Why Jesus Was a Genius
by James Jaeger

Government is either external or internal. When it's external it's called the STATE. When it's internal it's called the CHURCH. Take your pick, both are subject to insanity.

If a rational and universally agreed-upon code of ethics could be internalized, I would take that to STATE control any day. I believe advanced societies in the Universe probably operate upon such principles. After all, civil laws are basically religious laws that have been codified and adopted by the state. Problem with state control is it's top-down management, not distributed. So you really only have anarchy when there is NO internalized code of ethics or there is none that is universally agreed on. I think this is what the great religious leaders have been trying to say.

The specific teachings of Jesus Christ are however different in that this CHURCH was wise enough to realize that people will not be able to actually codify a universal law and then live by it. Thus, "doing good works" are NOT the requirement for salvation.(1) This thought, in my opinion, was an improvement on Judeo thought which required that people follow endless moral laws. This idea, this requirement, is what turns most people off to religion. It's what turned me off to Scientology, for instance. Scientology, like Judaism, has endless laws and policies you must follow. The pure genius of Jesus is that he realized that, no matter what laws or rules or policies you give humans, they will NEVER be able to follow them effectively, especially in their current degraded state. Thus it's folly to even attempt this, yet all the other religions do. Jesus therefore constructed only one simple first step for all humans: just acknowledge that he was SENT to this planet from a Supreme Being and he is who he says he is.(2) This simple acknowledgement is all one needs to do in Christianity to be on the road to higher knowledge, as well as immortality.(3)

If you look at the rational logic of all this, it's clearly the most sane religion, when PROPERLY practiced, i.e., as JESUS would practice it NOT as a CHURCH, subject to human interpretation, would dictate. Jesus was cool, churches and organized religions are often insane.

(1) The Nazis thought they were doing good works.

(2) As they might say in Scientology: This is the Human races "stable datum" or the "first book" everyone is supposed to read.

(3) Consider you are the Supreme Being, and you have many worlds to manage. You send your agent to Earth. That agent is Jesus, who happens to also be your son (i.e., an entity that is "related" to you). You know these humans are stupid, greedy, sex-crazed idiots and morons. You know they lust for blood, hate each other, kill each other, fail to appreciate the universe, degrade the natural world, ignore good reason, etc. -- you as the Supreme Being KNOW all this. So what are you going to do - send them a bunch of laws and hope THESE PROFLIGATES follow them?! Of course not, that would be ridiculous! You are going to first PUT IN A COMMUNICATION LINE. And to do that you are going to give them just one small thing to accomplish, something even a moron can do. That one small thing to do is to simply acknowledge that YOU, GOD, exist and that universal attention is being allocated to the world at this time, via an agent named Jesus. Only after that comm line is in place, will and can actual commands and benefits flow. So, the logic of Christianity is actually impeccable when one looks at it from the Supreme Being's POV, or what small portion of such POV a human is capable of comprehending.

26 October 2006

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