STUPID WHITE MEN - A Letter to Michael Moore
by James Jaeger


I have finished your new book, STUPID WHITE MEN, and, with the exception of one item, I basically agreed with everything in the book and feel it's an important work with good solid references. It deserves to be #3 on the New York Times bestseller list, #1 on the Publisher's Weekly nonfiction bestseller list and #1 for all books on Every American that claims to be a patriot needs to read this book.

I am AMAZED to see your courageous dissent on our policies regarding Israel. I think what you said about BOTH the Palestinians and the Israelis was fair and BALANCED and your resolution of the conflict was pure genius. I can see that you are MUCH less of a Hollywood apologist than I had given you credit for (as Warner Bros. is run by quite a few people who blindly support Israel and shun anyone who would utter differently, see for details). If the money the United States Citizens give Israel each year, some $3,000,000,000, were CONTINGENT upon the actual DELIVERY of sustained PEACE -- we would see some change -- and you can bet on that one. In your words: "Congress should inform Israel that it has thirty days to end the bloodshed perpetrated in its/our name -- or we cut off the entire $3 billion."

As far as the other side of the conflict, I hope President Arafat will read your open letter to him and DO all that you suggest in your two points, one calling for "general mass nonviolent civil disobedience" (as done by Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela) and, the other, a "general strike" on labor provided by the Palestinians to the Israelis at "substandard wages."

That said, the one thing I disagreed with you on is your position on gun control. I think your heart is in the right place -- that you are looking for ways to mitigate all the gun-related accidents and guns getting into the wrong hands -- but, as valid as this motive is, it's NOT the bigger picture, and creates a serious liability for all Americans. The bigger picture encompasses the reasons the Framers wanted a citizenry to have guns: to safeguard against a tyrannical government that would violate the principals in the Constitution, should one develop at any time in the future. This is the ONLY real ABSOLUTE check and balance 277,000,000 American citizens have against an artificial entity, a government, which has been entrusted with the resources of the People.

Throughout chapter one, "A Very American Coup," of your book, you say George W. Bush is NOT the duly elected president of the United States, call him "commander-in-thief" and his administration a "junta." You acknowledge that we give the military $250 billion dollars each year to build all manner of lethal weapons and you acknowledge that we already have 24,424 earth-demolishing nuclear war heads in the stockpile. You imply, on page 214, that we are, in fact, at the point of, or past the point of tyranny, when you say "Friends, when are we going to stop kidding ourselves? Clinton, and most other contemporary Democrats, did not and will not do what is best for us or the world we live in. We don't pay their bill -- the top 10 percent do, and it is their will that will always be done. I know you already know this; it's just hard to say it because the alternative looks much like . . . Dick Cheney." Lastly, you say on page 208 that "We live in a society that rewards and honors corporate gangsters -- corporate leaders who directly and indirectly plunder the earth's resources and look out for the shareholders' profits above all else while subjecting the poor to a random and brutal system of "justice." So given all this Michael, and given it's all true, HOW can you justify DIS-arming the citizenry? MAKES NO SENSE! You want us to be disarmed so we can be victimized by all of the above seeming tyranny? The question, 'Who are your really working for?' must be raised, as I can't believe a guy as seemingly intelligent as you, who has correctly analyzed all of the OTHER situations, would get this one vital issue on gun control so completely wrong. If the Citizens completely lose control of their government, then THERE IS NO RECOURSE.

You have spent AN ENTIRE BOOK explaining how "stupid white men," in both political parties, are now running our government to the dictates and cash of other "stupid white men" in suits, yet the WORD tyranny does not even APPEAR in your book once. It's difficult to believe that you don't comprehend the Founding Father's intentions, or the idea, that if left unchecked by an armed citizenry, THESE STUPID WHITE MEN COULD, AND MOST LIKELY WOULD, EVOLVE QUICKLY INTO A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT? Thus, as the Founders of our nation correctly stipulate in the Constitution: the citizenry MUST, at all costs, remained armed. Yet on page 77 you state "You don't need a gun." You justify this statement by saying that "The idea that having a gun is the only way to ensure "home protection" is a myth." Michael, the handguns are NOT for the burglars, they're for government officials who would represent a tyrannical government. Duh. What you, and the others that are trying to dis-arm the nation are trying to do is a) point to all the gun-related accidents and crimes and then b) use this is as your "reason" why citizens must not have guns. People that push this line NEVER, EVER mention a) the idea of protecting against a tyrannical government and b) that it IS THE FOUNDERS' INTENTION THAT THE PEOPLE BE ARMED SO THAT THEY CAN OVER THROW THEIR GOVERNMENT IF THAT GOVERNMENT GOES TYRANNICAL (I.E., FAILS TO UPHOLD THE LETTER OF THE CONSTITUTION). People that don't get this, or who don't agree with it are known as a) socialists, b) communists or c) idiots. I hope you are none of these masquerading in the sheep's clothing of "popular reform" because your inconsistent stand on this one very pivotal issue -- gun control -- makes you seem like a fraud. The only thing that I can imagine is that your paymasters at WARNER BROS. (or AOL-Time-Warner, the parent corporation), are coercing you to take this stand -- because it's a well-known fact that this corporation is one of the major media problem-corporations, as discussed in the book, "IT'S THE MEDIA, STUPID." The MEDIA IS THE ISSUE because the media, which gets invaluable public airways given to it FREE by the government, is obviously in bed with the government as this same MEDIA grants the major air-time that the gov officials need in order to get elected. Thus, we have to conclude that AOL-Time Warner has indoctrinated this gun-control agenda in your rhetoric in the hopes that your "popular" influence will help with their agenda of "citizenry disarmament" -- which, were that to ever occur, it would only be a matter of time that all liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution would be forever lost, as you well know, being a so-called mensa.

The deaths that would result from an unbridled tyrannical government in the face of an unarmed, or semi-armed, Citizenry would make any and all gun-related accidents shrink to insignificance. Look what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany who were unarmed in the face of a tyrannical government. THIS should be a lesson to every one, especially the Jewish people today. (See

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