The Use of Force
by James Jaeger

Partying Human Beings

When you limit people's party time by curfews and shutting bars - they attempt to party harder in the limited time they have. When drinks are discounted to pack attendance into this limited time frame, patrons throw down more and more discounted drinks - especially when they are trying to recoup the $3 to $5 cover charge they have had to pay. Then when they are at the height of recklessness, they are expelled into the night community at 1:45 or 2:45 A.M. in search of something more to do so the brain cells they have destroyed have not gone to waste. Now the town has all these "Drunk Drivers" suddenly out on the roads who "must be dealt with". To handle this, bars should be open all night. Then there would be an even flow of people in and out of them and no sudden bursts. Cover charges and discounted drinks would not be needed.

Another reason bar cover charges should be abolished is because they cause people to bounce around the island from bar to bar, looking for a cheaper place to go. Thus cover charges cause greater amounts of drunk drivers on the roads. The more people there are in a bar, the more each person drinks. The less people in a bar, the less each person drinks. This is because heightened socializing tends to cause people to drink more. Hence, instead of cover charges and drink discounts between certain hours - bars should base drink prices on the total number of people in the bar. After all people come to bars to purchase social interaction. If the bar has five people in it, a drink might cost $1. When the number goes up to twenty people, the same drink might cost $1.50. When the bar is at maximum legal limit, that drink might cost $3.00.

Drinking & Parties

The concept of placing age restrictions on a being's drinking rights is archaic and stupid. Many 20 year olders are much more responsible than their divorced 46 year old parents. It's the parents who implant aberrations in children. A person does what he is permitted not to do and does not do what he is permitted to do. The reason for this is the fact that a person's primary purpose for living is to experience and when anyone says you cannot experience - it's tantamount to saying you cannot live.

Therefore, it seems that police are interested in breaking up private parties for any reason that can be "justified" because they do not want people going off into pockets where they cannot be watched. What is this Russia? Russia might be becoming more democratic but the U.S. is becoming more totalitarian.

Go up to one of your happily married friends or a friend who has several children and ask them: "Where did you meet your spouse"? Most of the time they will say at a night club or a social function. Almost all of the time there was alcohol present at that function. Because people cannot talk to each other due to the fact that religions have made them paranoid on the subject of sex - they must use drugs to make or allow themselves to copulate. Thus sex is the initial REASON for the existence of drugs. It is that simple. Drugs promote sex and sex causes children and children are each new generation. Put bluntly, mad mothers do not tell you that for every human body that is destroyed in an drug related (auto) incident, 100 human bodies are created in a drug related incident - such as places of copulation. This would make an interesting area to more fully survey.

Police State

Let me emphasize this: If LBI gets a reputation of being a police state (which it is at this date) it will deter vacationers in droves. The Baby Boom generation does NOT like to be hassled by police (which are much more real than thermo nuclear weapons). Especially policemen that are younger than them who go home and coke up in the privacy of their living rooms after busting up a beer party. Yes it DOES OCCUR. The place to fight the drug problem is not at resorts but on other fronts. Every time you bust a user you increase the demand. The following fronts are where to deal with drugs:

  • Education of children before they use.
  • Testing in the work place.
  • Production Sources (such as Columbia).
  • Money transfers and laundering.
  • Making sure each casual user spends at least some time in jail or boot camp.
  • Dealers not at the street level.
  • Network and Feature movie producers disseminating violence and drug use in their films.

Getting rid of dealers is stupid because more will be created for each one taken out. Dealers are "valuable" because they lead to sources. Dealers vanish when the product flow stops. Users vanish when dealers cease to exist. Tax money spent on going after dealers and users is wasted, that is why the war on drugs has not been won yet.

Police are friends of the people. They only become harsh because they are frustrated by the fact that their MO does not seem to be working. Hence to feel fulfilled, they have to make any and all little busts and arrests, etc., on Vacationers.

Compared to the world and LA, most of the stuff happening in other places, including LBI is "little dick stuff."

Remember, fat, rich people, low on testosterone, can't have enough police around them because they 1) pay for the protection with taxes 2) are too out of shape to defend themselves and 3) never party for reasons other than political reasons or to make money connections. That's why they are fat - they constantly sit at tables talking or they walk slowly around golf courses also talking.

Property Values

Also remember, since it is extremely wealthy people who really want the increased police; they use crime and drugs as an excuse to justify all increase in the police force around them because what they really want is protection from the masses of people who they are screwing.

Although they try to own less than 5% of the corporate stock of publications (to escape SEC ownership disclosure), it is vital to remember that many of them own and/or control the news publications and mass media which they use as their instrument to churn up the environment so it is easier for them to justify "more police." Taken to its limit, this is the military complex hard at work, serving these people - who are usually bankers, large property owners and trust-money managers. (I know because I fall into two of these categories.)

The $300,000,000,000, which you and I, as tax paying suckers, shell out for the military budget each year, feed this aberrated mentality so what we get is Americans' money being mostly spent to safeguard money of the rich. That is not the purpose of the energy called money. The purpose of money is to be spent in the direction of creating new and better products and services more efficiently so that Homo Sapiens is better able to remedy the hardships of existing in a vast Universe of astronomically adverse proportions.

When Homo Sapiens has evolved to a point where he realizes that International Law must make it illegal for any entity (including citizens buying T-Bonds), to lend money to another entity (a government) for the purpose of creating or deploying any type of weapon, Mankind will evolve out of the New Dark Age he is in. The reason it is Universally Illegal to used borrowed energy for lethal weapons is because it holds in place the factors that promote war by allowing weaker species to be used by covert but stronger species to do the fighting for them.

Banker B (stronger species), by lending money to both warring sides (weaker species), covertly or overtly, fattens his pockets (with interest) while others die fighting each other for some stupid reason (like a religious fad). Then the Banker (and its hidden stock and bond owners), pay themselves back out of the plunder of the losing warring faction while they continue to collect interest from the prevailing faction. This is why I said above: ". . . it is extremely wealthy people who really want the increased police; they use crime and drugs as an excuse to justify all increase in the police force around them because what they really want is protection from the masses of people who they are screwing."

Once all the above is more generally understood, the many "problems" discussed herein will begin to resolve automatically in the tide of a generally improving world condition - which is inevitable. The World IS improving and NEVER buy into any different opinions because - by doing so - you would be part of the problem, not the solution. And I know, the dedicated work most people like you put in are improving the future of our culture and yes, even LBI - one of the finest resorts there is anywhere on the Planet.

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