How Global Elites Machinate to Steal Resources
and Suppress Vital Science & Technology

by James Jaeger

As many of you old-timers know, my colleagues and I have been working to expose the fraud of the Federal Reserve System for many decades, not only in our movie, FIAT EMPIRE featuring Ron Paul, but at places like the MIND-X and THE DAILY BELL.

When I first invited artificial intelligence enthusiasts at the MIND-X to read THE CREATURE FROM JEKYL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin many apologists, who are either naive or who live off the fiat-currency system, fought me and argued for at least 10 years.

Given that this subject is now in the mainstream news every day: I hope these people will now acknowledge that the issue has merit and the FED is an instrument of unjust enrichment.

As Ron Paul says -- and many others now acknowledge -- it's become common knowledge that the Fed "prints money out of thin air" and this activity inflates the money supply, thus causing the hidden tax of "inflation" and a destruction of the dollar's purchasing power. It is thus the Federal Reserve System that is the CAUSE OF THE CURRENT GREAT RECESSION, THE 2008 FINANCIAL MELTDOWN, THE LINGERING UNEMPLOYMENT and THE MULTI-TRILLION DOLLARS DEFICITS WE ARE NOW EXPERIENCING.

That bit of housekeeping done, allow me to say further: the Federal Reserve's MONETIZING of debt -- now known by the euphemism of QUANTITATIVE EASING -- and its practice of FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING have allowed an elite class of people to emerge, a class that has exploited the American middle class, if not driven many of them into bankruptcy. This has happened because the major corporations -- majority-owned by this class -- have sought ever bigger profits provided by exploiting cheap foreign labor and military services. The American Middle Class is justifiably getting REALLY pissed off.


The banking class -- and the corporations that do business with this class -- have reconfigured U.S. laws to enable them to facilitate massive mergers and acquisitions over the past several decades. This consolidation took massive financing, so where did the money come from? It came from the Federal Reserve Member Banks as loans driven by fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. In other words, the major banks created trillions out of thin air and gave it to their cronies in corporate America in exchange for stock in the consolidated multinational corporations.

These multinational corporations, having driven most of their "free market" competition out of business (as a result of their access to fiat money) were now in a position to fund the campaigns of many congressmen. In exchange for campaign finances, many congressmen were behooved to relax anti-trust laws and provide all manner of special privileges. Such resulted in, for instance, the "financial services" industry whereby banks, stockbrokers and insurance companies were able to commingle their business plans to maximize market share and profits. The conflicts of interest that were created as a result caused the global financial meltdown which started in 2008 and proceeds more covertly to this day.

As the meltdown continues, the dollar is losing value in part because people are becoming aware of the fact that the money system is nothing more than massive global Ponzi. Every time a Federal Reserve Note is created it is created as a unit of PRINCIPLE, meaning, a unit of DEBT because it's LENT into circulation. Accordingly, each unit of DEBT requires DEBT SERVICE, hence, every Federal Reserve Note that is created demands Federal Reserve Notes (money) to pay the debt service. Thus, NEW Federal Reserve Notes must continuously be created out of thin air to pay the debt service on OLD Federal Reserve Notes in circulation. This is the definition of a Ponzi scheme: paying off OLD obligations with NEW obligations. The WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEM -- LED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM -- IS A MASSIVE PONZI SCHEME.

The Power elite knows this; they know about the Ponzi and have been very busy purchasing several other things: weapons, media and real estate.


The "weapons" they have been purchasing are in the form of "governments." Governments are agencies that commission weapons in the "name" of populations. The populations give "consent" because they think the weapons are to be used to "protect" them from "enemies." Unfortunately this is an illusion, for the class that creates the money, builds the corporations that MAKE the weapons FOR the government cares more about THEMSELVES than they do about WE THE PEOPLE in general. Count on it: the weapons will always be used to protect them and their assets before the assets of WE THE PEOPLE. And we clearly saw how this priority works when the banks got the majority of the money in the bailout of 2009. Even so, when these things happen, the elites can't afford to be TOO rude to WE THE PEOPLE, so they always need ways to "handle the masses."


Media is the science of handling the masses. The very word "HANDLING" is used constantly, not only in PR firms, but in major corporations and governments. "How are we going to HANDLE these people?" "We are going to have to HANDLE the public reaction" are sentences that are endlessly spewed all over the New York mass media, the Hollywood-based "entertainment" studios and the Federal Government in Washington DC. Handle, handle, handle. That's what the power-elite, ponzi artists are concerned with in their daily lives. So, they figure, the best way to "handle" all this is to consolidate the media down to less than 10 multinational corporations (done); take controlling ownership of each (done); and then promulgate an endless spew of false reality to the general population. Now the public can be HANDLED because they have been pre-programmed to act in "politically correct" ways. Part of this handling is done by people known as "PUNDITS" -- those puking, round faces and blond bimboes you see every evening on the major networks like CNN, FOX NEWS, PBS and MSNBC. The puking faces -- usually males -- are just Frankford School graduates doing their standard recitals; but the blond bimbos -- usually females -- have NO IDEA what they're saying. These are miked in the left ear by some puking face in a control booth who spews out the neo-con verbiage his paymasters at corporate want.


Anyone with billions of excess money, weapons and "handlers," next wants REAL ESTATE. But when you have major weapons -- like the entire $700 billion-per-year U.S. Military at your disposal -- it's not just more ocean-front property we're talking about. It's countries literally covered with oceans of OIL that interest you. And they interest you because the planet Earth started running out of petroleum in the year 1999 -- and "news" of this has been well "handled" by the consolidated media. Of course, the public still thinks $4-gasoline prices are because of "speculators," "demand from China" or "greedy oil companies" -- and that's fine -- no need to tell them we're out of oil, because if they were told this, they would stop slaving on the oil rigs and refineries. The tankers and truckers would also see that it's pointless: why work in an industry that's played out? If this happened, the whole multi-trillion dollar global petroleum industry would come to a squeaking halt and the U.S. dollar, which is denominated in barrels of OIL even though it's "backed" by nothing but DEBT, would crumble. And if it crumbled, where would the power elite get the oil to fuel its U.S. Military, their protection? Without a well-oiled protection machine it could be quite difficult to HANDLE billions of angry, pissed-off world citizens, who have been de-frauded and fucked for over 100 years. In particular, they would probably be quite ticked at government and corporate "leaders" who -- since King Hubbert's correct prediction of US peak oil in 1970 -- failed to adequately prepare for the future energy needs of the country, and the world for than matter. Imagine, highly-educated, highly-paid, reverently-moral governments, financial institutions and multinational corporations not giving a shit about PRUDENTLY segueing the world from one energy source to the next. Imagine, all these responsible leaders from industry and government wallowing in fiat money, banking fraud, government power and corporate profits for over a CENTURY while the world over populates to 7 billion oil-addicted human beings. It's almost as if their entire plan was to promote or allow over-population just so they would have more consumers and slave workers.


Whether all this was by plan or by accident, no one will ever know for sure. One thing we do know for sure however is, the scientists and technologists who have made the technological world possible have in some sense failed. They have NOT failed in providing good science and good technology, but failed by selling out to government-dominated corporate interests. Government has no business being involved in science if the human race wants to evolve to a state of being higher than paranoid, war mongers.

Government, not just the US government, will ALWAYS try to FUCK its way into the science community on the grounds that it is looking after "national security." To this, I say the National Security Agency, the NSA, should be the next agency that's abolished after the Fed is abolished.

The FED generates bogus money and the NSA generates bogus fear. The entire purpose of the NSA is to provide the US government with "feasible" information so they can "justify" perpetual wars. Perpetual wars and perpetual fear are the instruments of monetary extortion, both in fiat money and taxation.

To the degree the government is permitted by WE THE PEOPLE to engage in war and secrecy, the government will demand the authority to regulate and own all science. To the degree a government funds or regulates science and technology all science and technology will be biased to belligerent uses. It's thus no wonder the world is now out of petroleum and the free-market system has provided no viable alternatives -- that we know of. Which brings up another primary use for the NSA: to snoop on WE THE SCIENTISTS to make certain no more Nikola Tesla's arise. Nikola Teslas would be individual scientists or private science enterprises that have no attachments to government funding or special privilege bribes. In other words, if you are developing SAI in your garage, the NSA is trying to find out about you. It's doing this so it can provide "intelligence" to the U.S. government so it can deem you a "national security threat" if you won't sell out. Given this, it would be surprising if the NSA doesn't keep reasonably close tabs on both Ray Kurzweil and this site.


I never like to present problems without suggesting a few solutions as I see them in present time:

1) The first step is for Americans to regain control of Congress by enacting term limits. Until term limits are enacted, all congressmen must be voted out as soon as their first term expires. This is happening now and must be continued. Only when a Congress arrives that enacts term limits can WE THE PEOPLE be justifiably hopeful that we finally have a Congress that is more interested in the welfare of the nation than their personal careers. A Congress that enacts term limits will be working for WE THE PEOPLE, not WE THE CORPORATIONS or WE THE BANKS. Such a Congress must perform its first major act, that of correcting major legislation that is in violation of Article I Sections 8 & 10 of the U.S. Constitution. The legislation referred to is the Glass-Owen Act that founded the Federal Reserve System.

2) With the appropriate Congress in place, the Fed and its fiat currency/fractional reserve banking must continue to be exposed as the fraud-Ponzi it is. Fed must be attenuated to a 4% annual auto-expansion of the money supply, as suggested by the late Milton Fried man and eventually phased out. To facilitate this phasing out, competing currencies must be introduced so citizens can play the MAJOR role in choosing their currency, as it should be. To this end the State of Utah has announced that it will be making GOLD legal tender. This means citizens of Utah can now pay for their groceries and taxes in gold. Additional states are moving in this direction, among which are Montana, Nevada, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Rhode Island and others. This is system works as it was the way the Euro was introduced.

3) When customers are presented with a choice of having their change in debt-backed Federal Reserve Notes or gold-backed Gold Certificates, they will opt for the later. Thus, when the gold standard is reestablished, Federal Reserve Notes, forced to compete with specie-redeemable money will be phased out of circulation. Eventually the Federal Reserve Act can be rescinded and the actors/apologists for the system brought to justice.

4) With a term-limit Congress in session, other tests will be not only rescinding the Federal Reserve Act, but rescinding the PATRIOT Act. Later the NSA, the Department of Energy and the Department of Education should be abolished. Many other departments will also have to be defunded and abolished in order to roll back the welfare state.

5) But the warfare state is the other half of the problem. At a cost of over $700 billion a year, the it's absolutely ridiculous that we have over 800 military bases in 140 countries. Many of these military bases are there to make sure the U.S. can "purchase" all the oil it wants with bogus Federal Reserve Notes we print on demand. Anytime the corporate fascists in the Oil Establishment want more oil, they tell their Congressmen in Washington to figure out a way of invading such and such oil-rich country if they want to get re-elected. With the oil-rich country selected, some pretext is dreamt up and we send in the bombers and the boots. Later Halliburton-type corporations invade and take the oil while a bunch of kids that know nothing about politics roam the streets with machine guns. So these adventures of the U.S. military must be attenuated, as fun as it's been. Also the U.S. must bow out of NATO, the UN, the IMF/World Bank, GATT and NAFTA.

6) A Congress that works for WE THE PEOPLE (not WE THE BANKS or THEMSELVES) would never allow its People to be sent to war without its consent. Thus Presidents that have the AUDACITY to seek authorization to go to war from the UN rather than the U.S. Congress would IMMEDIATELY be impeached. Also, any member of Congress that condones such behavior -- violations against the highest law in the land -- should also be impeached.


Once the money-machine of the FED is gone, the fear-machine of the NSA is gone, we have attenuated our military and its global presence by at least 50%, free-enterprise science will be able to generate technological solutions to humanities' problems without government threats and mass-paranoia. As Stanton Evans once said: "War is the health of state" thus, to the degree we allow huge governments -- or huge corporations utilizing government power -- to dictate reality, we will be enslaved to a hate-filled world of scarcity and ignorance.

30 April 2011

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