Making a Fool Out of the U.S. Government
and Apologists of the Security State

by James Jaeger

There is nothing honorable about Congressman Sherwood Boehlert (R- NY). He was one of the congressmen that voted down the Superconducting Super Collider project, finally terminated in 1993.

The SSC was a particle accelerator to be built near Waxahachie, Texas, USA. This accelerator, to be the largest in the world, would have allowed particle physicists to answer questions about the fine-tuned structure of the universe and verify the accuracy of our most important theory of matter and energy -- the STANDARD MODEL of Particle Physics.

Other than this, the SSC project would have employed thousands of people and opened new frontiers in science and technology that would have advanced the world and provided opportunities for millions (as ALL science projects inevitably do, no matter how large or small).

Yes, and all of this would have cost a mere $4 billion out of the trillions of dollars printed, taxed and frivolously spent every year in the U.S.

This sum is particularly shocking when one considers that the U.S. military budget -- the ritualized protection and killing budget -- was over $500 billion the same years the SSC project was cancelled. U.S. Congressmen and government officials -- like Rep. Sherwood Boehlert, Rep. Joel Hefley, Rep. Jim Slattery, Governor Ann Richards, President Bill Clinton -- AND lobby groups from military industrial-complex contractors (the people that live off of the protection and killing budget) shut this vital project down (after spending $2 billion on it no less). And as usual, the reasons cited were: "rising costs", "poor management", "end of cold war need to prove the American supremacy in science", "belief that smaller experiments would suffice" and "congress's desire to generally reduce spending".

The fact of the matter is all of these "reasons" are a bunch of crap because the real reason the SSC was closed down is because these people and entities have no VISION and live in FEAR.

They would rather spend hundreds of times more money killing and maiming people than opening a door to new technologies that could heal and advance people. Their ignorance about the indispensability of experimental science and an inability to visualize viable futures makes all of them unqualified and unfit to govern.

Then, after these unqualified, war-mongering politicians in the U.S. dropped the ball on the world's most important science project, the Europeans picked it up and built the Large Hadron Collider.

The LHC ended up costing only $7 billion dollars. So fucking what. If it had cost $500 billion every year for ten years, it would still be a better deal than building weapons that mass-murder the PEOPLES of Earth all day long.

The LHC is now the largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world. Built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008, this mega-machine has now confirmed the existence of the most important sub-atomic particle in the known universe -- THE HIGGS BOSON.

Of course the political ignoramuses back in the U.S. and New York-infested mainstream media have little or no idea what any of this means -- as it was hardly reported when the breakthrough happened in 2012. Again, the breakthrough was that the long-sought Higgs boson was finally discovered after being predicted to exist by a scientist named Peter Higgs in the 1960s. To fully appreciate this, some background is necessary.

The Higgs boson is the final particle that completes the STANDARD MODEL of physics. It completes the so-called standard model because it is the particle that gives all the other particles their mass and verifies that the universe may be built upon principles of symmetry. This is an incredibly important experiment, because ultimately it leads to an understand of whether our universe -- hence our lives -- are a result of chaotic patterns or orderly patterns.

One road indicates the universe was "intelligently designed" and the other road indicates the universe "happened merely by chance." In science jargon, this is known as SUPERSYMMETRY theory vs. MULTIVERSE theory. But the Higgs boson is often referred to as the "God Particle". This is because this particle literally provides evidence of whether the universe was designed by some superintelligent entity -- a god or the God -- or whether some random or chaotic process was the governing factor.


To continue with background. In the 1970s particle physicists were able to group the thousands of discovered particles into just 12 particle groups and 4 different forces -- again, what they now call the STANDARD MODEL of particle physics. In this model, the four forces are gravity, electromagnetism, the strong atomic force and the weak atomic force. Of the 12 particles, 6 are known as "quarks" and the other 6 are known as "leptons." All protons -- one of the 3 basic building blocks of the atom -- are made up of quarks. All of these particles -- including the Higgs -- were POSTULATED decades ago and all of them have been DISCOVERED decades ago -- except the Higgs.

Millions and BILLIONS of dollars and hundreds of millions of man-hours of research and experiment have gone into discovering and mapping out the STANDARD MODEL of physics -- the 12 particles and 4 forces. Thus, if the HIGGS was found to NOT exist, ALL of this time, money and effort would have been wasted. It would have been wasted because it would mean that scientists were barking up the wrong tree in a quest to understand how the universe is built -- whether it was intelligently designed or just a process of randomness.

But why should this be important to narrow-minded, meat-heads on a planet interested in building weapons to blow each other up? It's important because, when we allocate our energy to better UNDERSTANDING our place in the universe -- rather than DESTROYING it -- the Universe ALWAYS rewards us in return. For instance, CERN, the very org that built the LHC was the place that gave us a purpose for building the Internet. This "machine" -- the Internet -- was initially used so that scientists could share UNDERSTANDINGS ABOUT THE UNIVERSE all over the world. Now, as we all know, the Internet later turned into the World Wide Web and we all benefit. Again, the Universe ALWAYS rewards us out of respect. Everything in your modern life came this way: by keeping power-hungry, moron politicians from spending ALL of your money on war and killing.

So folks, and especially government officials -- here's the message. Just because your pea -brain is insufficient to comprehend what the particle physicists are doing -- let them do it anyway.

And scientists, if the government gives you money to theorize or experiment, don't let them co-opt you into developing weapons. The universe WILL get you back for this abuse -- even if you DON'T believe in a deity and even if a deity does not exist.

Beside the above obvious things, why would anyone want to spend $500 billion a year on weapons and war when less than $30 billion a year is spent on the world's science projects? Are such people FUCKING insane morons? Are they so insecure with their lives or world or sexual orientation that they must spend hundreds of times more money every year massacring people than discovering new and useful inventions for people?


So readers, let the story of the failed Texas SSC and the successful European LHD be a lesson. The lesson is this: people and entities that solicit time, energy and money for SECURITY are people that are insecure and will always be insecure. They are insecure because they are ignorant. They are ignorant about life and the universe because all they do is study things like law, government, history and humanities. The humanities are basically an incestuous regurgitation of knowledge whereas science provides the ONLY means to NEW knowledge. New knowledge is often scary because it changes things. Some want no change -- mostly those in power. Get it?

So ask any congressman, president, judge, lawyer, district attorney or politician a question about science -- or the STANDARD MODEL -- and you will see that about 95% of them are embarrassingly ignorant on this subject -- and don't even WANT to get it. Such politician will in fact be little more than a blathering, slime-bucket of obfuscating pathology parading with a license to kill for the greater good. That's THEIR academic-level of science: guns and weapons.

When WE THE PEOPLE allow such abortions to be our "leaders," they will of course lead us no where. They will of course cancel projects like the SST. They will cancel our future because they are mentally incapable of comprehending the factors that CREATE a future. All they know is how to surf the system, whore for the state and DESTROYED in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY. Science and technology?! A supercollider?! What is that?!

This destructive scum infests all levels of government and always has. Such congressmen AND congresswomen (much more fearful of the universe than men), state governors and presidents need to be voted out of office at every opportunity -- whether Republicans or Democrats. No one deserves to be a government official unless they have courage to confront and understand science, unless they have as much of a background in science as they have in predatory subjects like "law" and "banking." Law and banking do NOT make the world go round. They destroy it. ONLY science and technology make the world go round.

Unfortunately, we all have false memes to live with. We all have rogue politicians and ignorant scum at the trough and entrance to the bridge inhibiting us from advancement. War is their product, their stock and trade. War is the health of the state, as Randolph Bourne put it in 1918. And 99 percent of the conflicts in this world are CAUSED by people seeking the health of the state over the health of the people. These mentalities print fiat currency and tax populations not for scientific advancement or to secure WE THE PEOPLE, but to preempt money and energy for their FEAR- and IGNORANCE-driven projects. And this usually boils down to weapons and wars to protect mainly their paranoid class. Why else would they allocate 500 billion a year to war and only a lousy 4 - 7 billion to the most important science project of the eons?

Mentalities like these endlessly "justify" their position or the status quo with statements like: "Oh we have problems right here on Earth we can't spend money on going back to the moon or mars or discovering the most important particle in the universe we need to increase the national security because we are so fucking insecure we can't stand living in this horrifying, black, infinite Universe where even God may kill us any millisecond." These people -- other than being mentally ill -- are the destroyers of civilizations. This mentality must be wiped off the face of Earth if the rest of us are to ever climb out of the black pit or fear, ignorance and war they have placed us into.

And we CAN get out of the pit. The people at CERN have shown a light on the black, scary universe that pit-building cowards like Boehlert, Hefley, Slattery, Richards and Clinton were too INSECURE to confront.

CERN and the Europeans have demonstrated that the Large Hadon Collider is a much more noteworthy accomplishment than anything that the Military-Industrial Complex in the United States has recently, or ever, achieved.

The LHC makes a mockery of apologists for the police and surveillance state, a state that competes with science for funds by endlessly lying about the necessities of wars (WMDs in Iraq) or the mass-invasions of privacy (Snowden NSA revelations) or the truth about 9/11.

CERN, and thousands of scientists all over the world -- even Israeli and Palestinian scientists working together, ignoring their ignorant, warring brethren -- are to be praised for their magnificent efforts while the U.S. needs to be condemned for its cowardice in exploring the Universe (and previously for failing to establish a Moon base after the Apollo Missions opened the door).

Given these things: the U.S. is no longer any superpower at all. Having more weapons and "options on the table" does not make one a superpower -- it makes them little more than a bully masquerading as a war-mongering "peacekeeper".

So when other bullies, like the Bill O'Reillys, the John McCains, the Lindsay Grahams and the John Boltons are given platform, we all see the assets of civilization wasted a little more and the efforts of humanity destroyed considerably. On the other hand, when we spend our time, energy and money on discovery, moon walks and inventions, we open up new universes so vast, the petty conflicts smaller minds endlessly live for, vaporize into the tempest of nothing they always were.

03 August 2014

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