Will We Ever Be Part of One?

by James Jaeger

Each galaxy in the universe probably only has room for one (1) Type III Civilization, because, after all by definition a Type III civilization uses ALL of the resources and energy of its host galaxy.

Thus, if any two civilizations were to attempt to arise to Type III status in a given galaxy, they would be natural competitors for only one of them will be able to command "all" of the resources of the galaxy. If this is true, we could expect that two Type II civilizations competing to be a Type III civilization would probably mean unimaginable conflict until one or both civilizations are destroyed.

Since the Universe may "want" to avoid such destruction -- especially if the infrastructure of the galaxy itself were also put at risk -- it may not permit multiple civilizations to get anywhere near Type III. Thus, this may be the reason for why we do not see anyone out there even though the galaxy is heavily populated with stars -- the Fermi Paradox.

These things said, we may nevertheless have multiple, small young civilizations here and there, or coming and going over time, all the time. None of us can talk to each other because we never get sophisticated enough to do so, or, more probably, we usually don't exist at the same time.

So what must happen is eventually the conditions are just right and one of these civilizations "suddenly" goes from flight to AI (post-Singularian) in a mere blink of time (200 years) and this civilization then explodes into the one Type III that will capture and dominate its host galaxy. Since the explosion from pre-Type I to Type III is probably very quick, the mathematical chances two or more will explode at exactly the same time (i.e. , in the 200 year range) is very slim. Thus we rarely see 2 or more civilizations advancing to Type III competing with each other. As I stated before, were this to happen, large Type II civilizations (civilizations controlling many star systems all over the galaxy) would probably compete with each other but then destroy the last competitor when it got down to just two. At this point the last two competitors may not only destroy each other, but the entire host galaxy. If this is the inevitable scenario of a bi-polar system, I would think nature's God would want to avoid it. Thus maybe we see nothing but quiet throughout the galaxy until suddenly a civilization with all the right conditions explodes onto the scene as a full Type III, fully in command of its galaxy. No competition from others at any time.

To the degree the duration of technological civilizations is short (relative to the duration of the host galaxy) AND the galaxy is large, the chances that two or more civilizations will exist simultaneously moves towards zero. This is thus the most likely explanation for the Fermi Paradox: that only one or zero civilizations exist simultaneously in any given galaxy. So, in essence, every civilization that emerges gets its shot up at bat one at a time. We may be THE civilization approaching our shot at bat at this time. If so between now and the time our Singularity is possible, we must engineer all conditions carefully and correctly otherwise we will fail to go Type I, Type II and then Type III. No one knows if this precession happens quickly or slowly, but if it happens slowly, there are probably opportunities for new civilizations to emerge and compete. Under such a scenario we might get the galaxy being populated with longer-duration Type I and Type II civilizations, for a Type II civilization probably has a greater duration than a Type I and a Type III civilization probably has a longer duration than a Type II. At this point -- the point of multiple Type IIs all over the galaxy -- the Fermi Paradox might go away as all, or most of the civilizations, would be able to detect and/or communicate with each other. This could then lead to an era of benevolent cooperation or an era of hostile competition. If the later, it could end up being a galactic arms race like no other. If the former, it could end up in a vast galactic federation of immense value and prosperity.

Given these politics, there is no reason to assume that any politics that would carry on at the galactic level would be any different from the politics we now experience here on earth. "Thy will be done on Earth as is done in Heaven" takes on new meaning when this possibility is considered. And this is a profound reality if it's true, for it means the universe may have been designed as a "training ground" at every level -- even this humble earthly level. It means that indeed we may be here being "tested" and/or even "trained" on a cosmic scale. Thus, if we cannot resolve our political challenges here on earth, we will never be able to resolve the challenges on a galactic stage. If we DO resolve our political challenges here -- and by implication our economic and social challenges -- we may end up being in the running one day as a full Type I and Type II civilization -- on our way to the one Type III civilization that wins the galaxy.

So maybe what we all do here and now DOES matter.

Originated: 01 October 2016

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