Why the GM Bankruptcy Epitomizes Liabilities of the Globalist Agenda
by James Jaeger

So General Motors, the American icon of the world's once-premiere manufacturing base, is going to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy tomorrow!

Why do American workers continue to put up with a monetary system that allows this, a system that makes Wall Street bankers rich while Main Street workers are forced into unemployment lines? Is Treasury Secretary, Geithner, going to China to help facilitate CARS for BONDS? If so, why does the working public continue to put up with a monetary system that is so dependent on debt, U.S. jobs are being replaced by Communist slaves in order to keep the Fed banking cartel's interest payments coming? All of this is total insanity -- and it's unfolding right before your faces, folks.

Where does it all begin? It all begins -- as I have been "spewing" for 15 years -- with FIAT money. If you haven't watched FIAT EMPIRE, you DESERVE to lose your job at GM for being such an "American Idiot" (the name of my new TV Show).

Here's how it adds up.

As we all learned from ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM (the movie on alternative Internet TV) and PAT BUCHANAN (the political historian on mainstream TV), American labor -- the United Auto Workers (UAW) for instance -- is under assault from basically two (2) sectors:

A. Cheap Foreign Workers (such as Chinese Workers);

B. Cheap Domestic Technology (such as AI Workers).

As Buchanan says in his only-idiots-won't-read book, DEATH OF THE WEST, hundreds of millions of laborers were suddenly dumped onto the world market when the Soviet Union and Communist China collapsed and liberalized, respectively. These hundreds of millions will work for less money than either the UAW or the AIW (AI Workers). So, greedy, BenedictArnold-CEOs -- "justified" by NAFTA, GATT and WTO rules -- have been moving their mega-corps out of the U.S. and into countries where these hundreds of millions of cheap workers will make cheap stuff that credit card addicts in the U.S. will snap up at their local Traitor-Marts (such as a Wal-Mart).

But, as the credit card consumers -- that's probably YOU -- consume, they create debt. Since every "dollar" (i.e., Federal Reserve Note) is backed by DEBT, the MONEY SUPPLY (M3) is proportional to the NATIONAL DEBT. (See So the more money we all require to BUY this cheap stuff from China (DVD players, cell phones, game consults, HDs, plasma and LED TVs, etc.), the more we draw-down our credit cards, home equity lines or borrow elsewhere. This has been BabyBoomer history for the past 20 years. See

Since Federal Reserve Notes ("money") is created from debt, interest-bearing principle is created whenever "money" is created by the Fed. This principle requires debt service (i.e., interest payments), thus MORE "money" must be created in order to pay the interest. But when more "money" is created, it automatically creates more principle with yet more debt service required. Thus it's a Ponzi. This Ponzi is known as the "Impossible Contract Problem" or the "ICP" and LA attorney, Ellen Brown, explicates it in some detail in her book, WEB OF DEBT.

The Impossible Contract Problem leads big GM-type corps into the quicksand because the Fed Banks all but THROW money at them to borrow. Why? Because these Banks create this "money" out of NOTHING. They monetize debt and create the money through fractional reserve. (See movie, MONEY AS DEBT, on Google Video) So, if you were a businessman, and you could create a "product" out of nothing, wouldn't you attempt to sell or rent as much of that "product" to qualified mega-corps as possible? Well, this is exactly what the Fed-member Banks do: they rent as much money to the GMs of the world as they possibly can and they collect as many interest payments as they can on that bogus money. This is called lending FIAT money and it's EXACTLY why it's illegal under Article I of the U.S. Constitution: "No Bills of Credit".

So, GM borrows and eventually over-extends itself with fiat money from the Fed Banking Cartel.(1) Thus, in order to serve their creditors AND in order to pay ever higher wages to the UAW employees (so THEY can pay their increasing credit cards payments at home), GM management is "forced" to cut costs in the hopes of positive cashflowing. Since labor is a large percentage of the costs of manufacturing, this takes them to China for labor, and away from UAW and AIW labor.

Now it's true that a United Auto Worker (UAW) replaced by a Chinese Auto Worker (CAW) still equals an unemployed Human Auto Worker (HAW), but it's worse than had such UAW been replaced by an AI Worker (AIW). Why? Because:

1. AI Workers advance technology in the U.S. whereas;

2. Chinese Auto Workers atrophy technology in the U.S. thus contributing to the destruction of the U.S. manufacturing infrastructure and;

3. Chinese Auto Workers cause massive, accelerated unemployment in the U.S. before its workers are able to make transitions to other industries and/or population reduces and/or a technological manufacturing base, facilitated by AI under human control, is phased in.

Were GM-type corps to have avoided borrowing fiat money from the Federal Reserve Banking cartel at under-market rates, (starting around 1934) and used their own capital formation (savings) to fund their R&D, operations and production, these GM-type corps would now be in a position make the above mentioned transitions AND usher in an era of unprecedented, debt-free prosperity -- exactly what the banks hate. Further, they would be in a position to develop sophisticated AI to better guide the robots they already use and thus make more products more economically.

Building AI to operate robots ultimately does replace human brains (as ZEITGEIST says) but at least it keeps TECHNOLOGY in the U.S. where it can stimulate new industries and new jobs suited to humans as well as increase the GENERAL WELFARE of the nation as the U.S. Constitution stipulates twice -- not WELFARE IN GENERAL as socialists interpret the Constitution. Thus, from the U.S. point of view, it would be better to develop AI Workers than to see the UAW lose their jobs to human workers in China. In other words, it's better for the UAW to suffer job losses to AIW rather than to suffer them to CAW (Chinese Auto Workers).

But the Globalist apologist does NOT hold the U.S. point of view. Until and unless the average American groks this fact, they will never get a handle on the situation. The goal of Globalists -- as promoted by the likes of Fareed Zakaria, George Soros, the Council on Foreign Relations, FOREIGN AFFAIRS magazine, the DAVOS crowd, the Bush and Clinton Dynasties and all the multinational corporations that have purchased influence over Congress -- is to mitigate the power of the United States and bring it under a so-called New World Order that is dominated by an oligarchy: a totalitarian government operated by an elite circle estimated at about 7,000. This oligarchy, controlled mostly by a plutocracy (rule by the rich), but also controlled by intellectuals (ranging from the Ray Kurzweils and Al Gores of the world to the Mitt Romneys and Bill Gates of the world), is hell-bent on disposing of the idea of SELF-GOVERNMENT. Self-Government is what the U.S. Constitution set up for Americans as a liberal Republic (NOT a liberal Democracy). This form of government -- a self-governing liberal Republic -- has NEVER been accomplished on this planet before. All governments, down through time, have been oligarchies of one sort or another. (See OVERVIEW OF AMERICA on Google Video) Self-government has been unheard of until 1776. Under self-government the U.S. has grown to be the most successful nation ever. Self-government also allows, if not demands, free-enterprise capitalism with broad competition: the enemy of the Globalist even though he spews "free" trade.

Yes, free-enterprise capitalism and competition are NOT the plan for the Globalist Pig. Just after the American Pig, John Rockefeller, declared in the Industrial Revolution, "competition is a sin," he went on to destroyed all his competitors and consolidated his industries to establish the blueprint for the now over-consolidated, monopoly-capitalist system we see today in multinational corporations, the Wall Street banking industry, Big Oil, MPAA studios in Hollywood, the New York media machine, Big Pharma and the APA-infested mental "health" industries of today.

So here's the situation you Americans are now facing due to your unwise tolerance for the Federal Reserve System, consolidation and consumption of endless cultural Marxist-infested movie/media propaganda. Geithner in China will be making a deal with the Chinese. The deal will be something like this:

'You Chinese keep buying our U.S. debt (so the Federal Reserve doesn't have to buy it, with money it prints up, thus inflating the currency and causing prices to rise). In return the U.S. government will bring you GM's head on a platter. Now you Chinese guys don't have to just make cheap little black boxes (DVD players, TVs, etc.), you can make expensive big boxes (automobiles and trucks) and sell THESE to all the American Idiots for even MORE Federal Reserve Notes (which you will hopefully invest in even more U.S. debt).'
No matter how you slice it, more debt means more interest payments for the Federal Reserve Banksters. No wonder there is a bank (or four) on every major American street corner. If there is not a bank there, then there's one of Big Oil's gasoline stations (with its monopoly-priced prices). Yes, that decrepit, dime-proffering Rockefeller knew exactly what he was doing when he formed Standard Oil of New Jersey and later Chase Manhattan Bank, both now integral parts of the Big Oil and Big Bank Establishment that is now raping and pillaging the American (and global) economy and undermining the U.S. Constitution.

So UAW, wake up, you're not being screwed by AIW Employees but by FED elitists and Big Oil.(2) The only solution to this entire problem is for the American Idiots to rise up and STOP borrowing money. They must also move their money from all Fed-member banks to NONFed-member banks, of which there are about 5,000 across the nation. They must stop using credit cards entirely. Cut ALL of them in half immediately. They must stop borrowing against their home equity. They must stop borrowing even for college tuitions, cars and payrolls.

Companies must stop borrowing for research/development, production, capital goods and even seasonal inventory. Use capital formation.

Americans must stop borrowing for consumption. They must stop buying goods from WalMart-like stores (that get their products from Chinese slaves) and buy from their local stores -- even if they must pay more as that's their punishment for being an ignorant, pig all these years. Americans must start driving flex-fuel cars and stop driving cars that exclusively use gasoline. They must DEMAND that alternative energy companies -- companies that rely on zero fossil fuels -- are EQUITY-financed and build pronto. They must DEMAND that COLD FUSION technology be deployed immediately and the criminals that are now attempting to suppress it (from recent shows like 60-MINUTES) are jailed immediately. (See HEAVY WATERGATE on Google Video)

Americans must resign from working in banks and oil companies and even refuse to serve in the military when it's used to facilitate the invasion of other countries for oil and resources, including human resources. Americans must refuse to allow their Congress to grant big multinational corporations special favors and they must demand that anti-trust laws are enforced. They must insist that large consolidated companies, like GM, AIG and Wachovia, are allowed to fail or go bankrupt -- even if they are deemed "too big to fail" by apologists and ignoramuses of the system. They must stop allowing taxpayer money to be used to bail out U.S. corporations that have become addicted to Wall Street greed-games and Federal Reserve fiat-money. (See THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND for a discussion of the long list of former taxpayer bailouts the consolidated media isn't discussing.) They must spread the word on how the banksters operate their Ponzi scheme and the effects this has on the American infrastructure and the everyday worker, whether unionized or not.

Americans must also demand that the human monopolies known as UNIONS -- such AS the UAW -- are broken up under existing anti-trust laws. One of the reasons the U.S. motion picture industry, for instance, is still dominated AND controlled by a small circle of insiders is because it's in bed with unions, in particular IATSE, SAG, DGA and WGA. These unions operate in restraint of trade: stifling competition, keeping new talent out and maintaining a workforce that has been steadily escalating the cost of production and marketing motion picture to totally insane heights. As a result, the same old propaganda machine continues to victimize the American Idiots day in and day out. Unions, including the UAW, are doing the same things in the auto industry, and this is one of the reasons most of the major auto manufactures are in trouble. This all must stop

Americans must also STOP watching violence-oriented movies and games coming out of Hollywood, movies and games that make the world seem more dangerous than it is and endlessly demoralize people into inaction. In short the twenty-one liberal, secular males of European heritage that dominate the seven MPAA studio/distributors must be diluted with a serious diversity, or go.(3) The corporate media, predatory Hollywood movie industry and bank-financed network TV propaganda machine must all end. (See the book, IT'S THE MEDIA, STUPID!)

Concerned citizens must join the Ron Paul Revolution whether they are a so-called Democrat or Republican as there is no difference between these two CFR-infested parties: they both want BIGGER government and faster admittance to the New World Oligarchy. Wake up American Idiots! Smell the U.S. Constitution.(4)

(1) Note that Henry Ford's company has not gone Chapter 11. Can you guess why?

(2) Read TYRANNY OF OIL for a complete and extensive report on Big Oil and its dominance on global politics, the U.S. military and Congress.

(3) See FIRM at

(4) Also smell the stench of the Federal Reserve System by watching FIAT EMPIRE at or getting and disseminating DVDs at

31 May 2009

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