To All Non-Supporters of Ron Paul
by Unknown

Yes we're passionate, yes we're determined, and I don't get paid to campaign for Ron Paul. I'm not manipulated by the media or a party. To me, the REAL issues and our economic and foreign policy situation are so dire, while we are being led in the wrong direction, I feel obliged to offer some personal observations.

Despite the media constantly twisting his words, in attempts to paint him extreme, he really is the kind of candidate that doesn't come along very often and is worth AT THE VERY LEAST educating yourself on the man and what he stands for before simply writing him off. He is, on every level, a modern day Thomas Jefferson.

Don't you find it odd that the media goes out of their way to ignore and discredit him in the polls on a daily basis, when he is DOMINATING every poll I see. An online poll with over 100,000 votes gets taken down because Ron Paul dominated it, yet "National Polls" that air on every television program are based off 100 or so telephone calls....odd....when he's won more straw polls than any other candidate, and gets hardly any media attention from it...odd. When they DO acknowledge him, it's interviews with loaded "gotcha" questions they can twist and distort and make him look unsympathetic.

The main reason for that is he's been in congress for 30 years fighting the establishment and he's blown the whistle on so many levels, whether it be the Federal Reserve ripping us off, to the government "programs" scamming us out of our money, to our flawed foreign policy lies that our government AND media have extremely exaggerated in order to keep us scared to death of the boogey man while they RIP US OFF and take away our FREEDOM with provisions like the Patriot Act, TSA, etc.

Our corrupt politicians are spending our future generations into a slavery of high taxes to bail out their corporate buddies that lobby in billions for special interests. The Federal Reserve is price fixing the markets by keeping artificially low interest rates and debasing our currency by printing money at record breaking amounts....thus hiding the fact at how catastrophic the economy and our monetary system really are and what lies ahead for our country....hyper-inflation and a collapse of the US Dollar.

Did you know that the ONLY thing propping our dollar up, is the fact that it is the International Currency? And with our politicians allowing the Fed. to print more to cover our debt, the other nations are looking to alternate forms of currency...notice gold prices lately? Notice the inflation creeping up higher and higher? If nothing drastic is done NOW, it's a matter of time before the dollar collapses and with that, these past few years will look like the "golden years" Only one candidate understands all of this and has been fighting as hard as he can to wake up the people....and that candidate is RON PAUL.

He tried to warn us of the current economic meltdown back in 2001.

He tried to warn us of the housing market crash back in 2003.

He's warning us NOW about hyper-inflation and the US Dollar crumbling.

The government has become controlled by huge corporations and corrupt bankers that lobby in billions of dollars and in return, get ungodly kickbacks and backroom deal legislation in their favor. Our media is ALSO controlled by these same corporations...

Don't forget, the media are actually more of the same corporations. They are not an independent faction by any means, although they try to give that illusion by attempting to portray themselves as unbiased. They are anything but unbiased. It has become so painfully apparent that they have become THE EPITOME OF BIAS! They are BIAS PERSONIFIED. Because they have become collaborators with the corrupt elements of government. The zeal, distortion and cunning which they have used to dissuade public opinion away from an uncorrupted candidate such as Ron Paul, is a prime example of THEIR UNETHICAL and UNJUSTIFIED BIAS. Un-provable and unfounded statements and innuendos are called PROPAGANDA, NOT NEWS! This in itself is unpardonable! It undermines the very nature of truth and justice in the American way of life. This is suppose to be America, not Soviet Russia, or East Germany of the Cold War. Yet the media have been virtually unaccountable throughout the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Seldom a retraction or even an apology for GROSS MISREPRESENTATION, as though no harm was done; utterly disgraceful, to say the least! The underpinning for total corruption of a society to say the worst!

And then on the conspiracy theory: Conspiracy THEORY you say? Theory? What an insult to an intelligent person! There is no theory, for a theory CANNOT be proven. Stop allowing yourself to be victimized by childish word games. BRUTAL FACT: It is in the nature of man to conspire, and to think that powerful people and organizations DO NOT conspire is both ludicrous and naive. Anytime two or more people in a room talk, there is the occasion to conspire. THEY DO; THEY HAVE; AND THEY WILL! That is a fact of life not a theory! We can vote for the one man who has been consistently telling us the truth, and the fact that the existing corrupt political machines are against Ron Paul should be a sign for any who are willing to see. There is one opportunity to cast a meaningful ballot, and that is for Ron Paul. A ballot cast for any of the establishment group of candidates is a ballot cast for more of the same. There is one man who is different; Ron Paul.

HE'S BLOWN THE WHISTLE! You, me...every taxpayer is being extorted and they're robbing from our children's children now.

He wouldn't have such a hard-core base of support if he's what the media paints him out to be. His supporters, for a large part, are the most informed voters and have rallied behind him because he knows what is really going on and is not afraid to be the man to stand up against the establishment.

What worries me is that all the other candidates are more worried about poll numbers and how WHAT they say affect the polls, caring more about how to address issues as to appease the's all campaign rhetoric. The only candidate that actually GETS IT is Ron Paul. I have YET to find an economic expert that disagrees with Ron Paul's economic diagnosis and strategy to fix the problem.

Corrupt politicians and corporate bankers that are ripping you, me, our children and grandchildren off ... need to go.

For more information on the subjects covered here, watch ORIGINAL INTENT, featuring Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Edwin Vieira, G. Edward Griffin and Ted Baehr. Go to http://www.MoviePubs.Net/singles Also watch SPOILER - How a Third POlitical Party Could Win. Trailer at

30 December 2011

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