Liabilities of Corps, Govs & Military Service
by James Jaeger

There is nothing wrong with a corporation as an organizing entity. The corporate structure was devised to provide ownership transferability, continuity of business life and limited liability.

Ownership transferability is great. Unlike a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a limited partnership, corporate shares of ownership are readily transferable. Continuity of life is great too as the corporation never "dies" even when its owners (shareholders) die. Business goes on uninterrupted by the disease known as "death."

BUT limited liability is only good so far. The basic idea behind limited liability is that the shareholders of a corporation (a regular C corporation) are only liable up to the value of their investment. If you invest $10,000 in ABC Corp and ABC Corp runs up $1 million in debt it can't pay back, the banks can't come after you for your house or other assets if the corp runs out of money to service the debt or repay the loan. Thus you liability is limited to the $10,000 you invested. That's all good, because without limited liability, people would be much more hesitant to invest money in businesses.

The downside to corporate liability limitations is that the owners and officers of corporations often get away with damaging the environment and others and simply hide behind the "corporate veil." As a result, we now have all sorts of corporations "externalizing" their pollution on the greater environment. This means the public/taxpayer usually picks up the bill to clean the mess created by the corp while producing its products.

Also, governments are similar to corporations in that they share even more limited liability. They are not only allowed to take money from their shareholders (citizens) by force (i.e., taxation and fiat money), but they can use that money to inflict far more damage on the environment AND (young) people in the form of wars. Gov corps are free to mass-murder anyone they wish and the only "liability" their officers (elected officials) will be exposed to is getting voted out of office or getting destroyed by another Gov-corp that has the same attitude and "rights." Of course gov-corps HAVE no such rights, nor any rights to even EXIST, and the gov "officials" that started the wars have no right to be protected in underground bunkers.

Given the freedoms, insulation and lack of results gov-corps enjoy, is it any wonder the most incompetent, unable people in the world are attracted to government "service"? Is it any wonder the biggest psychopathic, power-hungry liars and killers in the world are attracted to government office? In these gov-"corporations" this mentality can not only steal, cheat and demolish the environment, but get away with the mass murder of millions through the device known as "war." As a current example, look what George Bush has gotten away with. He lies to start a war which will benefit his buddies in the big oil corporations and then he sentences thousands of young American boys to die fighting this war while killing as many as a million young Iraqi boys. U.S. cits, get ready: there WILL be future blood for this atrocity that you allowed to happen.

Yes, corporations and gov corps are some of the sickest and most demented devices ever dreamed up by the MONEY MENTALITY. Hopefully AI will mass-exterminate all those that participate in and/or advocate these systems as the world needs to get rid of this scum before it can rise to greater heights.

If the voting public insisted on creating a law that required the minimum age for participation in military service be raised to 35, I bet you would never see a war again. But the way it is now, society sends its youngest and dumbest members to do its most bloody and heinous deeds. And then, to "justify" it all, these sick-fuck parents and the sicker-fuck military machine and mainstream MEDIA-indoctrinated "cits" pat the kids on the back and say: "Good boy, you are fighting for your country; here's a medal."

All this PROVES "mothers" and "fathers" don't love or care about their children -- as they feed them into the meat-grinder called "serving your country." That's right, the country SERVES ground up young soldier-hamburgers with every fiat dollar it allows the Congress-Fed cabal to generate.

Any "parent" that allows their 18 year old kid to go fight a war that they don't understand except superficially, is SCUM. MOST people under 25 - 35 don't understand geo-politics yet, thus they are unqualified to give proper consent to fight wars OVER geopolitical issues. The millions of scum-fuck "parents" out there who horrifyingly abuse the youth by requiring, allowing and/or condoning their participation in lethal, geo-political activities STARTED and continued by people MOSTLY over 35 years old, comes down to MASS ABUSE AND GOVERNMENT-SANCTIONED MURDER OF THE YOUTH AND NEXT GENERATION. Is it any wonder this world has NEVER had any "peace" that hasn't had to be enforced by weapons and/or force?

You want to know the real reason for the Fermi Paradox? No other civilization in the universe WANTS to communicate with a species that's so disgustingly demented.

03 August 2008

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