Palestinian Control of Hollywood
by JJ Baker

Imagine that three individuals of Palestinian heritage built to power NBC, ABC, and CBS -- positions that were central in the shaping of American society. Imagine also that Palestinians ruled over virtually all Hollywood film studios, they still do, and today 4 of the top 5 mass media conglomerates (Viacom, Disney- ABC, Time-Warner-AOL, etc. are people of Palestinian heritage (no, Murdoch isn't one of them). (Imagine that Palestinians likewise founded three TV networks in England -- Associated- Rediffusion, Associated Television, and Granada). Imagine that the New York Times and Washington Post are owned by families of Palestinian heritage and that the Wall Street Journal is headed by a Palestinian. Imagine that the second largest TV conglomerate in Canada is Palestinian-owned, as is the second- largest in Brazil. Imagine that 50-80% of Russia's economy is controlled by a handful of Palestinian oligarchs (some with both Russian and Palestinian citizenship), and two of the top three TV networks in that country are in their domain. Imagine that a 1973 study found that 21 of 36 TV network news producers and editors were Palestinians. Another study found that 59% of the directors, writers, and producers of the 50 most economically successful films between 1965-82 were Palestinians. Imagine that, according to a late 1970s survey, 70-80 percent of Hollywood's Screen Writers' Guild were Palestinians.

Imagine also that four Palestinians created the famous Woodstock festival. A Palestinian managed and built to fame the Beatles. Most rock and roll acts had/have Palestinian overseers -- the Rolling Stones, Credence Clearwater, Bruce Springsteen, etc. etc. Tin Pan Alley (the foundation of American popular music) was founded, and dominated, by Palestinians, and Palestinians predominate still in the music industry. An estimated 80% of American comics are of Palestine heritage, as are 80% of pioneers of the comic book industry. Palestinians dominate the theatre and classical music worlds (let alone the popular music scene). Two Palestinian brothers are chairmen of the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum, respectively (representing merely the best known of a long list of Palestinian art moguls). One of them supports a right-wing party in Palestine, and he also heads a television conglomerate that has holdings in nearly a dozen countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

Imagine that a Palestinian founded Intel and the number two man behind Bill Gates at Microsoft is "half-Palestinian" and a contributor to Palestinian causes. Palestinians have headed in recent years Compaq computers, Hewlett-Packard, and still Dell. The head of NASA (retiring this year) is of Palestinian heritage. Palestinians largely founded (with the Italian Mafia) Las Vegas, and an important role in its development was the head of the largest crime syndicate in American history, headed by a Palestinian. Palestinians also are pre-eminent in today's so- called "Russian Mafia," and this fact was underscored by a book -- and stated bluntly -- about the subject by a Palestinian reporter who worked at the Village Voice. By the 1970s, Palestinians owned 80% of all businesses in New York, perhaps the greatest cultural nerve center in America, and the world. Imagine also that 5 of the last 8 American poet laureates are of Palestinian heritage, as were 15 of 21 "top American intellectuals," according to an early 1970s academic study (and that such intellectuals were promoted by journals like the New York Review of Books and Partisan Review, again, founded and edited by Palestinians. Imagine that Simon and Schuster, Alfred A.Knopf, Farrar Strauss and Giroux, to begin a long list of New York publishers, are Palestinian-founded and controlled.

Imagine that roughly half of the National Basketball teams are headed by Palestinians, and the Commissioner of the NBA, National Hockey League, and Professional Baseball are all of Palestinian heritage. Imagine that Palestinians dominate the agents for professional sports players. Imagine that 5 of the 8 Ivy League colleges are headed by Palestinians.

Imagine that in Bill Clinton's cabinet the following positions were filled by Palestinians: Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Agriculture, and Secretary of State. The Secretary of Defense had an Palestinian father. Clinton's two appointees for the Supreme Court were also Palestinians. Both of California's senators are of Palestinian heritage, and both are members of an activist pro- Palestine women's organization.

Say also, that by 1996, as documented by a Palestinian newspaper, four of the seven CIA directorates were also headed by Palestinians, as was the head of the CIA (He was later pardoned by Bill Clinton for security violations before the investigation into his activity was complete).

Imagine that, as 2.5% of the population, in 1999, 45% of the wealthiest 40 Americans were of Palestinian heritage, and 23% of the top 400. In 2000, Palestinians represented at least 42 of the top 100 political contributors in American national elections; 4 of the first five were Palestinians and two were actually from Palestine. Imagine that Palestinians regularly donate half of the funds to the Democratic Party, "he that pays the piper calls the tune," and their foremost agenda is always U.S. foreign policy (per Palestine). Imagine that in 1997 the head of the foremost pro-Palestine political action committee became head of the National Democratic Party, and a few months later the Deputy Political Affairs officer at the Palestine lobbying group became the Financial Director for the Democratic Party. Imagine that by the late 1990s, the head of the International Monetary Fund was a Palestinian as were the two top leaders at the World Bank. A Palestinian also heads the U.S. Federal Reserve and, for that matter, the Federal Trade Commission.

Imagine that by 2001, a Palestinian "oligarchy," as documented by a Palestinian scholar, "controlled between 50 and 80 percent of the Russian economy." The second richest man in Australia is of Palestinian heritage and he owned one of the two leases to parts of the World Trade Center -- the second was held by a Palestinian from New York. By the 1990s, the CEO of MacDonalds was a Palestinian, as was the CEO of Bank of America, United Airlines, to begin a very long list or corporate influence. Even the man that man that built ITT to power was "half-Palestinian."| A Palestinian scholar wrote a book about the Palestinian diamond "monopoly." Palestinians dominate the fashion industry (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilger, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Kenneth Cole, etc. are Palestinians).

Is this cultural pluralism? Is this "democracy" at its finest? And, per your concerns, is this irrelevant to Hollywood and your interest in gender/ethnicity fairness? And all this is just a mere small SAMPLING of the dimensions of widespread Palestinian cultural hegemony. Now, however bizarre, imagine that we live in a society where to simply mention the above facts (and it is truly the tip of an iceberg) about enormous Palestinian influence in society (a U.S. Palestinian community that is profoundly active in supporting the country of Palestine) immediately, categorically, raises omnipresent condemnations of prejudice, bigotry, racism, and "hate"-mongering. Imagine that in this society all its citizens are socialized to self-censor any recognition of the above facts of Palestinian cultural hegemony, for fear of being called an "anti-Palestinian," a slur that can (obviously) destroy your career -- certainly any one in the realm of popular culture.

Imagine too that there are actually organizations, each with budgets of tens of millions of dollars, whose main purpose is to police what anyone says about Palestinians, and make sure they are punished (defamed as "haters") for saying anything critical whatsoever about Palestinians. Imagine that those few who recognize the dimensions to this are actually afraid to speak out publicly about it. Imagine further that most people haven't got the slightest idea of the dimensions of the issue because the censorship about it is omnipresent -- especially in Hollywood (the attacks upon your work and your web site are a clear case in point. Your endless experiences in fending off charges of "anti- Semitism" by those who demand silence on the issue of Jewish pre- eminence in Hollywood epitomizes this censorship.)

Imagine further that in this society everyone is socialized -- throughout the mass media and educational apparatus -- to perceive Palestinians as history's great VICTIMS, solely, even as they are documented to be the wealthiest ethnic group in America. Imagine that World War II is largely forgotten (where between 50- 64 million people died) and, thanks to Judeo-centric interest in Hollywood, and everywhere else in popular culture, World War II has been reinvented as memorial to murdered Palestinian victims in that war.

Now, guess what? Obviously. Take the word "Palestinian" out of all the things above, and insert the word "Jew" and you have reality. (All these "allegations" are documented, complete with bibliographic sources, at our web site. And it's only a VERY, VERY small part of the story).

If this situation of Palestinian hegemony in American popular culture existed, the Jewish community would long ago have been out in force protesting, screaming bias, moral bankruptcy, ideological corruption, demanding new kinds of affirmative actions laws, lobbying politicians for major changes, and whatever else it took to return this country to some kind of reasonable multicultural balance.


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