Nixon Tapes candid about Jewish media dominance
by Ahmed Amr

The release of a few more of Nixon's tapes reveals that the late president believed that Jews dominated the media. Well, if an ethnic group owns the New York Times, which owns over thirty papers, including the Boston Globe. If that same group had great influence on the Washington Post, which owns NewsWeek. Again, If that same ethnic group also owns Time magazine along with CNN, The Warner Studios and AOL. If the President of the Major Jewish Organizations, owns the third largest weekly magazine, US World and News Report and the Daily News. If Isner owns Disney which owns ABC. Than if Nixon was wrong in 1972, he is certainly not wrong today. So why the fuss?

Because the mass media domination by Jews, many of them avowed Yiddish supremacists, is something no one is supposed to notice. For in noticing such an obvious thing, one can be labeled an anti-Semite. So, even an American President was left to state "I can't ever say that but I believe it." Now, I am assuming that Stalin got to say what he believed, Pol Pot also said what was on his mind, Sharon can lie and kill and lie and kill. Even in dictatorships, at least the dictator has freedom of speech. But an American President couldn't say the obvious in 1972 and can say less today.

So, you are not supposed to notice that so many 'infomedia' barons are Jewish. You are not supposed to notice the Israeli Lobby and its virtual monopoly of the State Department during the Clinton Years. You are not supposed to notice that major campaign donors are Jewish and that the Democratic party functionaries are Jewish. If you do happen to notice, you are not to question why the fourth estate is basically an ethnic industry.

How about we start with a simpler truth. The mass media and Hollywood are definitely dominated by American of European origins or as we call them in America, white folks. Any objections so far. None. Was that a racist thing to point that white America dominates the mass media means of production? Now, on the national level, What percentage of major American publishers, journalists and TV news personalities are not only white folk, but white folk who consider themselves Jewish? Imagine CNN's four hour prime time line-up of Jef Greenburg, Aaron Brown, Wolf Blitzer and Larry King. That is 100% Yiddish. Add Walter Isaccson, head of the news division at CNN. The New York Times is owned by Sulzberger and his two heavy hitters are Thomas Friedman and William Safire. Anthony Lewis is also Jewish. Virtually all their other major journalists are Jewish. The Washington Post has about the same percentage of Jewish reporters and spin doctors as The New York Times, These two papers have a virtual monopoly on the syndicated editorial 'pundit' business. The syndicated business is what really amplifies their reach.

I don't understand why American Jews would deny their dominance of the mass media. From movies to books, newspapers, magazines, music distribution, TV, cable and radio. They have power in an industry that has power over the political process.

There can be no question of their dominance. The question is how do they use their power in such a strategic industry? Do they end up with individual and group political power that diminishes the one man, one vote franchise? Why do they have a dozen Senators to represent their ethnic group while not a single Hispanic or African-American currently holds a seat in the Senate?

The Jewish Community in America is powerful, well-organized, well financed and very power oriented. Yet they are only 2% of the population. One does not become a Senator without a certain degree of political avarice and mounds of campaign cash.

All I have to say, is judge them by their deeds. How do they use their media power for causes that are important to their community? Their involvement in collaborating with the Israeli government makes these Jewish media tycoons a unique American constituency for repression. This industry has encouraged Sharon to intensify his brutality. They are unmoved by denial of basic human rights to the native people of the holy land. The fact that they have rallied behind a war criminal called Ariel Sharon is disturbing. The American Jewish community warmly embraced Sharon, knowing full well his capacity for murder and mayhem. And they used the media properties to run the greatest cover up of a war criminal in modern American history.

The American Yiddish supremacy movement has not even shied away from slandering and humiliating Arab-Americans. I for one see the daily digs and we know why they are there and who threw these socially incendiary devices into the mix. We know who orchestrates the 'anti-Arab' hate fests and we will remember to have our children remind your children of what their Yiddish supremacist daddys did at the office.

But the biggest failure has been the failure to tell the truth, sans spin. We encourage our readers to get involved in understanding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We ask that they do this not just out of concern for ending the conflict in the region. The more you learn about this conflict, the sooner you will learn that Nixon was right in 1972 and even more politically correct today.

We urge American Jews to openly discuss their control of the media with non-Yiddish communities, the other 98%. We urge them to admit that they have used their immense press power to join Sharon's lynch mob against powerless Palestinians. We demand that they identify themselves as Jews when discussing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. When a deviant like Martin Indyk neglects to mention his AIPAC credentials, that in and of itself constitutes intellectual dishonesty. We urge that they use their ample research departments to get the story straight instead of selling the same old garbage 'spin' from a criminal Israeli government.

March 02, 2002


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