The Manifestations of Existence
by James Jaeger

Frequencies of Repetition

Perhaps Existence manifests itself according to the repetition of various forces. If the coagulation of matter to itself causes vacuum (due to the force of gravity diminishing, as it is doing through out the physical Universe), space may evaporate or decay into the electromagnetic phenomena. Thus the reason electromagnetic waves traverse space so well, and this includes light, is because space and electromagnetic phenomena are reciprocal entities and gravity and matter are reciprocal entities. Thus the actual phenomena of Existence itself, may manifests itself in these stages:

Zero Repetition Zero repetition producers Point-Space. Anomalies in the microwave radiation were caused by point-space decaying into the 3-Space. This residual Point-Space is what gives shape to the structures we see in 3-Space called Super Strands.

Fast or Slow Repetition

Fast or slow Repetition produces 3-Space. The transition from infinite repetition to finite repetition, causes the appearance of 3-Space, which is both finite and infinite depending on causal vector of existence for the given Universe,

Light Speed Repetition

Light Speed repetition produces microcosmic matter such as the following:

o molecules - electromagnetic force
o atoms
o nucleus/electrons - nuclear force
o neutrons/protons
o sub-atomic particles - small nuclear force

Light does not "travel" from point A to point B at some velocity (usually thought of as 186,000 miles per second), light is already at point A and point B, because space and electromagnetic phenomena are reciprocal entities. In other words, where ever you have space - you automatically have light, with no travel necessary.

This is why it seems that one cannot travel any faster that the speed of light. What is happening with the excess energy that is applied to a body being accelerated is the energy is being converted into more space, not more mass. And this increase in space is the space between the subatomic particles. Since the point-space here is increasing, it gives the appearance that the mass is getting larger.

Since the Universe has residual velocity connected with all its elements, there is a constant conversion of velocity/energy into more point-space. The atoms expanding relative to each other give the appearance that the "Universe is expanding," hence we see the red shift everywhere.

The red shift connotes a shift in frequency from a higher to lower. In other words a shift in repletion of existence. Infinite repetition is the same as zero repetition.

Infinite Repetition

Infinite repetition produces macroscopic matter such as the following:

  • microwave background radiation (which is the proto-gravity field)
  • super strands
  • galactic clusters
  • galaxies
  • stars - gravity
  • dark bodies

For all practical purposes, 1 cycle per second is the same as 1 trillion cycles per second. Practical purposes means here that there is greater difference between infinite repetition and finite repetition, than there is between 1 cycle per second and 1 trillion cycles per second. This fact gives the phenomena perceived on the atomic scale.

Standard Velocity

If so maybe Existence, which has infinite repetition, is the same as existence which has zero repetition.

And Space, which has infinite repetition, is the same as space which has zero repetition.

And Energy, which has infinite repetition, is the same as Energy which has zero repetition.

And Matter, which has infinite repetition, is the same as matter which has zero repetition.

Thus all existence (and its decayed states of space, energy and matter), may move relative to everything else at the same velocity. In other words, nothing travels faster or slower than anything else in Space hence all matter in the physical Universe is exactly the same size and technically in the same Space - a non-locality exactly like a hologram.

Standard Size, Standard Location

A star has an absolute size no larger or smaller than a diamond ring, for instance. Their dimensions are exactly the same and the location of all entities in the known Universe can be found in each separate part of that Universe. Just as DNA is found in each cell of the organism and the complete image is found in every part of the hologram, each entity in the Universe is

contained in each part of the Universe.

I is view point of existence which gives the appearance of size and location. Thus space is a viewpoint of dimension as L. Ron Hubbard first put it 40 years ago.


The age old question: is the seat of consciousness interior or exterior to the cerebral cortex? In other words, does matter create mind or does mind create matter? Duality. Perhaps neither are true, or perhaps both are true, or perhaps there is some third possibility whereby both are neither true or false.

If one's thoughts are simply the recombination of input data gathered through life's experiences, then the sum of such recombination is finite or infinite depending on how you define the terms of life.

Perhaps life is just what we do to waist time while we exist forever. I honestly don't think the concept of life has ever been properly defined. This may be part of the reason why we have so many varying opinions on the concept of death.

If one considers that one is alive, then the phenomena of life should be one that is more easily studied than the concept of death since we have it's manifestations available to our senses.

Perhaps the entire phenomenon and mystery of the physical Universe is simply a manifestation of Homo Sapiens lack of knowledge about himself or life. Are we life or is life us? Perhaps we are the only phenomena known as "life" in existence and other than us existence has no life.

Human Experience

The most senior considerations a sentient Being can have are philosophic because it is philosophy which creates and causes all other systems of thought (belief systems) such as science, religion and technology.

This is how space (hence all celestial mechanics) are thus related to the field of human experience. At this point of consideration, the subjects of philosophy and science are combined because science is a sub-study of philosophy. The reason for this is the fact that in order to do "science" one must have far more tools. The minimum number of tools one must have are matter, energy and space.

If one says that in order to do philosophy one must have a brain, which is matter, energy and space, he or she might be reminded that what we are talking about is an era where matter, energy and space were not yet invented.

As of this date, 07 December 1994, prolegomena to any future discussion of such an era must utilize some other method of perception.

Opinions + Truth = Agreement

Since the above are my instantaneous Personal Truths, also known as "Opinions," it does not really matter whether or not what I say is true from your point of view other than for the purpose of gaining agreement between us.

In fact you being you, and me being me, almost guarantees that you will disagree with that is said here. Such is the beauty of opinion. In other words, fuck you if you disagree - these are my opinions and I don't have to state any reason for them unless I want too.

What makes you think that the data you have sucked out of the 418 books you have read in

the last while is any more valid than the data I have sucked out of my different 418 books in my last while.

People who think something is true because Scientific American magazine or the New York Times printed it are stupid blind followers of a cult called Civilization. This Cult is also known as Modern Mainstream Scientific Thought and the Real World, etc. I absolutely guarantee that every word you read today in these cult's propaganda sheets will be quaint in the year 10,000 if not much sooner.

Agreement = Reality

It was L. Ron Hubbard that first defined "Reality" as "the agreed upon appearance of existence."

70% to 90% of what you know, I will wager, you have received from dead sources. In other words, you read something that was written by a writer who assembled data from other things he read and these "sources" were in turn assembled by other earlier writers that assembled data from similar dead sources.

Thus about 80% of what you know to be true is dead horseshit.

This dead horseshit we call "news" and "knowledge" and "information" floats all over the civilization on the information superhighways to nowhere. After you have heard a bit of information on CNN, then read it in your Wall Street Journal and then heard a friend mention it around the pool, you figure - it must be true.

Therefore you go into agreement with it. As everybody around you does the same thing, they get an idea of apparently what must be true, what must exist. Thus reality becomes the agreed upon appearance of existence. In other words the horseshit nobody dares deny.

Thus my opinions are probably as good as your horseshit.

Thus . . . these are my opinions about what I have observed in the experience called Life and the mere fact that these opinions arose from my mind on their own volition, and not necessarily

by any causative or voluntary act on my part, gives them a certain type of validity that is equal to the validity such same, or different, opinions would have having originated from your mind. The fact that they originated on their own volition means they have existence ipso facto, and thus, have a certain validity independent of that all other beings have adopted as their reality or their common agreement with the way they think things are.

Reality = Truth - Opinions

The only truth one might have is that they might exist. Something like cogito ergo sum. Hence TRUTH is that which, in the opinion of the cognitive, EXISTS. Truth has nothing to do with how molecules are aligned into a datum and how data is are aligned into knowledge.

When truth is reduced to the condition that it must be a self referencing phenomena, a belief system has been created which excludes all outside advances, hair-brained conjectures and brilliant insights. Thus truth, like the concept of supply and demand, is a sick, or perverted, concept most of the time. In fact truth really does not exist at all. Only existence, exists at all,and that is subject to question for the simple fact that we have decided that we can ask questions - desperate little murmurs to the Supreme Being for another drop of understanding in his desert of all knowledge.

The deeper one knows or agrees with a given belief system's "truths," such as science or religion, the less one can agree with all other possible belief systems.

The opinions of mine which you agree with form our "reality." Hence if enough people agree with any set of opinions, it forms an economic system which then gives way to a political system for all a political system or any government is a plumbing network to direct and inhibit money flow for the purpose of creating fear in a population.

In an effort to be agreeable, people will always confirm your reality - even if it is a negative reality. Hence we get negative manifestations of economics and government that "must" be addressed.

13 April 1992

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