Good Ideas Rejected by Corporate Morons
by James Hunter

I have observed that almost every good idea was at first rejected. The airplane was rejected. Radar was rejected. The submarine was rejected. The telephone was rejected. Video-on-demand was rejected.

The world is full of idiots and morons who reject everything.

99.9% of the world's population can't visualize shit. The other .1% are idiots and morons or employees. They just herd along, go to work for their slave employer and could care less.

As soon as someone with money -- that actually pays these slaves -- says: "Hey that's a good idea" the verbiage or business plan everyone ignored for x years or months "suddenly" becomes a "good idea."

Humans are really pretty pathetic. They're basically just sex-crazed animals with over-grown brains floating in the middle of outer space with no reason why. We don't even know yet whether brains, or sex, were good ideas.

So if you get a good idea, so what. I don't want to hear it because I am too busy with all my own good ideas. This is the way the world works. No one gives a crap. Good ideas are wasted until someone with money makes one happen AT the exact right time. If a good idea happens at the wrong time it's as good as a BAD idea.

GOOD IDEA = something needed X right time + rich opinion leader to make it happen.

Tesla is the perfect example of a guy who had endless good ideas, and the powers that be, such as Edison and Morgan, shit all over him. Some say Edison stole most of his ideas from employees who worked for him.

The last entity one should pitch an idea to is a major corporation. Major corporations are full of idiots and morons. After all, why do you think they are working for one, they don't have what it takes to be self-employed or start their own business. So you think an organization full of idiot and moron employees are going to be able to DIFFERENTIATE your good idea from all the incessant drivel running around in their "brains"? Dream on.

The examples are endless. Britannica passed on the idea of an electronic encyclopedia, so Gates build Encarta. The army passed on the Write Brothers' airplane. Robert Zubrin's book, ENERGY VICTORY, is virtually ignored.

It's unbelievable. I have been on the phone with PAYPAL employee-morons for the past five years trying to get them to do certain things that would make them and me money. For instance, return a customer to a specific user-built page after their credit card has been processed so that that customer can click on a URL and instantly download a PDF file or an .wmv file. Total morons. They have this set up for THEIR paypal accounts but not for regular credit and debit cards. Huh, most of the world uses VISA, MASTER CHARGE, AMX, not PAYPAL. Idiots!

In 1994, I hit every venture firm in the Philadelphia area with an idea: video-on-demand over the Internet. They ALL told me I was dreaming. (I am thinking about publishing their rejection letters so the public will know who to avoid when developing and offering the public viable new "business models.")

So, even though ideas are a dime a dozen, good ideas are the most powerful things there are in the universe. A good idea can penetrate 10^80^78^^4345^56545^6545454^567897364^8764354678656543213422356 light-years of steel.

But in order for an idea to be "good" it has to be the right thing at the right time promoted by someone other than a moron-employee of a corporation.

03 June 2008

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