Goals for America
by Matt Huntington

Circulate this email to your friends and associates in order to gather ideas that could be reasonably achieved in the next 10 years to make us all proud of America and American society. The ideas below could eventually be expressed as goals rather than loose concepts.


  1. Have 25% of the U.S. running on fusion power.

  2. Reduce consumption of fossil fuels by 50%.

  3. Reduce reliance on foreign oil by 75%.

  4. Rebuild the World Trade Center (preferably as a giant pyramid, in my opinion) using high technology building materials and techniques, making the new WTC not just a business place but also a tourist attraction for reasons other than just its architecture,( i.e. include a museum, clean, high speed transit inside the WTC, an aquarium, all food sold inside the WTC should be grown within its confines, hydroponically, etc.).

  5. 50% of individual transport should be in small, electric cars, such as the European "Smart" car. High power gasoline engines should be reserved for transport of heavy materials and goods.

  6. Achieve a manned mission to Mars, following Robert Zubrin's Mars Direct plan. This goal would stimulate an accelerated purpose for the development of clean fusion power. (See item #1 above).

  7. 75% of all consumer products using plastic containers as packaging are packaged in biodegradable plastics.

If you agree with at least 51% of this article, please forward it to your mailing list. The mainstream media may or may not address this subject, thus it's up to responsible citizens to disseminate important issues
so that a healthy public discourse can be pursued.

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