What Meat-Eaters Can Do
by James Jaeger

The assessment that we are omnivores and thus designed to eat meat, is not entirely true.

One can enjoy a good cut of roast beef now and then, but only as long as such affinity doesn't cloud their judgment.

If we are omnivores, it's only because we have evolved from the oldest blood type, type O (meat-eaters only) to the most recent blood type A-B. When humans invented agriculture, their blood type evolved to type A and then with the advent of dairy, type B came in.

The fact that we have small canine teeth is just a left-over as we now have large molars for grinding grain and nuts. Teeth in front are for biting apples and fruits. Thus the canines are evolving out.

Also, the intestines of modern-day homo sapiens are not developed for digesting meat as they are so long (almost a football field) that the meat often putrefies by the time it gets to the end. On the other hand, dogs (that never developed agriculture) still have relatively short intestines for processing meat. The putrefied meat that sits in the mid-sections of millions of Americans (and Canadians) causes colon cancer. Studies have shown that populations with high meat intake have high rates of colon cancer.

According to Neal Barnard, MD and president of the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine:

"The beef industry has contributed to more deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters and all automobile accidents combined."

Thus it's no wonder that according to the largest study of diet and health in modern history, under T. Coin Campbell, director of the China Health Project "Vegetarians live longer lives."

Besides being bad for the individual, eating meat is bad for the environment. Here are the facts:

  • It takes 55 Square Feet of tropical rain forest to produce a 4 ounce hamburger.

  • Each pound of beef requires 11 pounds of grain to produce.

  • Thus a meat-eater, over the course of one year, will require 3.25 acres of land to produce the feed stock to feed the cattle to produce their meat.

  • On the other hand, a vegetarian only requires 1/2 acre of land per year.

    So even though you and I, and millions of others may like meat, the stats show it's not really a good thing for the economy, the environment, the animals or nation's health.

    Given that we are into a massive health care crises, the first thing all citizens could do is sacrifice their or attenuate their meat intake. This would lead to improved health and a better use of dwindling natural resources which would also help the economy rebound.

    26 April 2009

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