The Ron Paul Revolution is Here
by James Jaeger

December 31, 2007 is the day everything will change. It's the day RON PAUL will have raised $19 million (more money than all of the other Republican candidates) in just the last Quarter of 2007 from ordinary American citizens that are FED UP. (See dollar counter at http://www.ronpaul2008.com)

American citizens are fed up with a Congress that has been bought and paid for by multi-national corporations. Fed up with lobbyists who are re-configuring U.S. law to suit their corporate clients' global agenda. Fed up with the endless invasion of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Fed up with NAFTA and the outsourcing of middle-class manufacturing jobs under the banner of so-called free trade. Fed up with interventionist foreign policies and the totally un-American practice of "preemptive war." Fed up with the cry of terrorism designed to "justify" an abridgement of the First Amendment and silence dissent. Fed up with endless debt created through the Federal Reserve System that makes all of the above possible by a profligate and irresponsible Congress, Judiciary and Executive that collectively spit on the U.S. Constitution.

This is the time the rogue politicians, corporate elites in the military-industrial-banking complex -- as well as their propagandist apologists in the mainstream, corporate media -- will begin to reacquaint themselves with the Power of the American People who are, always have been, and always will be, one nation under God.

As these events develop in the neural nets of the not-quite-bright, apologists for the status quo, and the mainstream media: relief, panic and expectation will mount. Expectation will mount in the media, not because it is, or ever was, concerned about which candidates are truly NEWSworthy or best for America, but because they are concerned about who they can milk the most money out of for TV commercials and air-time. Panic will mount amongst the apologists of the system, not because they feel Ron Paul and the American Peoples' vision will succeed, but because they will come to realize that their misguided, ideological vision of greed and hubris is being revealed and headed for a crash. And, relief will mount amongst the not-quite-bright who have sat on the sidelines for decades praying for a deus ex machina while doing little or nothing to help themselves and their country.

There are now 301 million people in the United States, a nation that belongs to those 301 million people, not the 7,000 insiders that own or enable the Federal Reserve member banks and/or who attend economic conferences at Davos every year. Ron Paul, in a grass-roots movement, is proving this. All of his campaign contributions are coming from PEOPLE, not multinational CORPORATIONS that have no legal standing as citizens. The very idea of a "corporate citizen" is a misnomer, if not foolish, because only a natural person can vote, thus BE a citizen. Only a natural person has the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Only a natural person has the right to free speech or the right to keep and bear arms. Only a natural person has the right to lobby Congress or make laws.

Unless voters take back control of Congress from the corporate interests that have purchased it through campaign contributions, the United States will continue to wander from the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution and be absorbed by the Globalists' anti-Hamiltonian agenda. This doesn't have to happen as there is a direct, and specific thing you can do. It boils down to two actions:



A quick read of Ron Paul's new book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom, (www.ronpaul2008store.com/servlet/Categories?category=Books) and the material at his website (www.ronpaul2008.com) make it obvious why voting for Dr. Paul will work, but here's what will happen when you re-boot Congress:

When you enter the voting booth in congressional elections, carefully look over the candidates. Any NEW names you see on the ballot, vote ONLY for them. If you're not particular about parties -- don't worry about whether they're Democrats or Republicans -- just vote for anyone that's NOT an incumbent. Vote for someone that's NEW. If you must vote your party, vote ONLY for the new guy. Don't vote for ANYONE that's already in office (an incumbent) and trying to get elected again.

You may be flushing out some people you think are good. And you may be. But you have to look at the bigger picture. The majority of the Congress is entrenched. The Founders had no idea people would stay in office as long as they do today, otherwise they would have placed term-limits on congressmen AND the president from the very start. Back in the 18th Century transportation was a problem and the country had a very small population, something like 4 million people. Thus the Framers wanted to place as few disincentives on people as possible because they wanted people to travel the often great distances and take part in their government. If there were term limits, they felt many people would have never run for office because it wouldn't have been worth it. To travel so far, and with such difficulty in a harsh environment where one was needed on the farm, simply made no sense. But if a citizen had the opportunity to travel to Washington and could make a long-term career of government service, then it made more sense. So this is why we have no term-limits written into the Constitution for congressmen and why the term limit for the president was only written in later.

The term limit for the president was written to avoid the possibility of dynastic presidencies developing. When Roosevelt was in there way too long, look what he brought America: endless expansion of government and socialism ushered in under the economic theories of some European nut named Keynes. The two Bush presidencies are an example of a dynastic presidency. Look at where the presidential activists in this Oil Establishment dynasty have dragged us: invasion of an oil-rich nation on false pretenses, increased risks of terrorism worldwide, failed and non-existent energy policies, skyrocketing gasoline prices, a nation-destroying national debt and trade deficit, unconscionable corporate oil profits and the existential problem of global warming. If Hillary Clinton is elected, this will of course be another example of a dynastic presidency. One shudders to think about where a continuation of the Bill-Hillary dynasty will drag us.

Ron Paul is the only viable alternative for a citizen that wants a constitutional republic, rather than a dynastic empire.

Obviously times have changed since the Founders considered the term limits question. We now have a population of over 300 million people (plenty of candidates). Travel to Washington is no hardship (interstate highway system everywhere). And one farmer can now provide food for thousands of families (mechanized farming). BUT, we now have the opposite problem: an entrenched government that STAYS in Washington way too long! Again, entrenchment is EXACTLY the thing the Founders did NOT want to happen, whether in the executive or the Congress. They wanted a fluid government where power could easily, and peacefully, be transferred from group to group as the needs of the nation changed. They did NOT want the corrupted power that is inevitably fostered by kings, dictators, emperors, entrenchment and dynasties.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are bumping up against today: entrenched, corrupt power, power at the political level and power abetted by multi-national corporate power. And that power is frozen into two political parties that, although superficially different, basically bat the ball back and forth to each other in order to continue doing the bidding of their corporate sponsors: maintain the status quo when it favors international business, and keep independents who might change things (such former independents Ross Perot, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan) out. The problem is the status quo isn't working because it's destroying the Republic. The Republic, set up by the Founders, is supposed to be a much smaller, more citizen-responsive government -- a government fundable and funded largely by taxes on imports and luxuries. Today, the behemoth government we have does none of this. As a result citizens hardly have any say. Massive corporate lobbying is rampant. The United States has become a debt-ridden, consumer empire whose military infests the globe, largely fueled by unConstitutional fiat money generated by the Federal Reserve System.(2) And as oil becomes more expensive (due to the unannounced probability that we have reached peak-oil) this military will preempt more and more of this oil and become an increasing burden on its citizens and the world. As the U.S. debt and trade imbalances increase, the imperial currency may collapse, putting an end to Pax Dollarium.(3)

But as I said above, this doesn't have to happen if the People of the United States purge their nation of the entrenched Congress that no longer serves their individual interests.

Unfortunately all of the Congressmen need to go.(4) If citizens try to figure out who is "good" and who is "bad," there will be little or no agreement. As often observed, each person often falls back on THEIR pet congressman, their pet party and the same-old, same-old situation continues ad nassium. Thus, the only PRAGMATIC remedy is to realize that YOU must do something for the GENERAL WELFARE of YOUR nation and put YOUR selfish interests aside. Yes, YOU must flush out YOUR congressman. This is the only way ALL of them will be flushed out: if everyone does THEIR part. Duh! After all it IS you that are totally responsible for the situation YOU and YOUR country, WE, are now in. So don't try and blame it ALL on the Government or the greedy corporations. YOU inherited a country based on a rational and exquisite Constitution and YOU blew it. YOU were out drinking and partying and making money and crapping around with who knows who or what these past 30 years. And YOU know it. Now YOU need to wise up and remedy this -- or move out of this nation. YOU, hence collectively all of US, have foolishly allowed over 85% of OUR congressmen to gum up Congress for years and decades. With the exception a VERY few (possibly one), they are all in this together to perpetuate their own careers, avoid responsibility (by out-sourcing touchy decisions to the executive and judiciary branches), serve corporate/banking masters and preserve the status quo that keeps the whole black mass in place. So if you want to do something about the BLACK MASS you have created:



If you are a Republican and disdain Democrats, fine. Just flush out YOUR Republican incumbent and replace him or her with a new Republican. If you are a Democrat and disdain Republicans, fine. Just flush out YOUR Democratic incumbent and replace him or her with a new Democratic. With this strategy, both parties will maintain the status quo QUANTITATIVELY, but QUALITATIVELY Congress will be new and different.

With Congress flushed (or re-booted) there will be little or no pre-existing social networks. A congressional social network, during unethical times such as these, facilitates various practices that are not in the public's best interest. Negative practices such as VOTE SWAPPING (a form of collusion), CORPORATE CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS (a form of bribery) and EAR-MARKS/PORK (a form of fraud) are more easily bred when risk is lower. Risk is always lower amongst OLD friends and cronies. A NEW Congress of NEW congressmen, on the other hand, will be more free to do NEW things, NEW things like doing what they are SUPPOSED to do: honestly represent and execute the wishes of their constituents while making choices that will also serve the GENERAL WELFARE of the nation. If YOU vote out all the incumbents, the GENERAL GRIDLOCK now so often observed in Congress will be attenuated. Gridlock and inaction are functions of collusion, bribery and fraud -- elements not wanted or envisioned by the Founders.

If Congress is re-booted (purged) -- and it goes without saying that this means the complete staffs of each congressman must go as well -- fresh new legislation will easily be passed by fresh new minds. Insane systems of taxation and accounting -- such as the current TAX SYSTEM and the COST PLUS system of government contracting -- will be ushered out; the unconstitutional money we currently have will be replaced by Constitutional money; the budget will be balanced; the trade deficit will be remedied; the U.S. will stop its interventionist foreign policy that is now causing the nation to be ISOLATED from the rest of the world; we will pull back much of our military from the 700-plus bases in 130 countries that are driving us into bankruptcy; we will re-allocate a significant portion of the annual $2.7 TRILLION federal budget to proper and prudent uses (such as clean SOLAR and FUSION energy alternatives); and we will rehabilitate the nation's once-proud space program so we are in a position to explore new worlds and thus remedy the stagnation we now find our selves in.

In this new kind of congressional environment, science, technology and education will flourish and prosper. The general welfare will grow. Everyone will benefit.(5) Problems facing Humanity will more easily resolve in the presence of responsible and humble leadership. War -- and those people/industries that support it -- will be seen as it, and they, are: mass disease and mentally ill psychopaths, respectively. The United States of America will once again earn respect around the world, lead by demonstration, not by enforcing the Wilson Doctrine on unwilling nations or by propagandizing the world with a biased media and a violence-oriented, sex-crazed pop culture.

The Independent movement is now bigger than it has ever been. It is interesting to note that, as of 2006, 39% of all Americans identify themselves as Independents.(6) I define an Independent as a registered voter who is reluctant to identify himself strictly with either of the two major parties OR who is a member of one of the third parties. This percentage is WAY up since Ross Perot days and is continuing to climb. In the 1950s and 1960s, Independents were about 25%. Then they jumped to about 33% during the 19802 and 1990s. As of today, 2008, this percentage may be as high as 42%. Demographics are the future and it's interesting to note that 44% of the young adults, age 18 to 29 years, are now Independents. They are FED UP with the Dems and GOP who have robbed them of their future and been perverting the laws of this country. They are FED UP with ideological-driven parties in Washington. America in general is moving increasingly towards the center, cherry picking from either party and avoiding ideology. The American People in power, my generation: lost to sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, may have been rendered stupid and irresponsible, but I think they are finally wiseing up, led by the good minds of the future generation and pragmatic necessity.(7)

So, we're fortunate our Founders gave each generation freedom of speech -- a way to re-evaluate and remedy our mistakes -- as well as a peaceful method of overthrowing our government whenever it's not living up to its potential. Don't look now, but if you're FED-UP, it's time for a peaceful revolution; get out there and vote:



(1) See the book, EMPIRE OF DEBT, by Bill Bonner.

(2) To find out how the Federal Reserve System finances an entrenched Congress, as well as ever expanding government, see the documentary, FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution available at http://www.FiatEmpire.com and on Google Video. Also see the documentary, MONEY AS DEBT, to get a better understanding of how money is created and why the current system will never permit any significant percentage of the TOTAL DEBT to be repaid. MONEY AS DEBT is available on Google Video at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9050474362583451279&q=MONEY+AS+DEBT&total=1938&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0

(3) See the book, THE LONG EMERGENCY, by James Kunstler as well as the books, WHERE THE RIGHT WENT WRONG and DAY OF RECKONING by Patrick J. Buchanan. To get a better understanding on how the war in Iraq was grossly mismanaged, screen the documentary entitled, NO END IN SIGHT.

(4) With the possible exception of Ron Paul, who is the only voice in Congress pointing out the fiat money scam which powers the Empire. Ron Paul, M.D., should run for president because this country needs a physician as soon as possible.

(5) See http://sysopmind.com/singularity.html

(6) http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/06/30/AR2007063000597.html

(7) National Election Studies program at the University of Michigan http://www.independentnation.org/rise_of_independents.htm

(8) For more information on this subject, see Why Removing ALL Incumbents Will Work at http://www.jaegerresearchinstitute.org/articles/overthrow2.htm

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