by James Jaeger

Central banks are playing games with technology. Theoretically money is supposed to represent products in society. We trade products with each other and use "money" when we have to convert the value of one product into the value of another product.

In order for the purchasing power of a dollar to remain constant, there must be a 1 to 1 ratio between the product supply in the economy and the money supply in that same economy. If the product supply rises, but the money supply remains constant, the purchasing power of each dollar will increase. Thus it will require fewer dollars to purchase a given product. This is called DEFLATION and you have been brainwashed by Keynesian economists to think that this is a BAD thing.(1)

The central bankers understand all this.

When the product supply rises sharply -- because of computerized production, for instance -- the central bankers see the opportunity to print up extra money. Instead of allowing all products to become cheaper -- requiring fewer dollars to buy because the purchasing power of each dollar has increased -- the central banker FUCKS his way into the economy and prints up more dollars. He "justifies" this by saying: "Oh I'm just maintaining PRICE STABILITY." No, what's he's really doing is robbing you. He's robbing you by siphoning off YOUR productivity. When he prints up more dollars, he lends them into the economy. When he lends them into the economy he gets to charge interest for himself. What you get out of the deal is products that stay the same in price or become more expensive and what he gets is more money to OUT COMPETE you when you are in the store buying things.

So, on a world where we have billions of products being made better and faster by computers and technology, we have the central bankers franticly printing up more and more paper money so they can convert what would have been price reductions for YOU, into interest payments for THEMSELVES.

The central banker -- known as the Federal Reserve System in the US -- commits super-grand larceny on a daily basis using mathematics that general populations don't understand.

Now, with all of this in mind, imagine what's going to happen as the Singularity approaches -- that time where computerization makes production possibly infinite.

As the Singularity approaches, we will have super-intelligent machines and systems creating products faster and faster. If the earth's product supply can rise infinitely fast, why could not the earth's money supply -- under Keynesian economic theory? Why would the earth's central bankers not want to print up infinite amounts of fiat currency in an attempt to siphon off infinite amounts of productivity?

Count on it, these psychopaths will try.

We must not let them, and here's why.

If you want to reap the rewards of 50,000 years of thinking men and women who worked to create the modern industrial world which YOU now get to enjoy -- you MUST put an end to the central bankers' ability to steal value through the printing of money. If you do not do this -- END THE FED -- an elite banking class will literally confiscate all of the wealth of Humanity, kill, or let die off, billions of people and THEY will live happily ever after in a post-Singularity world. See the movie THEY LIVE.

So here's what you should be thinking right this second:

1) You should be calculating your odds of becoming a member of this elite class of plutocrats or;

2) You should be calculating ways to defeat their nefarious plans and provide a better future for a wider number of humans.

After all of the blood, sweat and tears of 50,000 years of human beings on this world, it's simply not right that a small elite is all that gets to enjoy the fruits of existence -- endlessly served by a nexus class, the SAI machines.

So wake up and take a serious look at the relationship between:



(2) For more information see and and

07 October 2012

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