As the Corporatocracy Melts
by James Jaeger

Isn't it fascinating watching this stock market drop more every day -- the corporatocracy melting into oblivion!

I'm sorry for you if you are loosing money, but frankly you deserve to if you were in there supporting this criminal, anti-Constitutional, pro-NAFTA corporatocracy looking for a little STOCKHOLDER VALUE with no concern for society.

What we actually see unfolding before us is the world's EQUITY being siphoned into the world's DEBT service. In other words, the corporatocracy, which has been borrowing fiat money at artificially low interest rates for decades -- instead of financing their expansion with capital formation -- is now paying the piper. It has used this fiat money to build unjust enrichment for its manager class and for its stockholders. Since the Federal Reserve System is built on monetized debt -- as we have been discussing here for 10 years -- the system is a HUGE ponzi scheme. The corporations are now getting caught up in this ponzi.

Meanwhile the bankers, who are quite aware of all this at the highest levels, are busy confiscating all the assets they can. They are, in essence, sucking the blood out of the lumpin public through these "bailout" and "stimulation" injections of yet more fiat money, all authorized by a young, aspiring president who is clueless to their machinations, machinations the bankers have practiced and polished for centuries.

So what you will witness next in MELTDOWN 101 as it continues, is the banks scrambling for the hard assets. They are now picking over all the real estate assets that THEY, and the corporations that surround them (as Jefferson would say) have foreclosed on. This is the banker at his daily work, stealing real estate under the guise of "providing credit."

Next the banks will start to suck up all the corporate assets they can get their hands on. And they will use their lap-dog government to do this under the guise of nationalization or FDIC reorganization. This should be fun, sort of a game of VAMPIRE BANKS vs. ZOMBIE CORPORATIONS. Of course the talking idiots in the media have it backwards.

So we give another 30 billion to AIG so it can insure a game of musical chairs. Now is that wise?

Lou Dobbs said something brilliant tonight (without realizing it was brilliant). He said: "When will the Congress stop working for the banks?"

So if you AI freaks ever want to see your Singularity, now is the time. Now is the time to start modeling a new financial system, a system that works for the good of all. For the past 5,000 years financial systems have been engineered by governments and bankers. I hope you can see where THIS has lead. MONEY is an energy flow. Only the scientist is QUALIFIED to understand it and engineer its proper allocation. The greedy, psychopathic morons that have been engineering our world's energy flows the past five millennia have done nothing but ruin billions of lives and retarded the advance of civilization for probably 2,000 years. It's time for BIG change!

03 March 2009

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