Significance of the 'Heller' Case
by James Jaeger

What are the implications of the recent Second Amendment Case (Heller) now before the Supreme Court?

Read the below excerpt from Dr. Edwin Vieira's recent article to find out the implications for citizens' "right to keep and bear Arms" below:

"Heller affords the Forces of Darkness a Hellish opportunity to advance their agenda of oppression as never before."

"... an unfavorable decision in Heller probably would signal the end for the “individual-right theory” in contemporary constitutional litigation.... Proponents of radical “gun control” will run amok in every jurisdiction with the power to pass such laws. First, subversive anti-Second Amendment special-interest groups and the big media will propagandize for every imaginable, and many as yet unimaginable, forms of “gun control.” Second, anti-Second Amendment State legislators, mayors, and other public officials will surge ahead aggressively on dozens of fronts—clones of Mayor Bloomberg on steroids, as it were. Third, a Congress controlled by the Democratic Party, with a President drawn from the same faction, will operate a sausage factory of new “gun-control” schemes that will make the defunct “assault-weapons ban” resemble an exercise in libertarianism. And fourth, these “gun-control” ordinances and statutes will surely be upheld in the kangaroo courts—inasmuch as the present herd of judges, nationwide, is generally hostile to the Second Amendment, and therefore will seek to enforce and even expand upon whatever an unfavorable decision in Heller offers. In all of these venues, “gun controllers” will advance a grotesquely warped “Militia theory” of the Second Amendment, aimed at disarming everyone who is not part of the National Guard, the nascent National police-state agencies, and the federally controlled, para-militarized State and Local police. "These developments will set into place many more bricks in the edifice of “gun control”—and, ultimately, prohibition of private possession of most, if not all, firearms—that must be erected if a National police state is to be imposed on America. For there has never been a police state in a country in which the average citizen could and did freely possess small arms—which, of course, is why “[a] well regulated Militia” is “necessary to the security of a free State.” Therefore, average Americans must be disarmed. How strikingly coincidental, then, that—just now, at the most politically propitious moment—Heller affords the Forces of Darkness a Hellish opportunity to advance their agenda of oppression as never before. One can almost hear the gods laughing at this ironic twist of events." -- Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D, J.D.

Read the balance of Dr. Vieira's article, entitled, IS THE D.C. GUN CASE OFF TARGET? at:

23 March 2008

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