MONEY?! In a Post-Singularity World?
by James Jaeger

Money, or what's known as a "medium of exchange," is just one step on the way to "free exchange."

Consider this: why do we have money, a medium of exchange? Well, we have it to SUBSTITUTE for the actual products/services we are bartering with society for the wherewithal of our survival. In other words, the purpose of so-called money is to RATION (scarce) products amongst the inhabitants of that society. A ration system is little other than a score-keeping system. We use MONEY to keep score as to basically:

1. Who produced what;
2. Who gets what;
3. Who has what;
4. Who owes what;
5. Who wants what.

All rations, all scores.

Now, fast forward to a post-Singularity world which has the following attributes:

1. The ability to manufacture any product, on-demand, from any clump of matter;

2. Fusion reactors supplying unlimited liquid and electrical power to that civilization;

3. All humans involved in work which each human enjoys doing, not work s/he is forced to do to "make a living" or cater to "society."

In other words: we go from a society of slave laborers forced to make products for OTHER people because THEY "need and want" them, to a society of infinite power, creativity staffed with people who are inventing and creating products and services that not only they find interesting and useful, but various segments of society will inevitably find interesting and useful -- even more so because almost every invention that was transcendent, society had NO IDEA it "needed and wanted" it. The PC is a perfect example.

We thus go from a society that is limited by it's own COLLECTIVE-think, to a society of infinite and diverse INDIVIDUAL creation.

We go from a society that has an unnecessary 25 slightly "different" toast poppers (for "choice"), to a society that has CONVERGED technology on the 5 best, most functional, aesthetic and reliable toast poppers and NOW has time and resources to create 20 completely DIFFERENT and new products, products INVENTED by creative, free people exploring the wonders of the Universe on their own volition, NOT because they're greedy, scum EMPLOYER is giving them a PAYcheck.

So, I'm "working" in this post-Singularity civilization, with unlimited energy and the ability to NANOFACTURE anything I can design, and YOU wanna keep score with ragged scraps of paper? I'm totally willing to GIVE you any products I create, because the JOY was in creating them AND gaining FURTHER joy in seeing you use and delight in my creations. But you want the pieces of PAPER? You want a MEDIUM of exchange, not just EXCHANGE? You wanna bring scum-sucking BANKS and force-insane GOVERNMENTS in between our personal and loving, being to being FREE EXCHANGE of our creations?

Like me, you are doing exactly what you want and enjoying your work so much, it's not a job, its an honor. Again, I ask, you wanna bring MONEY into this free exchange? Scum money? You think we are all going to KEEP SCORE in this society? Please, only the idiots that can't detach themselves from their so-called MEDIUM-OF-EXCHANGE training wheels will continue with scum MONEY. And they will soon enough die out.

To the degree a civilization uses MONEY to keep score over its productivity, it HAS no real productivity, just a bunch of warring tribes of selfish, greedy pigs. Welcome to Planet Earth and its MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE "system."

09 August 2008

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