The New Sanhedrin
Mel Gibson's PASSION Gives Rise to an Ancient Controversy
by Mark Glenn

"What are we to do with these men?" they asked among themselves. "We must warn them not to speak anymore in his name."

The problem for those who were debating this question of "what to do with these men" was that many miracles had been performed by them in the plain sight of the whole community, and there was no arguing against it. What was even more vexing to them was the boldness of these former fishermen in going forth fearlessly like first century renditions of William Wallace and his band of Scotsmen, refusing to knuckle under and abandon their War for Independence in the face of so many threats. And it was due to these reasons that their opponents were gathered that day, and understandably anxious about handling this problem without too much attention being drawn to it.

Those who were gathered together pondering this troubling question were the members of the Sanhedrin who had just recently put that ambitious and pesky carpenter from Nazareth to death, and who now were in the business of persecuting his followers, stoning them, having them thrown into prison, and in general bringing to bear all of the mechanisms of coercion which were available to them at the time. Clearly, the business of bringing to an end the boxing match that took place over the course of 3 years between the Nazarene and the most esteemed and honored members of the religious leadership was not as finalized as they had thought it was. In killing him, they had opened up a can of worms that appeared to be almost uncontainable, and now, in utter desperation, they were attempting to stop a fire that appeared to be unstoppable.

Thus were the events which gave birth to the Christian faith as recounted in the Book of Acts, a heart pounding, heroic tale in which a band of revolutionaries defies the powers that be in their desire to live as free men. As such, there are to be found in this story all the elements which have encompassed other tales of similar theme, including the evil tyrants who oppress and weigh down the people, and the heroes who, having been struck with the idea that it is better to perish as free men than to live as slaves, bravely go forth lighting the fires of revolution and justice in the process. Most of those who call themselves Christians today, while acknowledging their respect for these events, nevertheless seem to have little understanding as to where the importance of such events lie in the present. To those who pay some lip service to the freedom fighters, (Peter, Paul, et al) the events are simply occurrences of a bygone history, as was General Washington's crossing of the Delaware or Patrick Henry's speech to the Virginia House of Burgesses. Little do they appear to realize that they are living in the midst of this event, an event which was only part one in the War of Independence which Christianity declared against Pharisaical Judaism in the tiny town of Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago. The danger to this inaccurate understanding of the event is lethal, both spiritually and physically, for in the process of getting bad intelligence reports (which appears to have become the "in" thing now) much of what calls itself Christianity has made fatal errors in terms of logistics and planning, and as such now stands poised to be overrun by the enemy, if indeed this has not already happened.

"What are we to do with these men?" they ask on a daily basis today, and have now, for at least one century, possibly two. Those who are gathered together today, pondering this troubling question are the modern day descendants of the same Sanhedrin who had put that ambitious and pesky carpenter from Nazareth to death, and who now are in the business of persecuting his followers, killing them, having them thrown into prison, and in general bringing to bear all the mechanisms of coercion which are available to them at this time. "We must warn them not to speak anymore in His name."

The average Christian contemplating who such persons might be today, (and inevitably falling back on the propaganda which has been poured into his or her consciousness by a Zionist media) would invariably arrive at the conclusion that what was being discussed was some form of religious extremism emanating from the Middle East, which would be partially correct. Where clarification is needed though, is in recognizing that in this case the real threat existing today to the religion of Christianity and its adherents is not posed by Islamic Extremism, but rather is to be found lying within the sentiments of Judaic Extremism, The New Sanhedrin, and never before has it been more apparent than now.

As much as the American media, (for decades now a mouthpiece for the interests of Marxist Zionism) has propagandized America since the fateful day in which the Twin Towers came down concerning the "hatred for Christianity" that it alleges is the defining characteristic of the Islamic religion, nevertheless from time to time the mask comes off the Beast and gives the observant spectator a glimpse of what better constitutes reality. Whether such sloppiness is the result of laziness on the part of those weaving the spell or whether it is the product of divine providence makes little difference in the fact that the world should be grateful that it happens, even if it is only too infrequent. In such instances, the act of the Beast in revealing itself allows truth, (if even only for a brief moment) to have an opportunity in dispelling the clouds of confusion under whose cover an agenda is permitted to operate. It is understandable how sloppiness like this can exist, since maintaining a deception is a full time job, much akin to keeping a dead corpse alive through artificial means. As such, from time to time the hypnotists managing the delusional state of American Christianity are not as diligent in covering all their tracks and tying up all the loose ends with respect to the propaganda they peddle which fuels American involvement in the Middle East. The double-sided justification for this involvement, after all the polemics and flowery arguments are removed can be reduced to two main ideas, the one being that Muslims hate Christians, and the other that Americans who consider themselves to be Judeo-Christian in their orientation owe their allegiance to the Marxist state of Israel. In furtherance of this agenda, Israel's propaganda infrastructure in America has hidden not only what are the easily verifiable sentiments of respect and veneration which Muslims maintain towards Christ and those who follow him, but as well have kept hidden the malicious sentiments held by adherents of Judaic extremism which can be verified with equal ease.

This cover-up has been accomplished by what has become a fast moving shell game in which the Muslims, who hold and always have held Christ in the highest regard, have been inaccurately portrayed as his enemies, while the real villains have gone unsuspected and unmentioned throughout the entirety of the discussion. This is tragic on several levels, not only in the fact that a decades-long war has now been launched against almost a billion people under completely false pretenses, but as well in the fact that it illustrates what has become the intellectual capacity of the average American Christian Zionist in his or her blind support for the interests of Marxist Zionism. The average American who has swallowed the bait put forth by a Zionist media that the religion of Islam is inherently anti-Christian in its foundations could have easily become better enlightened in an afternoon of reading, not The New Republic or other Zionist think-tank rags, but rather passages of the Koran, a process by which much if not all of the negative notions which have been put forth concerning the religion of Islam and its adherents would have been reduced to the meaningless dribble that they are. By doing so, the curious American would have found out that he or she has much more in common with the adherents of Islam than has been revealed, including a shared belief in Christ as the Messiah, his miraculous works, and that he is favored in the eyes of the creator. In addition to this, it would have been discovered as well that Christ's mother is revered as the highest woman ever to have walked the face of the earth, and that his Apostles are held in the same esteemed positions of honor that they occupy in the religion of Christianity.

By the same notion, the average Christian, spending an afternoon reading (instead of watching some foolishness designed to reduce his or her intellect to that of a drooling, sexualized adolescent) might find disquieting pieces of information concerning the religion of Judaism and its extremist elements in Israel whom Americans subsidize to the tune of over 6 billion dollars a year. In the great shell game of propaganda which has fueled American Christianity's support for the war in the Middle East at the behest of Israel, with deafening silence has been discussed how Christ and his followers (including his mother) are viewed by adherents of modern day Judaic extremism, the modern day members of the New Sanhedrin. Amidst all the programming which has appeared on mainstream television and radio, whether such programming has featured paid polemicists for the Zionist agenda like Daniel Pipes, Richard Pearle, Dari Gold, et al, or whether they are the Zionists wearing the garb of Christian sentimentality as personified by the likes of Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, Hannity, or Lindsay, not a mention has been made concerning what are the blatant anti-Christian tenants as practiced and preached by Talmudic Judaism or its extremist adherents. One would think that such items which include Christ being depicted as a sorcerer and a mamzer (bastard child) who suffers in Hell by being boiled in excrement would arouse some suspicion among a rightly (and hopefully, genuinely) outraged Christianity. One would hope that religious sentiments depicting his mother Mary as a prostitute who mated with carpenters and Roman soldiers would spark some sense of curiosity to find out more. And finally, in the interest of learning all there was to know concerning religious extremism and how it has played itself out in the events surrounding 9/11, one would expect that the average Christian in America would like to understand better who is and who is not the real enemy, particularly when his hard-earned livelihood is sent to prop up a nation which has been billed as the only ally to Christian America in the Middle East. Sadly, this has not taken place, even when there are glaringly obvious reasons to do so.

All this talk about religious extremism (particularly when it takes place within the context of an anti-Christian agenda) couldn't occur at a better time than the present. Besides the war taking place in the Middle East, (which Christians in America are told is a war fought between a religion of terror and a religion of freedom) the culture war in America is raging at full throttle, even if unbeknownst to many. The culture war, whose victims include the most basic precepts with regards to decency and morality have been and are being attacked by a Zionist agenda which never seems to pause for a breather. Pop idols who have more influence over America's youth than people would like to realize or admit are now publicly engaging in acts of lesbianism, simulated sex, and parading themselves nude on stage under the direction and protection of a media intent on destroying the moral underpinnings of an entire nation for the furtherance of the Israeli agenda. Unfortunately, Americans who have since 9/11 effected a sense of outrage over what were attacks against a Christian nation seem to be bothered more by the crumbling of America's concrete pillars than they are bothered by the crumbling of America's moral pillars which are of far more importance to her stability and survival. Even more so, those in America who boldly put themselves before America's television and radio programs and who earn a living by professing their Christianity, while showing outrage over such attacks against America's morals, nevertheless refuse to reveal that such attacks are the product of a Zionist agenda which rules America's airwaves and by default America's sentiments. And if there existed in the past a grey area in which Christianity in America could be excused for such shortsightedness in not recognizing what forces have been behind the destruction of America's moral foundations, there is no such grey area now, and particularly with regards to the current controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's movie The Passion.

Unfortunately for the bulk of American Christianity, the significance of the controversy surrounding the movie which depicts the murder of Christ at the hands of Jewish extremists 2,000 years ago has been lost. This is due in large part to the fact that American Christianity (like much of mainstream America) has been robbed of the ability to think for itself outside of the totalitarian box which has been fashioned for it by a Zionist propaganda infrastructure. What ability for independent thought which hasn't been torn to shreds by the Zionist agenda in mainstream media like some intellectual abortion has been accomplished by the seduction of Christian Zionism, whose false prophets are given all the leeway they need in manipulating what remains of independent thought. If the American intellect were in tact, able to think for itself critically about the current controversy surrounding the movie and its content, then what would inevitably result would be the dissonance and cacophony of the crashing together of contradictory statements, leading inevitably to a series of questions and debate. Tragically, the fact that organized Jewish groups, (most notably the ADL) are those who are spearheading the attack on Gibson's film has barely caused a blip in the American consciousness or curiosity, even though the relevance in this fact is of momentous importance. In an America which has been warned to "watch out for the adherents of Islam who are out to destroy Christianity and its followers" by the propaganda which it has been force-fed on a daily basis by a Jewish owned media to not take note of the importance of the current controversy only portends the worst. One can imagine the campaign that would be launched by a Zionist media upon a complacent and intellectually compliant American public if the opponents to the film were Muslims instead of Jews. Rather than getting the sanitized coverage that it has received up to now, such opposition to the film would make headline news every hour on the hour and would be the subject of talk-shows designed to raise the ire of American Christianity. Such coverage would without question incorporate in its content the message concerning the dangerous existence of religious extremism and how it threatens the American way of life, and used to bolster the Zionist agenda of wiping out Israeli's enemies in the process.

This event brings to clarity what is the unfortunate status of American intellectual decay which can only be accurately described as in an advanced and possibly irreversible stage. And despite the fact that Christian Zionists (not only the religious but irreligious as well) are making at least the pretense of defending the movie, nevertheless they are complicit in covering up what are the true roots of the peculiar brand of religious extremism which is driving the opposition to it. One must wonder whether or not their motives for defending the movie are rooted in general sentiments which are favorable to Christianity, or whether instead they find themselves in the frightful position of possibly having their carefully constructed masks ripped off, revealing them for the frauds that they are. Certainly, it has been a difficult juggling act for them, calling themselves Christian while at the same time supporting the most anti-Christian agenda which has ever been hatched in the last 2 millennia, that being the agenda of Marxist Zionism as managed by members of the New Sanhedrin.

"We gave you strict orders not to teach in his name, yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man's blood." Acts 5:28

The above quote, although 2,000 years old, nevertheless encompasses the agenda which has been feverishly and mercilessly enacted in America today against the religion of Christianity and its adherents. In the process, the Christian faith which is day by day assaulted and regulated by the legal process and made to be the butt of jokes on prime time television has been harrowed and hushed over the course of the last 30 years through the efforts of Zionist groups operating under orders from their corporate headquarters in Israel. Whether such an agenda has been realized through the dizzying number of lawsuits brought to silence and remove the effervescence of Christian sentimentality from American society or whether it has been accomplished through the efforts of a Zionist media and its immoral programming, nevertheless the message which has been imparted upon American Christianity has been a decisive warning "not to teach in His name." It is within this context that the lunacy and duplicity of Christian Zionism becomes all too apparent. For all the grandstanding that such groups do in challenging the secular attack on Christian sentimentality in America, nevertheless they refuse to reveal the identity of the groups orchestrating these attacks for the Israeli agenda, including the ADL, JDL, and others of similar stripe who collectively represent the membership of the New Sanhedrin.

The well-publicized argument being put before the consideration of Americans by the likes of Abe Foxman at the ADL and others concerning The Passion that the movie will create anti-Semitic reactions in American Christians is revealed as the falsehood it is when considered next to the mountains of contradictory evidence readily available to anyone with eyes to see. For groups such a the ADL, JDL, and all the other friends of Israel, anti-Semitism is as vital to their survival as lawsuits are vital to lawyers. They fear anti-Semitism the way that a dentist fears tooth decay, or the way in which an abortionist fears unwanted pregnancies. These groups, all managing multi-million dollar budgets and enjoying the pretension of respectability and influence which has been conferred upon them by their siblings in the media would be out of business permanently were it not for the hysteria that they create over alleged acts of Jewish persecution. They were founded on such occurrences and need them to continue if they are to remain in the positions they now enjoy. Therefore, in considering the arguments which they put forward for their opposition to the movie, the world would have to conclude that such groups are either very honest or very duplicitous, and humanity would be wise to assume that it is the latter. They thrive on anti-Semitism the way that a weed thrives on manure, and like their Marxist cousins who in the past instigated acts of anti-Semitism for propaganda purposes in the early years of Israel's founding, it must be assumed that such groups today, if finding themselves without the necessary fuel for their machinery, would be willing to author or sponsor in some manner similar acts against their own Jewish constituency for the same purposes.

But what should be more revealing to American Christianity than this is the fact that the same Zionist groups who today are screaming passionately over The Passion and the anti-Jewish feelings which they claim it will produce are the same groups who are now and have been on the front lines championing every abomination that comes forth from the Zionist agenda which defames Christ, the religion of Christianity and its followers.

If ever there were items which such groups needed to worry about in terms of anti-Jewish backlash, then certainly there are none which would be more worrisome than those which a Jewish run media commits on an hourly basis in America. It is reasonable to assume that if anti-Jewish feelings are going to erupt, that they will do so over the blatantly anti-Christian programming which the media under the direction of the New Sanhedrin vomits out on a daily basis. The thoughtful spectator witnessing the present circus and soap opera must ask at some point where the same concern for anti-Jewish backlash is to be found when movies such as The Last Temptation of Christ, Dogma, and Priest are made available for public viewing, in addition to all the daily assaults to Christian morality which are found on primetime television. Certainly, were the arms of the Zionist propaganda machine worried about anti-Jewish feelings, they would step away from supporting the regular attacks on Christ and his dignity, recognizing that in the process of associating themselves with such bigotry, they would cause the age old specter of anti-Semitism to flare up again. And yet, in perfect intellectual contradiction, they are to be found on the front lines of every instance in which the religion of Christianity is degraded and defiled, proudly asserting their Zionist sentiments in the process without fear of the same ensuing backlash which they predict will result from the release of a movie depicting Christ's dignity. Their fear that Christians will be angered over seeing a film concerning the murder of Christ is conspicuously absent when art exhibits go mainstream which depict a crucifix emersed in a jar of urine as well as those of Christ's mother covered with elephant dung. Such concerns over negative stereotyping of Jews, resulting in vindication of what have been age-old negative attributes unfairly applied to the entire group are not present whenever these same organizations publicly associate themselves with attacks on the family values which have formed the strength of American society for 200 years. In every instance wherein a radical program for elevating some form of degeneracy in American society makes the news, the members of the New Sanhedrin can be found offering their support both financially and philosophically without a trace of the same fear which they presume to possess now over the release of The Passion. In such a circumstance, American Christianity doesn't need to have a degree in Psychology to see that such contradictory reasoning is nothing more than a mountain sized sense of hypocrisy whose tip is barely visible above the water's edge. The trouble is that she doesn't see it, which truly portends a worse condition for her intellectually than was imagined.

A better understanding for the reasons behind all the growling and snarling which the Zionist groups have put forth concerning The Passion lies not in their fear of anti-Jewish backlash, but is to be found rather in the anti-Christian extremism which forms the philosophical underpinnings of their organizations. By definition, these groups are conglomerations whose members are devoted to religious extremism and who attempt to hide their particular brand of bigotry and racism behind noble sounding terms and titles. In such a way, they attempt to cover the ugliness of their religious extremism in the same manner that an individual attempts to hide what is a hideously bad odor with perfume or some other device of distraction. In any case, the mixture of the two, nobility and duplicity, stench and perfume, is a nauseating combination which makes its presence known within the shape-shifting characteristics of their contradictory arguments. The Zionist groups who make the pretense of combating religious extremism are in reality there to combat only those sentiments which thwart or threaten the will of their parent organization which is the Marxist state of Israel. As such, they have done absolutely nothing in exposing or combating the anti-Christian, anti-Gentile sentiments which are the lifeblood of Talmudic Judaism, sentiments which are driving their opposition not only to The Passion, but indeed every instance which serves to reveal the dignity and worthiness of Christ and his message of liberation.

American Christianity would be wise to consider what is the real animus driving the opposition to this movie. In reading between the lines of their arguments, it is revealed that what the New Sanhedrin fears more than anything else is a reversal of fortune for their agenda. In truth, the reason for the current apoplexy over the release of The Passion is rooted in the fact that such a work threatens to undermine much of the success they have achieved in the last few decades in de-moralizing and de-Christianizing American society.

It is obvious to those who have not been lulled to sleep that there is and has been a concerted, in-your face effort over the last 30 years to bring low not only the personage of Christ and his followers, but the moral underpinnings of Western Civilization as well. The Zionist octopus, with all its tentacles spread across the avenues of influence and power has on a daily basis either through law, academia, or media, reduced the dignity of Christ and Christianity to a group of buffoons who should be shuffled off towards the hinterlands of societal organization and left to die. As such, the interests of Zionism stand to lose much if such a movie and its message succeeds in reawakening in a slumbering humanity what were at one time positive sentiments with regards to that pesky Carpenter who condemned the same race-conscious bigotry which the practitioners of Marxist Zionism embrace today. And with this in mind, it is therefore not difficult to understand why all this has taken place, as well as what is to come later.

An honest examination of the philosophical roots of Marxist Zionism reveals an unbroken chain of connecting sentiments hovering around the idolatry of race-worship and derision of outsiders. As much as detractors from this argument may try to deny the existence of such sentiments, nevertheless they are as easily verifiable as the phrase "We hold these truths" is visible in the American Declaration of Independence. In reading the Talmud, (considered to be the "holy of holies" in modern Rabbinic Judaism) one finds within its pages the blueprints for radical societal reorganization so as to benefit and elevate the practitioners of Judaic extremism, and in particular those enjoying the positions of leadership. This reorganization is achieved through the process of undermining by any means available the moral fiber and stability of all existing societies for the purpose of supplanting them with an oligarchy rooted in Jewish supremacy. As such, in assaulting Christian morals over the course of the last 3 decades, Israel and her infrastructure of propaganda have succeeded in reconfiguring and rearranging Western morality so as to put it in alignment with her policies in the Middle East that would otherwise result in moral condemnation. As a result of such a process, the objective laws of right and wrong as recognized by the adherents of Christianity have had an asterisk placed next to them, noting that certain exceptions to these laws exist when they apply to the machinations of the Zionist agenda. Therefore, murdering Palestinians and reducing their existence to that of concentration camp victims is no longer murder and genocide, but rather an exception to the rule. Imperialistic ambitions, revealed in the long dreamed of Zionist plan of creating a Greater Israel which would encompass the lands of Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are given a pass as well. Modern day Christianity, (and in particular in America) has, through the Zionist agenda of obliterating the personage of Christ and his religion, suffered the obliteration of her moral compass as well. As a result, her morality remains in a state of flux, constantly changing to suit the needs of those who dictate what is considered to be of benefit or of liability to Israel's agenda in the Middle East. And it is for these reasons that American Christianity, having had its moral foundations made unstable through concerted attacks on its dogmas and sentiments can be seen embracing contradictory principles in today's age, and most notably in its support for the murderous and duplicitous state of Israel.

Christians around the world, but particularly those in America, would do well to take note of the current controversy surrounding The Passion and to consider it well. The fact that the Zionist organizations have revealed themselves for the hypocrites that they are in their arguments should induce what remains of Christianity to ponder what the real reason for such opposition is. The reality of the situation is that what is fueling this vitriolic opposition is nothing more than the same ugly, bigoted, religious extremism encompassed within the Pharisaical mindset which Christ himself condemned. The modern day remnants of Pharisaical Judaism, the New Sanhedrin, whose great great grandfathers waged a war of oppression against Christ and his band of freedom fighters have never forgiven them for having won their independence and as such are now in the process of undermining all that the war for liberation has produced. In the same manner that they plotted and schemed, bribed and threatened to erase from society the pesky and ambitious carpenter from Nazareth and his message of liberation, so too do they attempt today through the use of similar tactics.

As such, those who consider themselves Christians today and who are supporters of the Marxist state of Israel would to well for themselves by arriving at the inescapable conclusion that through their support they are helping to raise up a Beast which will at the most propitious moment devour them and their sentiments. Christianity today must, (if indeed it is not too late) wake itself from the delusion known as Christian Zionism, an unholy marriage which has been consummated in the wedding ceremony of two contradictory ideologies through an unnatural intellectual process. As such, let what remains of Christianity and its legacy of liberation from Pharisaical Judaism realize that despite all the flowery talk which the paid mouthpieces of Marxist Zionism preach with regards to the strength of the Judeo-Christian alliance, that no such alliance exists in reality. In truth it is nothing but a ploy, a Trojan Horse designed to penetrate Christianity and subvert it from within, using it as a mechanism for empowering the terrorist state of Israel while at the same time planting the seeds for Christianity's destruction, an event which will be realized when it is no longer of any use to the agenda of Zionist Marxism.

Americans who consider themselves Christian and who stand with Israel and the Mafia families which control her must at some time recognize that they cannot serve two masters. The Zionist infrastructure of propaganda in America, personified by groups such as the ADL, JDL, World Jewish Congress et al are, (if even only unofficially) arms of the same octopus of Zionist Marxism which Americans support with their tax dollars and now with the blood of their young men and women in the military. It is the same octopus which has been working diligently over the course of the last 3 decades to obliterate America's moral foundations, and is the fountain from which all the poison which presently infects her society has flowed. And finally, it must be recognized that this Beast which today enjoys the adulation of Christian Zionists is the same which is now attempting to prevent the release of what portends to be a spectacular film celebrating the dignity and divinity of the only King which America has had in her 200 year history, Jesus Christ. And let not American Christians be so naive as to try to separate the sentiments of the various Zionist groups in America from the Zionist agenda in the Middle East, for in reality they are both limbs of the same tree.

As such, let what remains of not only Christianity, but indeed the world at large, view with honest consideration what has been laid out before them and their future. Humanity is being marched into the gulag camps of apocalyptic suffering and despair, a feat accomplished only through what is willful ignorance and evasion of the truth. For Christianity, this present circumstance holds particular relevance, as it is but the continuance of events which began in her War for Independence against the tyranny of Pharisaical Judaism 2,000 years ago. As such, let a slumbering world come to the inescapable conclusion that there is no beauty in the beast known as Marxist Zionism, and that if it is not slain it will succeed in devouring all of known creation. Let the revolution not begin, but rather continue as was intended by the Author of liberty who lit that fire 2,000 years ago in the town of Jerusalem. And in the process of awakening from the delusion, let what remains of humanity nod their heads reverently towards the precepts of justice and righteousness, and begin again the struggle to live as free men, taking the first step in this revolution by asking out loud that most important and desperate question as concerns today's members of the New Sanhedrin: "What are we to do with these men?"


"The New Sanhedrin" is an excerpt of the soon to be released book entitled "No Beauty in the Beast ... Israel Without Her Mascara." Mark Glenn is also the author of "Not My Words, But Theirs ... A Christian American's Defense of Middle Eastern Culture and its People. The website for the book may be accessed at

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February 9, 2004

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