How Illiterate Meat-Heads and Profit-Seekers Are Destroying the U.S. Republic
by James Jaeger

Anyone who calls the U.S. a "democracy" is exhibiting their ignorance of the design of this country established explicitly by the U.S. Constitution.

Unfortunately the "HISTORY" Channel shows such ignorance by allowing its interviewees, and even its narrators, to refer to the U.S. as a "democracy." This provides evidence to substantiate the claim that their agenda is that of Cultural Marxism, also known as "Political Correctness."(1)

Other evidence could be seen this past weekend, 4 July 2009, in the show entitled, THE REVOLUTION. In this show, the HISTORY Channel omitted or altered three items in their discussion:

1) they failed to mention the word "Valley Forge" when discussing where the Continental army sojourned for the winter, instead referring to Valley Forge as a "Pennsylvania Camp." Why this happened can only be speculated on. Is Valley Forge real estate becoming too valuable to anti-American, secular developers funded by the illegal fiat banking system?

2) they failed to mention that the Hessians were DRUNK AND HUNG-OVER when Washington routed them at Trenton. The probable reason for this omission is twofold:

a) the HISTORY Channel did not want to hint at why the Hessian soldiers were "drunk and hung-over -- because they were celebrating Christmas. The reason for this may have been that one of the four primary goals of Marxism is the destruction of religion -- the other three being: the destruction of private property (i.e., capitalism), the destruction of the family (i.e., one-man, one-woman nuclear family) and ultimately the destruction of the state (specifically the U.S. Republic). Thus the idea that even a German force in America was Christian, was removed from the show, as it demonstrates the universality of Christianity, something the Cultural Marxist agenda wants to destroy and downplay at the very least.

b) the HISTORY Channel did not want to insult corporate liquor sponsors because the alcohol business is sponsored and covertly championed by the state and the corporations that benefit off the sale of this dangerous substance to the public. Since the media also profits from the sale and exploitation of alcohol through ad revenues, it refrains from any inference or suggestion that this substance is debilitating or destructive to society (or even warfare missions). Thus, the idea that the Hessians were indulging in alcoholic beverages and were thus so debilitated the next morning they couldn't fight, does not fit into the PR image the mainstream media and state want to portray about their little cash-cow industry: ALCOHOL. Yes, alcohol is BIG business and, even though the state (and various social organizations) scream about driving under the influence (so-called DUI laws) their real goals do NOT include abolishing the use of alcohol from society, but instead only training the public to be "responsible" social drinkers. Thus, the state WANTS you to drink so you will keep buying liquor and paying that state tax and giving them more excuses to build more prisons and hire more police and administrators.

The liquor manufacturers, bars and restaurant corporations that profit from the sale of this poison also WANT you to keep drinking so they can keep generating revenues.

Also, the ancillary industries that have grown up around the DUI Empire WANT your to drink. These ancillary industries profit off the continuation and escalation of BIG ALCOHOL and include outfits like COAD and the multitude of drug rehabilitation, counseling, psychiatric and practitioners, as well as DUI-specializing lawyers that all live off the DUI cottage industry.(2) Many of these "services" couch their rhetoric and greed in socially-responsible terms like asking you to be a "responsible" SOCIAL drinker -- but when one asks them to confront the fact that alcoholism is a PROGRESSIVE disease and thus the ONLY game is to NOT drink AT ALL, they claim the "solution" is to simply encourage "responsible" social drinking (an impossible task IF alcohol IS a "progressive" disease caused by genes that pre-dispose a certain percentage of the population to abuse). Nevertheless, these entities endlessly counsel and process the public through the legal system (to their financial benefit) and eventually incarcerate (to the benefit of actual state as well). The 60% that will experience recidivism (by their own figures) because of pre-disposal as a result of genes (by their own research) will thus be processed through the system (milked of their economic strength) and then deposited into the penal correction system (giving the state yet more bogus excuses to extort taxes and debt from the public for police, judges, and prisons). Thus, incarceration becomes the only 'remedy" without recidivism. All the while this state-rape is taking place, victim-groups, such as the Madd Mothers, continue to flail around -- devoid of rational solutions due to their victim status from sever and shocking losses -- put pressure on legislatures for yet MORE arbitrary BAC standards and Gestapo-like DUI laws, laws that result in the extortion of yet more and higher fines as well as legal, evaluation and counseling fees out of the citizenry. All this is considered "justice" in the name of "protection" for the public. When VICTIMS are permitted to RULE, this is what can be expected, whether one is considering the Patriot Act, traditional management at the MPAA studio/distributors, the mainstream MEDIA, the Immigration Laws of the 1960s or the DUI Laws of the 1970s and 1980s.


Thus, from the state's point of view (whether consciously or as an emergent property), a sober citizenry means an AWARE and ACTIVE citizenry and this is a liability to the elite that's already entrenched in government. For, to the degree a self-governing nation is DRUNK AND HUNG-OVER (like the Hessians at Trenton) they are not only unable to respond to emergencies, but unable to take up their rightful duties in the participation of THEIR government. These, therefore, are some of the reasons, people like Ted Turner and others, have said a consolidated media does not work in the best public interest;

3) Lastly, The HISTORY channel failed to use the proper term "militia of the several states" in their show instead referring to it as the "citizen militia." They did this probably because they wanted to inhibit any possible enlightenment in their viewers as to the purpose of the militia of the several states as stipulated in the Second Amendment. Remember: the goal of the CFR-infested media is to DISARM the public, for they can only establish a true global totalitarian government if they can disarm the citizenry.

Also know that when one compares the Dept of Homeland Security with what's specified in the Constitution, it's evident that it's a totally unnecessary department. Do you think the Founders put together a government and "forgot" to include a "department of homeland security"? Hardly. The "department of homeland security" established by the Founders, and specified in the Second Amendment, is the Militia.(3) Every state is supposed to have its own Militia thus today all 50 of these state Militia are under the command of each State's Governor. Each state Militia is supposed to be comprised of citizens who are organized, armed and trained.

The purpose of these Militia is three-fold:

1. Enforce the law;
2. Repel invasions;
3. Suppress insurrections.

Per the Constitution, the President of the U.S. can call upon any or all of the State Governors and order them to lend their state Militia to the Federal Government in order to accomplish 1 - 3 of above, but only 1 - 3. Thus no Federal standing army is necessary, or legal per the US Constitution. Our current government is violating this law at this time and paying for this standing army using illegal fiat currency.

So where does a so-called Department of Homeland security fit in with the Constitution? It doesn't. It's totally unnecessary and illegal and was established by politicians that are acting outside the legal sphere of authority set forth by the Constitution, which is the senior body of governing law. These politicians have little knowledge or respect for the Constitution and should therefore be removed from office as they are unfit to serve.

The only purpose a so-called Department of Homeland Security could have is to undermine the system of homeland security stipulated in the Constitution and inject chaos into the structure of the United States Government. The Department of Homeland Security, as established by said rogues, will thus only serve as an elite police force for special interests and in conflict to the interests of the citizens.

As we saw in the American revolution, a Militia of the Several States (misnomered "the Citizen Militia" by the HISTORY Channel), enabled the colonists to provide "homeland security" against the most powerful empire of the time. The reason for this is simple: A bunch of citizens fighting for their homes and local home-land will fight much more viciously AND effectively than any external force (such as a standing army, UN Peacekeepers, Dept of Homeland Security) or mercenary soldiers (such as the Hessians or a Blackwater). Of course, CONSTITUTIONAL HOMELAND SECURITY is only important to those who are interested in preserving the Republic as established by the Founders.(4) The CFR-infested Globalists that have hijacked both Republican and the Democratic parties have no such interest. And this is why they established and perpetuate the unconstitutional Gestapo (the Department of Homeland Security) and have been looking the other way as elected officials violate their oaths of office, such to uphold the US Constitution -- which they are clearly not.(5)

So, know these things about the HISTORY channel (a tool or apologist of the Globalist and PC agenda) the next time you watch, or rely, on it for your "history."(6)

(1) For brief explanation of Cultural Marxism, see

(2) This is not to imply that state sponsored groups like COAD and such counseling groups like PATHWAY do not provide vital and excellent services, they do. The only gripe of this author is the fact that these services aren't provided more widely and at an earlier stage in the citizen's life. Upon taking a five-week COAD course, I was abhorred to find that this informative course was NOT taught in the public school system. This omission is substantiation of the above claim that the system -- either by design OR as an unconscious emergent property -- is not working in the public interest but in the interest of a growing unconstitutional police state and the profit motive.

(3) Second Amendment: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Source:

(4) Get and read a book entitled CONSTITUTIONAL HOMELAND SECURITY by Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. at This book will fill in the details and answer all your questions. Also see and for Dr. Vieira's other works.

(5) Watch a movie (the HISTORY channel would never show) entitled FIAT EMPIRE to get a better understanding of how unconstitutional "standing armies" are funded and how a government can inflate and devalue a currency when it's not calibrated to some international standard, such as gold or silver. Find out how and why the current U.S. Congress is tolerating and abetting an abridgement of the Constitution it has sworn an oath to uphold and protect by issuing "bills of credit" as "money."

(6) This author alleges that the HISTORY Channel is guilty of many other Cultural Marxist acts, too numerous to give justice here, but some of which will be discussed in ORIGINAL INTENT -- featuring Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Ted Baehr and Edwin Vieira -- when it's released. See for more information and clips.

06 July 2009

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