by James Jaeger

We have had a time of unprecedented expansion of the monetary base since 1913. This has been made possible because of the decoupling of paper currency with specie and the predictable Keynesian-driven addiction to fiat currency and debt.

As the fiat drug wears off (due to the Ponzi winding down), you can be sure the crime rate will catch up quite nicely. And, of course, the Establishment knows this. In fact, this is exactly why they forced through the PATRIOT Act under the pretext of a "War of Terror" and have been converting themselves into a police state. Their actions are highly illegal, and there will be a price to pay eventually.

The fact of the matter is: WE THE PEOPLE are a force of over 300 million and the vast majority of us still have faith in the U.S. Constitution. This document is what unifies us as a nation, the most perfect and beautiful nation ever created in Human history, as Thomas Paine would say. And I agree.

Thus the usurpers and rogue politicians that now infest DC are a very small minority, mostly sent there by K-street lobby firms. According to research from James E. Ewart's PRINCIPIA publishing, this control group is not more than 7,000 -- those 7,000 taking marching orders from an inner circle of about 300, with yet a smaller control group of about 50. These are what are known as Globalists, and their mission is nothing less than the establishment of a one-world order with themselves at the apex. This is no longer a "conspiracy theory," these people have been going public with their plans for years in the pages of such publications as Foreign Affairs magazine.

But as long as 80 million of WE THE PEOPLE "keep and bear" some 400 million arms, this 7,000 isn't going to be able to damage us too much more. Of course, it would be an asymmetrical conflict, but we all know how these turn out. The ants always win.

This is why the military-industrial complex has been waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan for so long. They are trying to gain experience fighting asymmetric wars so they can apply this to, not only the U.S. population, but the world population once it becomes fully aware of the fiat money scam the 1 Percenters (the 7,000) have used for their unjust enrichment.

So when the FIAT EMPIRE collapses -- see movie of same title on YouTube -- all WE THE PEOPLE have to do is establish an alternative commodity currency as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, the states should be doing this now, but their legislatures are still saturated with too many stupid, big-government Lefties to comprehend what's happening. The Lefties still think big gov is their savior against the big bad corporations. What they don't realize is, the big bad corporations are PARTNERS with big gov and neither of them give a shit about the Lefties' welfare.

So, given this mental gridlock amongst the IQ-challenged state legislatures, maybe a total and complete collapse will be good.

Such an event would mean the technology- and fiat money-dependent One Percenters will no longer be able to hire as many of the treasonous scientists and technologists to do their bidding. This will diminish their preemptive ability on human resources and soon afterwards, natural resources.

Also, the One Percent usurpers in DC, Switzerland and Davos will not be able to effectively enforce a majority of the anti-Constitutional "laws" they have purchased.

Of these "laws" they will not be able to enforce are the legal tender "laws." This means WE THE PEOPLE will transact with gold and silver and pay no taxes on it. Thus, gold and silver will immediately become de facto legal tender no matter what the banks, gov and 7,000 usurpers demand.

During these times of transition WE THE PEOPLE just have to be cool and try not to provoke a new Concord and Lexington. Let THEM provoke it and we will have the entire world on our side, because the usurpers are ALSO victimizing the rest of the world as they victimize us. The military-industrial complex knows no political boundaries.

If you are having difficult understanding this, or how I have arrived at these words, you might watch, not only FIAT EMPIRE and ORIGINAL INTENT, but the trailer for our new film, MOLON LABE. The script is also available at and the trailer is at

05 August 2012

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