Is the Universe Trying to Tell Us Something?

by James Jaeger

Whenever "fringe" topics are engaged by people like Turing, Vinge and Church, the hivemind of the scientific community bleats, "pseudoscience" -- and snubs the hypotheses as one would flick off a dead insect.

What you are witnessing was discussed by Aguste Comte in his work, THE POSITIVE PHILOSOPHY, over 100 years ago.

In short, we have bred a culture of specialists who can't see the forest for the trees. Perfect examples of this breed abound for such will poo-poo interstellar space exploration because it's not already in their high school text books.

Worse, the 21st Century "mind" -- typified by many of today's scientists -- has accepted empiricism as God. Forget REASON and forget INTUITION, knowledge can only be had through EXPERIENCE. These have brainwashed by the best: Aguste Comte.

The religion of science that broadband-challenged mentalities practice arrogates themselves to the high-priesthood of justified intolerance, for anything that even smells "pseudoscientific" must BE pseudoscientific. In other words, if it does not fit in with the rubric of established "reality," it's summarily rejected.

This is circular logic at its best (or worst, however you want to look at it). Make the circle large enough and it seems like a straight line.

Indeed we are in a technological AND intellectual Dark Age, only THIS Dark Age might be called the Age of Stagnation. All of science on Earth has stagnated because we have no frontier shock, as Robert Zubrin discusses in ENTERING SPACE. But it's particularly daunting this time because we, as a planetary civilization, are burning up our resources faster than ever before. If we fail to close this world as a Type I Civilization and matriculate onto a Class II, we may forfeit our chances forever. This is probably the real cause of the Fermi Paradox: civilizations burn up their terawatts of planetary fuel before tapping into the terawatts of fuel available in the rest of their stellar system.

Remember, the fuel we will inevitably need to get to the nearest star systems is Helium-3. Helium-3 has the highest energy-to-mass ratio of any reaction found in nature. More specifically, the Deuterium-Helium-3 reaction (D-He3 reaction) is much cleaner than the Deuterium-Deuterium reaction because the later eats away at the walls of the outer fusion chamber.

But here's the joker: there's no Helium-3 on Earth. The closest place we can find Helium-3 is on the Moon. We thus will HAVE to explore and set up mining colonies there -- and the sooner the better. We will eventually need this helium-3 because Earth civilization will be burning over 200 terawatts of energy per year by 2100 and we only have 202 terawatt-years (TWYs) of oil; 790 TWYs of coal; 206 TWYs of conventional natural gas; 24,000 TWYs of methane hydrate natural gas and 685 TWYs of fissionable material without reprocessing. The Moon, on the other hand gives us 10,000 TWYs of helium-3 which we will need to become a full Type II Civilization.

We will need this 10,000 terawatt-years of Helium-3 for large nuclear/electric propulsion engines (and eventually fusion engines) that will be necessary to mine the Gas Giants, starting with Jupiter.

The Gas Giants are the Persian Gulf of the Solar System when it comes to Helium-3.

Jupiter alone has 5,600,000,000 terawatt-years of Helium-3, enough fuel to not only handle Earth's energy problem for millennia, but enough energy to explore and settle the entire Solar System. More importantly, this is the only way we presently know how to GET OUT of this Solar System and become a Type III, star-faring civilization.

We'll need to mine the other Gas Giants for their 8.3 billion terawatt-years of Helium-3 because we'll need a lot of this to power the super nuclear powered rocket engines that will be capable of getting us up to at least 5% of the speed of light.

So it's obvious, the Universe has laid out all the resources we need to take each baby-step in our civilization's evolution to Type II and Type III. All we have to do is keep the ignorant and destructive MORONS off our backs long enough to get things done and meet targets. And foremost to get done is the development of plasma fusion technology.

If REASON doesn't tell you this is so, shouldn't your INTUITION?

23 January 2012

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