Is Plasma Fusion Finally Here?

by James Jaeger

Elon Musk wants to establish a network of 4,000 geosynchronous satellites to provide high-speed internet access anywhere on Earth. He then wants to use the proceeds from this venture to fund the establishment of Mars City. See article at

But here's why Robert Zubrin and Elon, Musk work together.

Controlled nuclear fusion expands humanity's potential energy resources indefinitely. One gallon of sea water contains enough deuterium that, when fused, has the energy-content obtained by burning 350 gallons of gasoline. This means that Earth's fusion resources are 500,000 times greater than its fission resources and 100 million times greater than its known fossil-fuel resources.

Bear in mind that, once we have controlled fusion, we will also be able to make as much liquid fuel -- methanol, for instance -- as we want.

And by using the intense heat generated in the fusion reaction (100 million degrees Celsius) we will be able to "flash" any kind of rock, scrap or waste into its constituent elements which can then be re-assembled into any material object desired. The later alone would put an end to the possibility of exhausting any of Earth's resources and thus remedy the problem of scarcity, along with all conflict associated with same.

But one of fusion's most important gifts in the founding of Mars City is the fact that fusion power makes possible rocket engines that are orders of magnitude faster than the chemical engines used today. This means Mars is easily within our reach and so are new star systems. Fusion also guarantees an endless supply of heat, liquid and electrical energy once Mars City is established.

But let me just say this: Mars City is probably not going to happen until fusion has happened. And the good news is: sustained plasma fusion HAS finally happened (but is being kept secret by the world's power elite).

Why do I say this when no one else has said it and I cannot yet prove it's true? I say it because of the circumstantial evidence.

If one carefully examines the progress of the world's controlled fusion projects one will note that between 1965 and 2010 the Lawson parameter has increased by a factor of 10,000. Robert Zubrin states on page 152 of his book, Merchants of Despair, that "a further increase of a factor of 6 will take us into ignition." Given that Zubrin made this prediction in 2010 and it is now 2015, I firmly believe we reached ignition somewhere between 2010 and 2015. If I am correct, this changes everything, as noted above.

Ignition means fusion is sustained. It is sustained not by pumping laser energy into the tokomak, but by the actual fusion of deuterium atoms. Given the fact that no material can withstand the heat generated by a plasma, such a reaction must take place within a "magnetic" walled chamber. Such a chamber keeps the super-hot plasma from touching anything that would cool it down or be instantly destroyed through contact.

If one thinks about it, it's a no-brainer that the most natural place for plasma fusion to take place would be in Earth orbit or zero-gravity space. This would be a good use for the rocket systems being developed by Elon Musk, and for all we know, Zubrin and Musk have already thought of this and are exploring it.

The anti-humanist, no-dream, mud-centric beings of this world will hate all this good news. They will use their governments, statist mentalities, wars and other such "necessities" to stop these dreams. But are we going to let them?

Of course not. Technology will prevail no matter what and ultimately technology is senior to all other human endeavors. Governments would not even exist, could not exist, if it were not for technology and the scientists that give them weapons.

Once FUSION, or even SOLAR is out of the bag, "the OPEC nations' possession of the world's oil reserves will give them as much influence over the human future as they currently derive from their monopoly of camel milk," as rocket scientist, Robert Zubrin quips.

I might add that the sooner the WE THE PEOPLE of the World demand the deployment of FUSION, SOLAR and the GLOBAL INTERNET envisioned by Elon Musk, the sooner wars will have no purpose.

The sooner wars have no purpose, the sooner they will cease. The sooner they cease, the sooner people will realize that they need better global MANAGEMENT, not endlessly more "GOVERNANCE," as the power elite now likes to call their fledgling global government.

People do not want to be GOVERNED as G. Edward Griffin says. And people only need PROTECTION from the GOVERNED because the governed always experience scarcity as well as the manufactured hostility and insanity of the state. The reason they experience scarcity is because government is in competition with the resources of people and governments use force to steal (taxation) and plunder (war) whatever they want in the name of "security" and "protection."

Technology -- especially FUSION technology -- sets people free from all this barbarism. It opens the door to a civilization where people no longer NEED the "security" provided by government thugs. The "security" provided by governments is replaced by REAL security, not artificial security.

Real security is the security of abundant heat, abundant electricity, abundant liquid fuel, abundant materials and abundant travel to new places that will stimulate the development the mind and a new branch of human civilization.

Zubrin and Musk -- along with the help of billions -- will build Mars City, and Mars City will be powered by the energy of the future -- plasma fusion. The Singularity will then happen somewhere in the Solar System, but probably not Earth.

20 January 2015

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