The Singularity is Creative Destruction
by James Jaeger

So you don't think the Singularity, or the prelude to the Singularity, isn't happening right now?! Have a look around.

Yesterday's financial world is crumbling.

So you don't think this will have to be removed and replaced with something better before, or AS, the Singularity happens?

What you see in the crumbling bank system is simply the universe demanding equilibrium and justice. You CAN'T base money on DEBT, it demands. You may not even be able to base money on GOLD, OIL or HUMAN EFFORT, it suggests.


Creative destruction is now happening.(0)

The overly profit-motivated corporatocracy that created NAFTA and globalization is no longer being supported by We the People of the World.(1)

  • People no longer BELIEVE in CREDIT
  • People no longer BELIEVE in DEBT
  • People no longer BELIEVE in TRICKLE-DOWN
  • People no longer BELIEVE in FREE-MARKETS
  • People no longer BELIEVE in BANKS
  • People no longer BELIEVE in FREE TRADE
  • People no longer BELIEVE in STOCKS
  • People no longer BELIEVE in BONDS
  • People no longer BELIEVE in MONEY GAMES
  • People no longer BELIEVE in WARS

  • I say, let the corporatocracy -- that continues to believe in all of the above things -- continue to melt down. In its arrogance it will never listen to anyone, or anything, EXCEPT the voice of MR. MELT. But help Mr. Melt. Boycott stocks of public corporations, for these entities only care about "STOCKHOLDER VALUE." They don't care a wit about YOU, your employment, your society or your environment.

    And they ONLY care about YOU as a consumer to the extent you CONSUME.

    The multi-national corporations of the Global Fourth Reich would rather out-source their labor rather than pay you a decent wage the past 20 years;

    These corporations would rather see you mired in endless credit card debt or lose your home from home equity default rather than miss a chance to sell you MORE;

    These corporations would rather influence politicians for special privileges and handouts than see your vote count;

    These corporations would rather be all things to all people and shotgun every useless product imaginable rather than carefully state their mission and focus on a decent set of products;

    These corporations would rather fill the box (of cereal or potato chips) only half full in order to increase their profit-margin;

    These corporations would rather have your car break over and over so you have to buy a new one instead of making a decent car that lasts;

    These corporations would rather build and sell cars that last to their over-paid executive cronies rather than allow you to enjoy the fruits of taxpayer-funded technology;

    These corporations would rather FIRE you instead of instating a small across-the-board wage cut;

    These corporations would rather FIRE you, an experienced worker, and later hire back minimum-wage employees (from Mexico) or simply send your job to China;

    These corporations would rather enrich their cronies (with 500 times more pay than employees) rather than see a middle class family survive, or God forbid, prosper;

    These corporations would rather see the world in constant wars rather than have peace and security make obsolete their jobs and profits;

    These corporations would rather destroy the environment instead of paying to clean up their own toxins and mess;

    These corporations would rather destroy the entire PLANET rather than admit that they have anything to do with global warming.

    Thus Wall Street -- and its conflict-of-interest "financial services" industry and mainstream media lap-dogs (along with the corporations that surround them as Thomas Jefferson warns) -- should be allowed to simply crash and burn.(2)

    Let the stock market DJI go to 6000, then 5000, then 4000, then 3000, then 2000, then 1000, then 0000.

    As soon as the corporatocracy reaches its TRUE shareholder value to Society -- NOTHING -- then wiser minds can re-build the civilization in a manner that more rational AI minds will appreciate and contribute to. Right now the so-called civilized world is a dog's meal of antiquated, selfish, greedy, twisted industrial systems ... all built on false economic theories (Keynes) supporting the PROFIT-MOTIVE and GOVERNMENT-REGULATION.(3)

    If the profit-motive actually worked: we would have had SOLAR energy developed and deployed by now. But the mere fact that greater profits can be milked out of oil -- no matter how bad oil is for the environment OR no matter how advantageous solar is to society -- PROVES beyond any shadow of a doubt that the "profit motive" DOES NOT SERVE CIVILIZATION ON THE WHOLE OR IN THE LONG RUN.

    This, subsequently does NOT also MEAN that REGULATION necessarily DOES serve civilization on the whole or in the long run, for the person enamored with government regulation forgets that too much government regulation flies in the face of the highest law in the Land, the U.S. Constitution. Those that forget this will be equally punished, just as the conflict-of-interest financial services industry is now being punished. Socialists and unbridaled-capitalists are BOTH bad little boys -- and to the degree they can't admit this, they are like alcoholics standing on the stage of an AA meeting trying to BS an audience that feels sorry for them.

    There is a time and a place for both FREE MARKET PROFITEERING and a time and a place for GOVERNMENT REGULATION. Rational conduct, the type of thought the Singularity and AI will bring to the table, will be able to differentiated these times and places.

    If regulation actually worked: we would still be in competition with the Soviet Union right now.

    If the profit-motive actually worked: we would have a major break through in FUSION by now.

    If regulation actually worked: fiat money would NOT have led us to the banking meltdown we currently find ourselves in.

    If the profit-motive actually worked: we would have colonized the Solar System by now.

    So, just as one has to tear down an old house in order to build a new house, PEOPLE will have to tear down the financial system built on DEBT, INTEREST and FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING replace it with a financial built on HUMAN EFFORT AND ACCOMPLISHMENT or something else. Or perhaps NO money system at all. Now THAT would be TOTAL freedom! Remember, the Axioms of Banking:

    1. If a banking system is built whereby the government issues the money, that system will primarily benefit the government.

    2. If a banking system is built whereby elite banks issue the money, that system will primarily benefit the elite banks.

    3. If a banking system is built whereby the People issue the money, that system will primarily benefit the People.(4)

    Creative destruction is all around us right now. Enjoy it, for you will build a better tomorrow -- unless you're an apologist for the current system, then you might as well "duck and cover."

    (0) See

    (1) I have resolved my hellish conflict with the profit motive. I feel there is GOOD profit motive and BAD profit motive, a discussion for some time later.

    (2) See FIAT EMPIRE at for context of Thomas Jefferson quote.

    (3) I am also working on a resolution for my hellish conflict with the nature of REGULATION, its benefits, liabilities and vagaries.


    01 March 2009

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