Why 357 of YOUR Public Servants Need to Go

by James Jaeger

How many Americans are aware that the Department of Homeland Security ("DHS") was modeled after Heinrich Himmler's Department of National Security, also known as the Reichssicherheitshauptamt or RSHA?

The purpose of the Nazi's department of homeland security was to incorporate all of their police departments under the central control of Hitler's Government.

If this is true -- and a review of history will confirm that it is -- why did 357 of YOUR congressmen vote to extend the funding for this Nazi growth on our Constitutional Republic?(1)

I have to chalk this up to pure ignorance, not so much malice or treason against the United States. Whatever, should these congressmen be in office? Do you as an American citizen and taxpayer want people representing you that don't even know their history -- incumbents that would permit OUR government forming and funding a department that is so anti-Constitution, it was even used by the mass-murderers of Nazi Germany? This is outrageous -- and so is the PATRIOT Act, the legislation that made all this possible!

The JudeoCorporate Mainstream Media -- FOX NEWS, CNN, MSNBC, ETC -- has suckered many Americans into the idea that we need more security in this nation -- especially in the aftermath of so-called, 9/11. It is true our government did NOT protect us on that horrible day, because they were all asleep at the switch (or, as "conspiracy theorists" say, the NeoCon-infested government stood down or caused it to happen). But it is also true that our government could not possibly HAVE protected us on 9/11. Why? Because over the past 100 years or so, the mechanisms built into our Constitutional structure have been purposely eroded by rogue politicians seeking to undermine the power and effectiveness of our system of government.

Who might you ask would want to do this and why? The answer to this question is as old as history:

In this world there are basically two types of people" -- those that believe human nature is "good" and those who believe it's "evil." The people that believe human nature is good tend to champion such things as freedom, liberty, transparency, open markets, competition and capitalism. The people that believe that human nature is evil tend to champion such things as vigilance, caution, security, regulation, verification, punishment, government oversight, cooperation and socialism.

Granted, it is wise to keep a balance of the things in both of these camps, for there ARE times when humans DO act badly, and a proper measure of regulation, verification and caution ARE needed.

But the over-riding philosophical question comes down to this: is human nature mostly good or mostly evil? Many philosophers say that human nature is mostly good, for if it were not, none of us would be here -- human civilization would have extinguished itself eons ago.

So if you agree that we are mostly good -- that is at least 51% of our individual and collective acts are good -- then you must seek to adopt social and political structures that acknowledge this fortuitous bias. If you do not acknowledge this fortuitous bias, you may be guilty of contributing to the destruction of what good we DO have in us AND you may be guilty of fostering only the evil we see in each of us -- and all over the MainStream Media.

This brings me back to the question of why would rogue politicians want to purposely undermine the power and effectiveness of our system of government? In a term: Global Empire. The mentality that believes that human nature is basically evil seeks to establish a global system of government so that freedom, liberty, transparency, open markets, competition and capitalism can be controlled and regulated -- by them.

Given this political goal -- justified by the ideology that "Man is evil thus must be globally regulated" -- the idea of a nation, where WE THE PEOPLE have declared independence and freedom, does NOT fit into the plan. It also did not fit in to the plan 240 years ago when Great Brittan was the prevailing Global Empire. In short the "Man-is-evil-mentality" attracts, and has attracted, the central planners of the world in all places and in all times and this mentality is vying for domination over the United States of America as I write.

From this perspective, the astute citizen -- who understands, or wants to better understand Constitutional principles -- should be able to see why central planners that have infiltrated the U.S. Congress and why they would opt to bring all local police forces under a common banner -- the Department of Homeland Security.

In a country like Nazi Germany, or Stalin's Soviet Union, the Department of Homeland Security is a very good idea. It's at least as good of an idea as Keynesian economics is for a totalitarian nation, at least according to Keynes himself in the German edition of his masterwork.

Fortunately the Founding Fathers devised a better way of providing homeland security than Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi regime. The Founders reasoned that, if people provided their own local security, they would do a better job than a distant group of paid thugs from Washington DC. This is why -- in four separate places -- the U.S. Constitution describes AND mandates the Militia System of the States.

Unlike DHS -- a system of central planning, attractive to totalitarian regimes -- the Militia System has the ability to provide national security in such a manner that the values treasured by GOOD people -- freedom, liberty, transparency, open markets, competition and capitalism -- can not only be preserved, but expanded. Yes, even "evil" people -- those that believe that Man is basically evil -- can be helped out of their disillusionment.

Even those that live lives of intense paranoia, solipsism and restrained hatred -- forcing them to call for endless vigilance, caution, security, regulation, verification, punishment, government oversight, cooperation and socialism -- can be helped out of their mental stupor. For in the end, even "evil" people are good beings. They have just been betrayed so many times, they are locked into a downward spiral of false conclusions and false "solutions."

So, even though 357 Congressmen that YOU accidentally voted into power MUST be removed from office -- they are NOT Nazis at heart; they are just people that have not read or understood their Constitution.


So again I ask:

How many Congressmen are aware that the Department of Homeland Security (aka "DHS") was modeled after Heinrich Himmler's Department of National Security?

How many of the 357 congressmen who voted to extend funding for the DHS are aware of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt and its purpose -- a purpose to incorporate all of the Nazi police departments under the central control of Hitler's Government?

How many Congressmen are aware that rogue politicians in DC are attempting to consolidate the nation's police into a national police force in violation of the US Constitution?

It's high time Americans that run for Congress stop supporting the Globalist Agenda and START supporting the agenda of the American Republic.

It's high time Americans that run for Congress realize that WE THE PEOPLE wrote and ratified a document called THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and this document stated that we were declaring our INDEPENDENCE from the rest of the world -- NOT our INTER-DEPENDENCE on the rest of the world.

So any time you hear a pundit, congressman, CFR-member, U.S. official or any so-called, opinion-leader use the term "interdependence" you will know that this person is either ignorant of the Declaration of Independence or in contempt of it.(2)

Any time you hear a pundit or Congressman calling for the US Military to be used as the enforcement wing of the United Nations you will know that this person is either ignorant of the Declaration of Independence or in contempt of it.

Any time you hear a pundit or Congressman attempting to "justify" the so-called "war on terror" you will know that this person is either ignorant of the Declaration of Independence or in contempt of it.

The Declaration of Independence did NOT state that: the US was supposed to have 700 - 900 military based on 140 countries around the world;

The Declaration of Independence did NOT state that: the US was supposed to have its tanks and weapons all over the Muslim World's holy lands;

The Declaration of Independence did NOT state that: American citizens should help themselves to all the Middle East oil they want and pay for it with "fiat currency" printed out of thin air;

The Declaration of Independence did NOT state that: the US was supposed to protect and supply Israel and Saudi Arabia with weapons, the later a regime that chops off more heads in a month than ISIS in a year;

The Declaration of Independence did NOT state that: the US was supposed usher in a New World Order where central planners replace the State Militia System with a Nazi-style Department of Homeland Security.

Neither the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution authorized anyone in Congress, the Executive or Judiciary to establish, promote, or take over the functions of the fifty independent State governments by bribing them with illegal fiat currency so that the Federal Government in Washington DC could abuse so many people and countries all over the world with a "full spectrum domination."

Therefore, the Department of Homeland Security -- the covert instrument that rogue politicians in Washington DC are using to usurp power from the 50 independent States in order to implement and unethical foreign policy -- MUST be de-funded and abolished.

To this end, the Federal Reserve System -- a cartel of elite, private bankers in New York City -- must also be de-funded and abolished on the grounds that it is abetting the crime of insurrection against the sovereignty of the Several States that comprise the united States of America.

The only way Americans will be able to regain a meaningful control over their government as WE THE PEOPLE is to regain control over the "power of the purse" and the "power of the sword." This means a return to the Gold Standard and a revitalization of the Militia System, respectively. Unless Americans wish to terminate the current, rogue U.S. Government -- as provided for in the Declaration of Independence -- their only option is to re-gain these two vital powers.(3)

The Globalists who seek destruction of the American Republic must be ejected from our political system and Constitutional Principles reinstated. This exercise must begin with who YOU elect to represent you in Congress. PLEASE, do NOT elect Nazis for this position. They were shown to be ineffective for Hitler so they will probably be ineffective for America.

(1) Why do I use the second-person, possessive pronoun, "YOUR," and then capitalize it? It's not to scream an insult at you -- it's to bring a point to your attention that has not seemed to sink in for the past 15 years I have been trying to make it. The point is this: even though studies show that Congress has been experiencing some of its lowest approval ratings of all time, the Congress never seems to change, or only changes its make up very subtly. It's always business as usual in DC? Why? The answer to this paradox is this: everyone seems to love THEIR congressman, and thus re-elects THEIR congressman endlessly. It's the OTHER guy's congressman they hate. So think about this, if you really want to change conditions in America you mahe to realize that, if you don't vote out YOUR congressman, and everyone fails to vote out THEIR congressman, then NOTHING is going to change. Everyone is stuck in the SAME mud. This is why I say it's YOUR congressman that's the problem. It's also MY congressman that's the problem, I realize this. But I will assure you, that realizing this, I NEVER vote for MY incumbent no matter how great they are. I also NEVER vote for anyone who does even one (1) thing in violation of the Constitution. The President has term limits on him and Congressmen need to have term limits on them as well. Power tends to entrench to the degree a government increases in size thus TO THE DEGREE THE US GOV GETS LARGER, IT NEEDS TERM LIMITS MORE. Until we have formal term limits -- which WILL happen eventually -- YOU can effectuate "term limits" at YOUR voting booth by systematically voting out all of YOUR incumbents at every election, as I will do at MY voting booth in return. This is what we ALL must do otherwise the same "dead wood" stays in YOUR-MY Congress forever. Let US wise up. For more about this and to answer the most common objection -- "but wouldn't you vote out all the good congressmen" -- see an article entitled TERM LIMITS - The First Step to Getting BaCK to Limited Government.

(2) Also, one who consistently uses the term "democracy" -- as in, "we are a democracy," is either a traitor to Constitutional principles or an ignorant Lefty who, probably being a "Democrat," can't stand to use the term "Republic" (connoting the "Republicans"), even though the Constitution itself states the guarantee that we are a "Republican" form of government. So some of the terms used by MSM pundits and rogues to promote the erosion of our country and usher in a Marxist or fascist state are not only "democracy" instead of "republic," but the Globalist's favorites, "interdependence" and "multiculturalism." Lastly, please note that one of the darling words used so often by Progressives is the word "equality". There is nothing wrong with "equality" when used in the context of RIGHTs, but when demanded in the context of RESULTS, there is a problem. The problem stems from the fact that everyone in the country simply cannot be guaranteed equal RESULTS of opportunity, meaning an equal amount of STUFF. To guarantee an equality of results -- or of stuff: things, products, cars, lamps, food, medical attention, etc.-- it requires a re-distribution of wealth. This is a problem, because such re-distribution means the state must use force to take stuff from one group of people and give it to another group of people. To do this the state, under the dictates of the poor Democrats, has legalized theft under the name of "taxation" -- but since 1913 the state, under the dictates of the rich Republicans, has invented a way of stealing back all this stolen money -- the monetization of debt, also known as the "hidden tax of inflation". The salient fact to be gleaned from this back-and-forth game is that: THE STATE PLAYS ALL SIDES OF THE GAME IN ORDER TO EXTRACT LEGITIMACY AND GAINS FROM ALL OF THE PLAYERS. See FIAT EMPIRE for more on how the rich extract wealth, and "inequality" through their central bank known as the Federal Reserve System.

(3) For further study on the issue of the Militia System and the Federal Reserve see the following books and movies available at and

The Sword and Sovereignty by Edwin Vieira, Jr.

MOLON LABE - How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom featuring Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Alex Jones and G. Edward Griffin.

By Tyranny out of Necessity by Edwin Vieira, Jr.

MIDNIGHT RIDE - When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law featuring Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes, Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Larry Pratt.

Pieces of Eight by Edwin Vieira, Jr.

FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution.

Originated: 28 February 2015
Supplemented: 01 March 2015

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