The Tea Party Movement is NOT Your Grandfather's Jacksonian Populism

by James Jaeger

Like Communism, Globalism is dead, or at least dying. When we burst into a world with 7 billion from a mere 3.5 billion 50 years ago, it was mostly due to petroleum and integrated chips. Now the petroleum is gone and we're on the "bumpy plateau" -- meaning, the price of oil will continue to go up and down in chaotic, but inverse, step with the fiat money-precipitated business cycle. In other words: we're all in trouble, especially globalization: the idea of moving huge ocean-going freighters all over the planet by means of oil-burning engines.

But the CFR-infested Establishment will permit little of the "bumpy plateau" to be aired on the network propaganda machine.(1) Instead the propaganda machine airs neo-Jacksonian populism, starring as the Tea Party Movement! That's the real threat. This ill-defined revolution of Paulites and Palinites -- with their aversion to debt and unrealistic attitudes about foreign policy -- is surely a bigger threat than peak oil, and maybe it is, at least to the globalists. How could America have fallen into such a mess, they promote? And god-forbid if the new Jacksonians were to ever take over the Senate and/or the Presidency, that would be horrifying, again, at least to the globalists.

Imagine a world where Jacksonian populists -- average American citizens -- were correct in their thinking: America IS exceptional ... therefore nationalism IS wholly justified, contrary to precepts of the liberal world order being hammered together by the international power elite. Imagine if Locke was really correct and Hobbes was not. Well guess what folks, the CFR-crowd is beginning to get the message about Locke -- after about a century.

Of course the idea of comparing the Tea Party Movement to Jacksonianism is pedantic drivel at the very least. So many things are different today, the comparison is naive. First of all, today's populists are heavily influenced by libertarian principles, not just far-right conservatism. The idea that, if attacked, Tea Partiers would seek total war leading to an unconditional surrender of the "enemy" is something only the neocon-infested mind could dream up and didactically spew on the pages of slick periodicals. To wit: Ron Paul Tea Partiers do NOT want more foreign entanglements, they want less. They are not interventionist, nor are they isolationist. They want to engage with the world and FAIR-trade with the world, they just don't want to become homogenized INTO the world, nor do they want to police it. They want to lead by demonstration, not through military threat. Of course, Palinites might be a little more cocky, but who are they but impostures that have attempted to hijack the Ron Paul Revolution. The real impetus for the so-called Tea Party Movement is Ron Paul: not the rants of some on-air CNBC financial reporter on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It's no wonder this myth would be floated by the increasingly "troubled" Establishment propaganda ministers who can't afford to give Ron Paul any credit for anything. So the Tea Party Movement is not only attributed to bogus sources, it's mischaracterized by globalist apologists (such as Walter Russell Mead) as neo-Jacksonianism.

But if the Tea Party Movement is not Jacksonianism, nor about Sara Palin, globalization or foreign wars, what is it about?

It's about limited government. Period. It's about the QUANTITY of government, not necessarily the QUALITY of government. The U.S. Federal government is too big. It's way too big, a multi-trillion dollar parasite on potentially the world's most productive civilization. It's the chest-buster in ALIEN, the movie, sucking the face of Americans stranded on planet CYGNUS 66. If it takes a modern-day populist insurgency, or film, to make this point, then so be it. If it takes a re-awakening and application of the U.S. Constitution to contain it, then let the containment begin. A minority of Ron Paul revolutionaries can block appointments and statist legislation through the filibuster. They can block the ratification of the globalists' NAFTA-like treaties with only a one-third vote of the senate. In this day of the $14 trillion debt-expensed, welfare-warfare state, I say let the blocking begin. Let the insane political freaks that have overrun our government be exterminated and ejected from the system. Yes, let the deep roots of American populism express themselves once again, by whatever name, by whatever new political party to come. See SPOILER - How a Third Political Party Could Succeed.

Like the anti-Establishment, populist movement that rallied behind Andrew Jackson a century ago, today's populists have rallied to once again get rid of a central bank, this time the bank's called the Federal Reserve System. In Jackson's time it was known as the Second Bank of the United States. And why was it called the SECOND bank? Well, because there was a FIRST central bank as well. Yes, the Federal Reserve is the THIRD central bank scourge this nation has had to contend with. And each time, after enough raping and pillaging, the American citizens wake up and say NO!

And why do they say NO? They say NO, because CENTRAL BANKS ARE THE ENGINES OF BIG GOVERNMENT. They say NO because they increasingly understand that GLOBAL GOVERNMENT is the ultimate BIG government and as a result it requires a WORLD CENTRAL BANK. In short, the Globalists NEED the fiat money printed up by central banks to carry out their New World Order, now referred to as the "liberal world order."

Unlike the Jacksonians of Andrew's time who were inspired by the Scottish Enlightenment -- the idea that the layperson is capable of understanding philosophic, ethical, political and scientific truths -- this crop of populists is inspired by the Digital Enlightenment: the idea that truth is available on the free-market Internet and through social media that bypass the mainstream propaganda machine. And this is the exact reason you see mainstream cultural Marxists, corporate fascists, neocons and CFR-infested globalists mad over the wet-dream of regulating it. For if the truth-telling of the Internet is not contained, they tropistically reason, how can their Orwellian-truths again dominate the public mind: "truths" like "federal deficits produce economic growth and free trade with low-wage countries raises Americans' living standards."(2)

Now that Communism has gone underground -- via the "march through the institutions," as Marcuse might say -- what is the rationale for the military industrial complex? What is the rationale for U.S. initiatives, such as the development of a liberal trading system that can expand the role of the central bank in financing the new global empire? Unfortunately for globalism, the Paulite-wing of the Tea Party Movement does not believe that U.S. interests are well-served by the creation of a liberal, cosmopolitan world order, as nice and sophisticated as it may sound. And there are two traditional reasons for this, with one overwhelming practical reason. Jefferson warned us about entangling alliances and Hamilton advised us to build tariff walls around the country in times of economic need. Make no mistake about it, we are now in economic need: these two traditional reasons ring loud and clear with today's Tea Partiers. But what is the overwhelming practical reason globalization is foolish? It's foolish because it violates one of the primary tenets of the physical universe's survival strategy, redundancy. It also violates the primary survival methodology of biology, fecundity, in that each nation-state is, or should be a self-sufficient entity capable of standing on its own, yet contributing to the whole. In short, don't put all your eggs in one basket. When you have a world tied together in one top-down economic basket, that world subjects all its institutions, people and eggs to destruction and disease, economic and otherwise. If one nation gets sick, the rest get sick. This is a recipe for world annihilation -- at least until we are a multi-planetary species with redundancy, ipso facto. Truly, the neocon-globalists that want the "creation of a liberal and cosmopolitan world order" without taking into account the potential liabilities of a totally dependent global system, nor the passive leadership potentials embodied in American exceptionalism, are psychopaths drunk on a cocktail heavily spiked with megalomania.

So the next time you hear some erudite academic (or similar bathroom scrawler) say something like: "Ron Paul looks for ways to avoid contact with the world, whereas Sarah Palin would rather win than withdraw." know what cocktail they are sipping. And yes, be glad for past Jacksonian efforts, but make no mistake about the difference between then and now: then they only theorized about the "wisdom of crowds" -- today we can use science to empirically prove that the wisdom of crowds is superior to a palace full of power-hungry globe-trotters desperately seeking to justify their hotel-sex with delusions of liberal world order.

(1) See Matt Simmon's book, TWILIGHT IN THE DESERT. Strangely, Matt is now dead.

(2) Page 34, March/April 2011 edition of Foreign Affairs

Originated: 11 March 2011

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