Iconoclastic Hypothesis
by James Jaeger

Since time owes its existence to, and is based on movement of matter, you cannot have time prior to having matter. Thus you cannot have any concepts like "the beginning of the Universe" as no beginning, time, past or future existed at the "beginning" of the Universe. That would be like trying to describe iron ore in terms of a car, i.e. iron ore is made up of pieces of smooth automobile? Let's look for a different approach?

All space, since the "beginning" of the Universe, is in the same space and there is no outward or inward direction or movement of all matter. In other words, there was no Big Bang.

Matter is neither made up of "particles" nor "waves." The phenomenon known as "particles" and "waves" is caused by the fact that we have both a physical and mental "viewpoint."

The physical viewpoint, being caused by the retina of the eye, gives the illusion that such things as particles exist. The focus of light onto specific points in the retina, causes phenomena to be described in terms of points or particles, such particles having the ability to undergo a phenomenon, such as motion.

The mental viewpoint, being caused by the fact that we are able to direct attention (our mental CPU or thought), toward objects, gives the illusion that such things as waves exist. The instantaneous motion of attention, also acting as a viewpoint, causes phenomena to be described in terms of waves. Thus, when an object is viewed, according to observations logged under the words "Quantum Mechanics," the object is effected by the observation so we can only know the velocity OR the place of the sub-atomic "particle." The reason for this phenomenon is simply because the attention has the ability to be placed not only on the object but on the retinal viewpoint. In the moment it takes to recognize one viewpoint or the next, a quantum jump occurs in the object. This "time lag" is caused by the natural rate biology takes to "cognate" at and this is dependent on chemical reactions which are not instantaneous.

Note that a wave sort of "travels" without traveling because it stays in the same place and undulates.

Space is an absence of matter.

Matter is an absence of space.

Energy is simply the evolutionary stage between Space and Matter.

Time is an invention of Man to describe the motion of matter, energy or space as sensed by a physical viewpoint.

When one talks of going forward and backwards in time, they are simply saying that they will effect matter to progress or regress in its given direction with increased velocity. There is no other mystery about the man-made invention named : "Time." Space, Energy, Matter and Time came to be in this cycle:


Motion is relative to size and size alone.

Infinitely fast velocity is possible because infinitely large size is possible (but size is an illusion as will be explained later).

"Some-thing" is infinitely larger than "no-thing" therefore any creation occurs instantaneously, hence faster than the speed of light.

If you drop out the element of time such that all position becomes the same position, all matter is still occupying all space thus there is no such thing as space. Space only comes about because of time, hence it's a cycle of production.

The underlying stratum of the phenomenon we know as space, is an entity that can traverse space because it is the cause of space.

Motion is caused by energy.

Velocity is a manifestation of motion and is proportionate to energy.

Energy is caused by space transmuting into matter and into different forms of matter. Which is another way of saying the atoms are changing shells or transmuting, thus this is known as energy being "released."

Since all matter exists, absolutely, in the same space as it did in the moment of its creation, the give and take of this transmutation from local space to local space at an atomic or molecular level, seen as atomic or chemical reactions, gives off one or more of the energies we know of: heat, light, mechanical.

Energy is another name for change in velocity. Energy traveling at 186,000 miles per second is called light energy. Heat is simply a measure of the speed of the molecules in excitation. Mechanical energy is simply the ratio of one mechanical velocity or advantage, against another.

*** In order for knowledge to be gained, attention must link up with the wave characteristics of existence.

Attention is the counterpart of motion.

There is one Answer for every set of Questions relating to that Answer in any one Universe of thought.

* * *

Thus to traverse space without undergoing the need of expending energy or time is the QUESTION.

IOW: Keep energy level the same.

IOW: Keep time same, i.e., no movement.

Duplicate and destroy.

The duplicate causes the destruction of the original with a by-product. The by-product is: instantaneous relocation.

Place of relocation is determined by how much Time is taken to create the duplicate. The less the time, the farther the relocation.

An object will resonate in hyperspace with its 3-Space image.

An object will traverse hyperspace to its duplicate in the time it takes to create the duplicate.

Thus distance from any point is inversely proportionate to time intervals.

IOW: We think, and it seems, it would take an infinite amount of time to traverse an infinite distance. Wrong!

It takes an infinitely short time to traverse what seems to be an infinite amount of distance because that distant spot is actually in the same place as the spot you're leaving from. Thus an object being in the same space at the same time with it self, would take no time at all. Thus it must take less and less time to create an object's duplicate in the same space until the time it takes is no time or instant. The closer to "no time" it takes, the farther one ends up traveling towards a spot infinitely far away because all spots infinitely far away are in the same exact spot as the originating spot.

If one creates an exact duplicate of object A in another space, it is technically the same thing as MOVING object A from one space to the other space. The time it takes to manifest an exact duplicate of object A, or object A itself, in another spot is manifest and experienced as the distance we have to travel through space or as the phenomenon of space itself.

If object A could be duplicated in the same space as it initially sits, or side by side, the time it takes to physically create the duplicate will be the distance away the object will appear. Since it would take an infinite amount of time to normally create an exact duplicate if object A, Object A will sit in the same spot forever, or a spot only inches, miles or a planet width away. (A planet width away is in essence "the same spot" in universal terms.)

Time to make duplicate Distance

Infinite Same Spot (Infinite Distance Away)

500,000 hrs Up to 500,000 hours away.

Zero Infinite Distance Away (Same Spot)

500,000 hours away "at what velocity?" This is how velocity enters in. D/t = R 0/500,000 = Negative Infinity.

The Red Shift

Most of the "scientific" world has adopted the validity of various observations -- such as the Red Shift (first put forth by Edwin Hubble) which postulated that the physical Universe must be expanding because the light from distant stars and galaxies is shifted towards the infrared side of the spectrum. This being an extrapolation of the Doppler shift of sound to light.

Nevertheless I proffer these considerations about such commonly held postulated about the "known" Universe in an attempt to stimulate constructive thought in escaping the giant system of circular logic the sciences currently find themselves in - at least on Earth.

Expanding Universe

The Universe can't be expanding in the sense that the stars and galaxies are getting farther away from each other as inferred by the red shift.

In a closed system, if they were getting farther away from each other they would be getting closer to each other and we would see perhaps a blue shift from other Non-Earth points of view. The Red shift is only observed from our unique point of view on Earth. The spots on a balloon model doesn't work.

What must be happening is one of the following:

1. The actual space between the subatomic particles is increasing, or

2. The actual space between the galaxies is be expanding (as is commonly thought), or

3. Probably both are happening.

In other words, space is being created all the time.

Thus space is being created as in case three above. Possibly what's happening here is that the residual microwave energy from the big bang (at 2.7 degrees Kelvin) is continuing to decay. The energy embodied in the subatomic particles' motion is being dissipated and as such dissipation continues, it is converted into a lower form of energy - space. Thus space is being continually created between the subatomic particles.

Quantum Mechanics

Since energy is continually dissolving back and forth between an existence as subatomic particles and space, we get an uncertainty as to exactly where the particles are at any point in time. Thus we observe the effect of the Heisenberg Principal of Uncertainty.

Energy that is on the boarders of the line of transition between space and mass can be "popped" back into matter if any energy is added to the system, thus just pushing it over the activated complex. Hence, even when thought is focused on such an energy area, there can be a direct effect.

If the action of thinking produces any kind of energy (perhaps static electricity or some other sort of energy), it may be in wave form. If it is in wave form it could cause wave canceling or reinforcing. Thus when thought, in certain phase, hits an area of energy in the transition zone, it might either add to the energy causing a subatomic particle to appear, or it might cancel the energy causing space to be created.

This could give us an entrance to understanding phenomena in the field of Quantum Mechanics such as the cause of quanta or why subatomic particles seem to jump from exact orbit to orbit, with seemingly no travel in between.

If the above is true, this might be a way of relating the Universe of the microcosm with the Universe of the macrocosm.

The Big Bang

It is generally accepted by today's "mainstream scientists" that there occurred a big bang some 15 to 20 billion years ago. At such time actual space was created, as there was no explosion into anything, because space did not yet exist.

This leads me to wonder if all the major groupings of phenomenon we think we are familiar with, including space, energy and matter are not all different forms of each other.

We have pretty good certainty that energy and matter are related as per Einstein's formula E=mc2, but why is the element of velocity tied into the relationship as a powered factor?

In other words, if E=mc2 has any relational value, why would velocity have anything to do with matter and energy? In other words, what the hell is this thing called movement? Is it something we don't see or something else that what we take for granted?

Perhaps if we look at the three major categories, space, energy and matter as decayed states of each other we can start to see why velocity might be tied in. When energy decays we get matter. Perhaps when space decays we get energy.

In other words, in the beginning of the Universe just after the big bang, the only phenomenon that existed was space - no energy, no matter, hence no time. We cannot even assume that the big bang was related with phenomena we would call "expansion" as in order for there to be the concept of "expansion" one must have something to expand into or at least have something to be expanded into something else and neither of these two phenomena existed.


Perhaps the reason some sub-atomic particles must rotate through 720 degrees before they show the same side is:

1. because they are spinning in two planes simultaneously, or;

2. because they are being view with only half a viewpoint.


So, perhaps the first phenomenon to appear after space began to decay was "repetition." The concept of repetition involves repeating. Usually we think of repetition when we observe some phenomenon occurring and then diminishing towards zero and then recurring again. A wave is a form of repetition, the cycle from trough to crest to trough gives us the sense of a repeating phenomena, a frequency by which something repeats.

If the frequency by which some phenomena repeats moves towards infinite status, in other words it repeats an infinite number of times in a given unit of "time", we begin to get a phenomena that exists in a virtual "stationary" mode. Hence we get some sort of existence of some new form of the original impetus which caused the "big bang." And maybe we approach the Advent of Existence itself. Thus "existence" could be thought of as the highest obtainable frequency of repetition.

Thus the Advent of Existence brought, by necessity, the concept of time. When I say "existence," I do not mean matter, or energy. We are dealing with an era that existed before energy, hence matter.


Space may have started out as a singularity with infinite angular momentum, thus having infinite repetition. As such spin fell away from infinite repetition, the manifestations of the physical Universe began: Existence began to exist. Cycles began to become more apparent because they were not infinite. The frequency of repetition continued to slow down (a loss of angular momentum of the singularity itself), due to the formation of a new phenomenon - that of space itself.

Thus, early singularity existence decayed into the phenomena we perceive as space because of the loss of angular momentum of the original repetition.

Something that repeats itself re-confirms itself to such an extent that it "exists." When something is deemed to exist, only then can it can have what is called an identity. If something has identity, but exists less frequently than infinitely, the difference between 'bouts of existence becomes actual space.

Thus the interposition of space between the frequency of existence, causes differentiation. Once we have the phenomena of differentiation, we have the manifestation of such differentiation. We perceive such manifestations as subatomic particles popping in and out of a phenomenon we call "space."


As existence decays into repetition (a proto-energy, possibly the small nuclear force's embryo), repetition decays into space, which decays into lower grades of energy on down through the small nuclear force, the nuclear force and finally subatomic particles (first matter itself).

The phenomena of space is thus continually being created in between the subatomic particles due to a decay of repetition.

Where does this repetition of existence come from? Its fueled by the propensity of non-duration of past Universes that existed prior to the current Universe we know the "physical Universe". The physical Universe, as we perceive it today, is decaying into exactly the same existence that existed prior to that point we call the big bang.


Time is only an invention Homo Sapiens uses as a benchmark to denote relative positions of matter with respect to other known matter. Time is not any forth dimension.

The concept of zero, slow, fast and infinite repetition is the basis of cycles, which cause all perceivable phenomena, including matter, energy, space and time. Cycles, which are measured as frequency in units of Hertz (Hz), are actually the phenomenon of repetition. If a phenomenon

repeats over and over again, it is perceived to have a cycle which is then labeled with a relative term called a frequency which is measured in terms of Hz, is also known as cycles per second and is the reciprocal of wavelength. A second is a totally arbitrary unit of "time."

This "thing" we know as "time" again is an invention, not anything as exotic as a forth dimension. Thus when we say "cycles per second" we are describing how many times some phenomena repeats itself relative to how many times some other phenomena repeats itself. Note that I have underlined the word "itself." In order for time to be a measurement, the repetition must be of itself. If the entity that is repeating is a different entity with each cycle, we have no basis for the computation of the thing we call "time." Hence we have no basis of comparison with other phenomena. In other words, we have no way of knowing what was happening in one process somewhere in the physical Universe while some other process was going on elsewhere in the physical Universe.

Thus, when existence repeats itself with zero frequency, we get pre-space.

When existence repeats itself "slowly" (meaning closer to zero than infinity) we get space.

When existence repeats itself "quickly" (meaning closer to infinity than zero) we get subatomic energy.

When existence repeats itself with infinite frequency, we get matter, hence the physical Universe.

The big bang therefore is not either a point in time nor is it a point in space. If anything it is a point in repetition.


And this is how and why the concept of velocity relates the Einsteinian formula E = mc2. The substructure of the physical Universe depend on the above chain of repetition of cycles of

existence. Thus in order to continue to exist as the physical Universe, the physical Universe must repeat itself infinitely. When one attempts to increase his velocity towards infinite velocity, one must add infinite energy because the Universe in an attempt to move into some other state of existence must absorb the energy in order to preserve its very sub structures. The substructure it creates more of is space. Thus space itself is in effect created by action, or velocity energy.

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