More Media and Government Exploitation

by James Jaeger

Thank God we have NFL players and the DUI Laws otherwise the government would have little to do.

Take a look at the recently-published "Rap Sheet" from USA Today.(1) In the past 14 years, 713 NFL players have been arrested, mostly on DUI and drug charges. Just goes to demonstrate the old adage: take a high-testosterone male, make him a superstar football player, give him millions of dollars and he's going to be an angel.

But all jokes aside, what does this say about our hypocritical, panen et circenses society -- that millions of fans pay to watch gladiators-with-helmets bash their bodies against each other in an astro-turf coliseum? Then these very same fans pay taxes to have the players arrested by the U.S. prison-industrial complex. Something is not right. Maybe some things need to change. I suggest we take a look at the following:

1) White, meat-head citizens need to get a life and stop sitting around the TV drinking beer and watching African Americans hurt themselves on a striped field.

2) The mainstream media and corporate parasites that live off of these blood-sport spectacles need to be run out of business.

3) The federal government needs to get its nose out of alcohol, drugs and the bedroom.

4) Society needs to educate and rehabilitate citizens, football players and even meat-heads about drugs and violence, not incessantly punish and jail them.

Even battered girlfriends and wives of NFL players would probably agree with 1 - 4, as evidenced by Janay Rice, Ray Rice's now-wife, who recently spit on the media for exploiting her elevator beating. (2)

But here's something that the mainstream media won't tell you: criminologists have long established that most crime is "victim-precipitated." That means that Janay was probably hitting Ray BEFORE he hit her. And neither CNN, TMZ or Time Warner or Joe Biden will tell your this because it would lead to the conversation that would put an end to their little, multi-billion dollar profit games.

Here's how the game works: Time-Warner owns both the CNN and TMZ news channels. TMZ thus goes out and actively pays for salacious stories to break. CNN -- the more "respectable" and broader-distributed news division -- then endlessly reports on these "stories" while its parent corporation, Time-Warner, rakes in profits from advertisers on both channels.

Joe Biden's government then takes a cut of the action through the billions generated in the DUI and drug industries that are endlessly validated in the public consciousness by the mainstream media.

Joes friends on K-street also get a cut of the action through the prison-industrial complex fostered by the corporatocracy that finances his election campaigns. Only WE THE PEOPLE -- and We the Football Players -- suffer.

(1) http://www.usatoday.com/sports/nfl/arrests/
(2) http://nesn.com/2014/09/ray-rices-wife-janay-defends-her-husband-blames-media-in-statement/

09 September 2014

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