When the Camel Gets its Nose into YOUR Tent

by James Jaeger

Congress is STILL trying to regulate the Internet on behalf of its corporate pay masters and war-mongering sycophants. They are still trying to get the nose of the regulating camel into OUR tent of communication, commerce and privacy. Obama -- who just happens to be the current Prez -- has the DemoPublican henchmen trying to vote in new legislation next week that hasn't even been made available to WE THE PEOPLE. Just like 1910 Jekyll Island and TARP 2008, the gov is again trying to sneak through legislation, hoping that the Great Society is still asleep. Who the hell do these fascists think they are working for?

If the gov gets its nose into the Internet: you will eventually see everything taxed. You will see new "laws" and new "regulations". You will see no protections that the market can't provide, as will be discussed later. You WILL see, however, a degradation of creativity, expression, free speech and selection. In short, you will see BLACK phones all the way to the horizon.

Don't remember the BLACK phones? Well that proves how young and impressionable some members of the Great Society may be. Prior to the 1960s everyone had the same size, BLACK phone. And you used THIS to call your friends -- while your parents were watching and listening. THIS was the time when the government regulated the PHONE system. This was the time when there was just ONE phone in your house and one monopoly phone company in the country. This was the time when the government-camel had its nose into your phone system. The government is now trying to get its nose into your Internet system. But before you let it, bear some things in mind:


Not only is BLACK the government's favorite color, the government -- aka "the State" -- is a middleman that seeks to suck the color out of anything that's "profitable" for its officers, employees, contractors and apparatchiks. It thus seeks to extract blood from all possible transactions, and lives from all possible wars. Don't let this happen to the Internet -- having its blood and vitality sucked into a dry, black vacuum of regulation.

The Internet is a FREE and OPEN communications channel for, and by, all Human Beings. THIS is why it has flowered into a World Wide Web of knowledge, creativity, innovation, wealth, love, prosperity and hope for billions.

Even though government money started the Internet (the Arpanet), it was NOT started for WE THE PEOPLE. It was started by the U.S. Department of Defense to facilitate THEIR ability to wage and survive WARS. It was only when an individual named Timothy Berners Lee (and his team) came along that the Internet was converted from a WAR MACHINE into a PEACE MACHINE we now know as the World Wide Web.

But did you hear the Bill O'Reilly's of the world, or any of the MainStream Media (MSM) pundits applaud this? Did you see any of the MPAA studio executives or the grossly-paid Hollywood celebrities applaud Mr. Lee on their TV circuits? Hardly. They mostly ignored him or spit on him for daring to give WE THE PEOPLE a new and independent DISTRIBUTION channel that THEY did not control. Worse, they spit on him for daring to give WE THE PEOPLE a new and independent channel for OUR communications, writings, music, movies, poems, pictures, thoughts, feelings, innovations and dreams. A mass communication-distribution channel that WE THE PEOPLE of Earth can call our own. This was spit upon by the CONTROL GROUP of Hollywood and New York City.

Yes, the Media Establishment cursed Timothy Berners Lee and his new-fangled invention, the World Wide Web. And when this invention opened up the creativity and innovation of all of Human Kind like no other, spit turned to vomit and vomit turned to lies. Now, the monstrous, evil forces of the State are being brought to bear by the Control Group for their advertisers at the weapon manufacturing corporations and in the global propaganda machine can't stand a prolonged peace or unfettered dreams.

So these entities -- the rich studios and the brainwashing networks -- are whipping their government lapdogs into a frenzy to regulate the Internet and the World Wide Web. For in Mainstream Media-think, only THEY and their agents, celebrities and special interests may enjoy free speech. The rest of us -- with our poems, dreams and innovations -- deserve ARRESTED speech. Anything that is not politically correct, which does not pass muster at the Control Group's plush, but blood-saturated, offices -- such as views on Israel -- are chopped off, denied "platform" as they like to call it. Hey, look what happened to me when I dared to post an article entitled -- THE MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT -- on the Facebook page of Dom Giordano -- a Zionist media mouth-piece in the Philadelphia area. Dom's paymasters and Facebook sycophants jumped on me, demanded blood and denied platform. I was "unfriended" by Dom and told to "go away." See the article and the attacks here or on my Facebook page starting around 8 February 2015 on the time track.

So the State -- the government -- and the MainStream Media-corporations that the State serves -- are not fit to regulate the Internet, a public communications channel for the universe of Human expression. Not to mention that this "channel" was PAID for by American tax payers.

Regulation of the Internet in ANY way, shape or form is an abridgement of Free Speech by the state and thus a violation of the highest law of the land, the U.S. Constitution. And no media corporation or special interest has the right to ask the government to abridge this free speech so that they can benefit or unjustly enrich themselves.

The "statist mentality" -- the mentality that lives in fear of everything, including the U.S. Constitution -- wants the government to "protect" everything on the face of the planet -- and in the universe. Predictably, such cowards now even want protection from a network of human communications. How pathetic is that? They are now afraid of WORDS. They have even made commercials stating that "words CAN hurt you". Look at the ads all over MainStream TV placed by the Geico Corporation.

Down through the centuries, the "statist mentality" has chopped up the world into 195 little domains. These little domains are known as "countries," "states," "nations" or "governments". But how they can really be know is by their common propensity: to TAX and wage WARS in the name of "protecting" their "subjects," what they now call "citizens" for PR reasons.

These States, and the problems they create, dominate the MainStream Media (and almost every other media) with endless fighting, bombing, battling, shooting, beheading and destroying. That's mostly what they do with the money their citizens entrust to them: build WEAPONS and then MURDER people. But the "murder" is called "killing" or "war" so we have the Korean WAR, or the Vietnam WAR, or the Cold WAR, or the Iraq WAR, or the WAR on Terror. If video games of violence are bad for kids, then all of this WAR all over the MSM is bad for adults.

And it never ends so the question must be asked: where do these governments get the money for all these WARS? Well almost anyone can answer that: they get it from the legalized theft known as "taxes" and from the "hidden tax" known as "inflation" -- the process of printing fiat currency. So, if you and I let these parasites regulate the Internet, what do you think will happen? Do you think the TAXES or the WARS or the DEBTS will diminish? If you do you are being foolish. These war-mongering statists are going to figure out a way to tax and regulate the SHIT out of you -- and this will all be for your "security, protection and equality" of course. Even a MORON should be able to see through these things.(1)


It should be an unwritten law that any Congressman that attempts to enact legislation that in any way regulates, infringes or invades the Internet should be DEAD MEAT upon arrival at the next election. This is not a call to kill or hurt any Congressmen, it is a call to vote their asses out of office for violating the Free Speech provisions of the Constitution.

Remember, most of these guys and girls that infest Congress have NOT been placed there by YOU. They have been placed there by brainwashing YOU. They brainwash you by using their buddies at CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, DISCOVERY, H2, NOVA, NIGHTLINE, ETC to "mold public opinion." This is media-speak for indoctrinating you into accepting their versions of reality. The techniques for doing this are very subtle and many of them were pioneered by Edward Bernay, nephew of Sigmund Freud, who used psychology to make advertising and mass indoctrination more effective.

And if you vote for YOUR congressman over and over again -- even though s/he continuously passes stupid, oppressive and anti-Constitutional "laws" -- YOU have been brainwashed by Bernay technology and you don't even realize it. Otherwise WHY would you keep voting in -- and RE-electing -- YOUR Congressmen? It's YOUR Congressman that is THE problem. It is MY Congressman that is also THE problem. I get rid of MY congressmen so will you PLEASE get rid of yours.

And now these Congressmen, these "public servants," are going to attempt to damage OUR only free speech network -- the Internet -- unless we let them know that they will be DEAD MEAT next election if they dare.

Also remember, these Congressmen are campaign-funded buy wealthy people and established corporations to keep YOU and YOUR small business down while allowing THEIR businesses to "flourish and prosper." So THIS is the CongressMAN or CongressWOMAN that YOU authorize to represent YOU? This is what YOU are all about? A representation of truncated speech -- communications, writings, music, movies, poems, pictures, thoughts, feelings, innovations and dreams? I think you are better than that, BUT if you aren't, or you don't know what I mean, try this:

Stop watching all the Democratic and Republican crap you see all over Network TV and start watching the Libertarian, John Stossel, on a show called, STOSSEL. John Stossel, a former Democrat, explains how and why the "statist mentality" does little more than rape and pillage the innovative, free-thinking and creative mind that ALL of us have if we give it a chance. Yes, even the most scum-saturated statists can blow all the mental-mucus out of their skulls and alight to the sky.

Again, any Congressman that votes to allow the gov -- or the FCC, the gov's "wolf in sheep's clothing" -- in to "protect" you should be thrown out of office like a piece of rotting, dead meat you might find in the back seat of your new car.

Let Congressmen know that it is certain POLITICAL DEATH to tamper with the Internet and the free speech rights of WE THE PEOPLE. No more gov-invasion into our Internet "calls" like the NSA has done to our Phone calls.

Be ruthless on this. Do NOT tolerate any CISPA-, PIPPA- or SOPA-type regulations. And do NOT tolerate ANYONE that sympathizes with the government -- or its big corporate spawns -- regulating the Internet. Realize that they are just a brain-washed soul and needs guidance -- YOUR guidance. So call and email them every day of their lives and PREACH to them the Gospel of "NO GOV NET." You and they should:


No matter WHAT nice-sounding name or title they give the regulation, once the government enacts new laws -- THEY NEVER GO AWAY AND ALWAYS GET MORE AND MORE.

Has the government EVER grown SMALLER? Has the National Debt EVER grown smaller? Have the number of laws ever grown smaller? Do the number of pages of insanity you have to fill out every April 15th on your tax returns EVER get LESS? Of course not. Has the National Debt ever gone from $15 trillion to $8 trillion? None of these things have ever happened. When I made FIAT EMPIRE in 2006 with Ron Paul, the National Debt was $8.6 trillion. Now it's $15.7 trillion. Debt, government, regulations and laws NEVER diminish -- they ALWAYS increase. It's the MENTALITY of the BEAST. Wake the FUCK up Fellow Cits.

This is a deadly serious matter.

Send this email/post/article around to your stupid and irresponsible, media-suckered family, friends and associates before THEY drag the rest of us into the hell fires -- like the sleeping people of pre-Nazi German People did while THEIR gov was enacting all manner of regulating the crap in their very midst.

Again, if you want to know what new regulations on the Internet will be like, look at what the government has done with its NSA and when phones were black. The gov's agents at the NSA are recording every phone call you make at their Bluffdale site in Utah. Can you IMAGINE what these RODENTS will do to the Internet if Nazi Neo-somnambulists get their way?

The FCC is "supposed to be our friend, looking after WE THE PEOPLE" as my Leftie friends like to say. The FCC was also supposed to ensure that the radio spectrum was shared equally and broadcast only healthy and worthwhile programming for the citizenry. People that believe that all this has come to pass are delusional. Any government agency, even the FCC, is a parasitic blight upon the face of Human Civilization.

Notice, as you watch the MainStream Media, that almost every major pundit considers Edward Snowden a traitor or has no comment. THIS should tell you something about the government-corporate media complex. If Snowden is a traitor for telling WE THE PEOPLE that a branch of the government -- the NSA -- has invaded our Fourth Amendment rights, what does this make these pundits? It makes them lying apologists for the statist mentality.

So the entire Snowden-NSA affair should make the savvy citizen VERY wary of government intervention into the Internet and the communications channels of the citizen.

The gov is NEVER there to protect YOU. You are a sucker if you believe this. It's there to protect itself, first and foremost. It's there to protect its warriors, second. And it's there to protect the wealthy individual and corporate donors that keep it in power, third. If you don't know what I mean, you are in serious need of a book entitled: THE MYTH OF NATIONAL DEFENSE edited by Hans-Hermann Hoppe. If you fail to read this book, I hate to say it, but you are probably a victim of the "statist mentality".

No matter WHAT security or protections you THINK you need the state to provide at the Internet level -- you are seriously mistaken. The very FACT that the Internet is all about omnipresent global communications makes it impossible for the Internet to NOT be self-policing. If I sell you a crappy product, YOU can put ME out of business by telling the rest of the world that I am scum. Why do we need a GOVERNMENT to do what WE can do OURSELVES? Please, statists, grow a brain. Do you not like freedom?

The gov is not even CAPABLE of making the Internet a sweet and cozy place for children, birds or flowers. The current State is NOT going to get rid of child PORN or drugs or off-label pharmaceuticals or prostitution or terrorists or money laundering or anything else any better than the Peoples of the World have done for the past 50,000 years. Governments have NO magical power, contrary to millennia of propaganda to the contrary. Recall when people were so stupid and brainwashed they thought that Kings were Gods. Well I'm here to tell you that many people have stupid and foolish expectations of the State to this very day.

IF people the world over are totally free to communicate and trade with each other over the Internet without the insanity of the violence-driven state -- THEN the day everyone understands and respects everyone else will arrive SOONER. IF, on the other hand, the "statist mentality" is permitted to run amok -- dramatizing all its paranoid fears and demands for endless "security" -- people will not be as able to work out their differences and we will have a world with MORE conflict, for LONGER periods of time. And this is exactly what governments and the statists mentality want, more conflict.

As Randolph Bourne informed us in 1918: "War is the Health of the State." When there is CONFLICT in the world, you make the State healthier. When there is PEACE in the world, you make everyone else healthier. Don't give government regulators the opportunity to destroy the Internet like they have destroyed almost everything else in Human Civilization. There may have been a period of human development when we all needed governments to regulate everything and provide security, but modern civilization is now blessed with the technological tools to exist without the parasitic and debilitating intervention of the State. The Internet is a perfect example of this technology -- and that's why it's hated and feared so much by the "statist mentality."

(1) "According to a survey conducted over the weekend by Hart Research Associates, a leading Democratic polling firm, the American people by a wide margin oppose President Obama's plan to regulate the Internet. Moreover, they overwhelmingly believe that the Federal Communications Commission should make the plan available to the public before any vote. Among the key findings:

"56% of Americans do not believe that the government should take a stronger and more active role in overseeing and regulating the Internet.

"Only 33% favor such government action.

"53% of Americans believe that it would be harmful for the FCC to do what President Obama has requested and regulate the Internet using the same authority it has used to regulate telephone service.

"Only 32% believe taking that step would be helpful.

"79% of Americans believe that the exact wording and the details of the plan to regulate the Internet should be made public before the FCC votes on it.

"Only 13% of Americans oppose making the plan's exact language public prior to the vote.

"Only 9% of Americans believe that the FCC should pass the proposed regulations as they currently stand.

"85% support either delaying the vote until the full plan is made public or oppose any new regulations."

21 February 2015

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