us INTO this problem? If so, maybe POLITICAL IN-CORRECTNENES will get us OUT of the problem.

If the politically correct global propaganda machine says "free markets" maybe the correct solution is the opposite:


If you want to call that "isolationism," great, we should ISOLATE the shit out of ourselves. We should do this for at least as long as the "free" trade goons and corporate fascists have been gutting our manufacturing base and raping America's Middle Class.

Who do the Chinese, Japanese and Germans think they are using the World Trade Organization (WTO) to impose VAT taxes on U.S. imports to them while they rebate the same VAT tax money to their manufacturers when they export to us?

The U.S. has seen 50,000 factories moved out of the country in just the past 10 years. Millions are now unemployed, living below poverty and/or starving because of the "free" trade laws ushered through our Congress by corporate fascists and greedy CEOs. The American people wanted, nor voted for any of this. Some would say the elites that have done this deserve to be lynched by the Occupy Wall Street mobs -- and they may well be before it's over. Knowing this may be coming, the elites may have fabricated the "war on terror" so they can "justify" beefing up "national security." But who are they really trying to secure? For the answer to this, see a prescient 2005 article by Constitutional attorney, Edwin Vieira, entitled HOMELAND SECURITY -- For What and for Whom?

The bankers that surround the multinational corporations are just as guilty. Without the unjust enrichment produced by fiat currency and fractional reserve banking, none of this would have been possible. When a global elite can manufacture and control the world reserve currency, it should be obvious to all but the most obtuse that this is not your grandfather's capitalism.

So here's what we should consider doing.

If Benedict-Arnold CEOs want their multinational corporations around the world to be able to SELL to the $15 trillion annual U.S. market, they need to pay a cover charge to get in.

That "cover charge" should be in the form of the same DEAL the countries they now manufacture in are imposing on us -- tariffs. If WE THE PEOPLE buy $2.5 trillion worth of THEIR exports, they should pay a 25% tariff. That 25% tariff will yield the sum of $600 billion per year into the U.S. economy and should be used to eliminate the U.S. corporate income tax. This action would eventually attenuate imports because it would make them more expensive, but who cares, because for every imported TV that no longer comes from China, U.S. factories will get increased orders to manufacture them here. So, when a Zenith or a Motorola -- now a manufacturer doing business in China as an LG Corporation -- tries to sell a 50-inch plasma TV at Best Buy for $1,000 -- that $1,000 TV will cost American consumers $1,250. The extra $250 will be a tariff charged to the "Chinese" LG Corporation. The $250 collected as a tariff will go to the U.S. treasury. In return, WE THE PEOPLE will force the IRS to stop billing our home-grown corporations for income taxes. See

As profits to U.S. factories soar -- but they pay no CORPORATE income taxes -- more and more Americans will be hired to meet the new demand. The income taxes and payroll taxes from those new American WORKERS will thus replace the decreasing TARIFF revenues that will result as fewer and fewer 50-inch TVs from Chinese LG Corporations are now purchased from American corporations. We will thus see imported products atrophy and products made in America blossom. America's Middle Class will come back and the American Dream will be restored. All that will be needed is to then restore the Gold Standard and the infinite money manipulations played by Wall Street and the Federal Reserve banking regime will cease.

With corporate taxes cut to zero, U.S. corporations will cut the price of their products, making them more competitive domestically AND abroad. As foreign corporations realize that U.S. tax rates are the best in the world, they will relocate their factories here. As the price of imported products rises 10-, 20-, 35-, 50-percent, companies like LG, BMW and Toyota will be forced to shift their production into the United States in order to compete with U.S. companies. They will not only have to ASSEMBLE TVs and cars here, but manufacture all the sub-products that go into them -- engines, plasma screens, batteries, integrated circuits -- here. It will not only be MADE IN AMERICA, but "FULLY MADE IN AMERICA" once more.(1)

Thus, the message to the greedy, corporate fascists in their screw-you worlds is this: IF YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR PRODUCTS TO OUR $15 TRILLION MARKET, YOU HAVE TO MOVE HERE OR PAY OUR "COVER CHARGE".

But before you get too excited, remember this: ALMOST THE ENTIRE U.S. CONGRESS MUST BE THROWN OUT BEFORE THIS COULD PROBABLY EVER HAPPEN. This is because our Congress is full of traitors. Just like Benedict-Arnold CEOs (Roger Smiths from GMs in Flint, Michigans), these government traitors have sold out to the Roger-Smith corporations that now surround the banksters. Jefferson warned us that such parasites would emerge in a fiat monetary system were such to be adopted in violation of Article I of the U.S. Constitution. This very thing has happened. Anti-free market, scum "money-mentalities" are all over K-Street buying up politicians left and right with political "contributions." They work for government and then spew their way through revolving doors as more scum from the corporatocracy slithers through the same doors. And this is not just limited to congress-vomit. The current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls -- with the sole exception of Ron Paul -- will continue this big-government, too-big-to-fail corporate infestation promoting the welfare-warfare state. That's why a third political party will inevitably be necessary. See


So that's the bad news. The good news is: reform of our trade policies -- if WE THE PEOPLE can force our intention on Congress -- will bring back "Made in America" faster than you can say "chop off their heads". But make no mistake about it, the anti-constitutional, politically-correct Marxists that now dominate the U.S. mainstream media and the corporate-infested Congress all must go. Their 15 minutes are up.

When Germany, Japan and China impose tariffs on THEIR imports yet we grant them full access to OUR markets . . . there is something wrong with this trade picture.

Bad trade policies are contributing to the ruin of this nation. Who makes these trade policies? Mostly Congress. They have been legislating or accepting ruinous trade policies (like GATT, NAFTA and WTO) for 40 years -- trade policies Ross Perot warned us about in his third party run in 1992. These policies have caused over 50,000 factories to move out of the country with 20% of WE THE PEOPLE now unemployed and a national DEBT that is now 100% of our national PRODUCT. This is an unconscionable mess to leave to our kids.

What should WE THE PEOPLE do about a Congress that has sold out to K-street, corporate interests? Well, if this were Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany, you know exactly what would be done. But since it's politically incorrect to take them out and shoot them, we need to, at the very least, vote them out. See on why this would work.

Americans can only buy the products that are out there. If the products that are out there are foreign products which are dumped into our markets and we buy these, how is that act strengthening our own manufacturing base? People can boycott these foreign products, but that's an unsustainable solution because it doesn't bring back production to America.

People buy foreign products mostly because they can't afford American products. They can't afford American products because we no longer produce inexpensive American products here. We no longer produce inexpensive American products here because we cannot sell sufficient quantities of America products domestically OR abroad to cover their production costs. We cannot sell American products abroad because places like China, Germany and Japan have placed VAT taxes on us if we try to sell into their markets. At the same time, treasonous American manufactures (multinational corporations and corporate fascists), have abandoned production in America (justifying it by the high cost of labor) and set up their factories in cheap, slave-labor countries with little or no external costs of manufacturing (i.e., environmental concerns). Having done this, these Benedict-Arnold CEOs are exploiting American markets through retail outlets like Walmart, Target and Best Buy. They thus extract the profits that accrue between ignorant or unconcerned American CONSUMERS and the foreign slave PRODUCERS.

Again, to remedy this economic problem, WE THE PEOPLE must place tariffs on ALL products entering the $15 trillion U.S. market. This is the "cover charge" the world must pay if they want to DANCE with us.

If 99 Percenters want a larger piece of THEIR $15 trillion market, they must FORCE their congressmen to enact tariffs on the corporate fascists that are STEALING from this $15 trillion market and then parking this cash in low/no tax, off-shore bank havens for themselves or for investment in more foreign enterprises. (See a book entitled "Off-Shore" for details) These tariff revenues MUST then be used to off-set the U.S. corporate tax rate, reducing it to ZERO. This is the ONLY way to attract production quickly BACK to the U.S. and break the cycle of destruction the corporate fascists and banking elites have wrought upon the American Middle Class. See my movie entitled CORPORATE FASCISM - The Destruction of America's Middle Class

Thus, the ONLY way out of this is WE THE PEOPLE must start PRODUCING more and CONSUMING less. At the same time we must erect a PROTECTIVE TARIFF.

Yes, folks, we are at a point were we must PROTECT our nation and her markets.

No more of this GLOBALIZATION crap.

No more of this "FREE" MARKET crap.


The moment of GLOBALIZATION is over.

The reality of PRODUCTION and ETHNO-NATIONALISM is manifest.(1)

Globalization has only benefited an elite corporatocracy: corporate fascists who have been corrupted by cultural Marxism and their "long march through the institutions." See http://www.OriginalIntent.Us

These criminals have raped and pilfered the productivity of millions of American citizens using the very computers and software we invented. The corporate fascists and their Fed-infested bankers have used our computer technology to steal 45% of our assets and 99 percent of the world's productivity. They have done this with a smokestack technology: arithmetic. The monetary scientists from the past century of robber barons and international bankers have used mathematical tricks -- fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, monetizing debt, quantitative easing, collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps and re-hypothecation -- to fraudulently steal the wealth of the world for themselves.

Don't look now, but the Globalist Luddites have won this round! WE THE PEOPLE can win the next.

17 December 2011

(1) See Suicide of a Superpower by Patrick J. Buchanan.

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