The Fate of Mankind
by James Jaeger

After giving my original post, "Mankind's Fate," some more thought . . .

What will probably happen is the rich will go on living better and better and the poor will simply die off. Eventually the world population will decrease to maybe 500 million and those remaining will have a high, uniform standard of living.

Machines will do most of the work related to survival and people will live extended lifespans to do nothing but philosophize and complain. As people live longer, and machines continue to do more, the population will continue to decrease. Perhaps those who live the longest -- and who keep their brains updated with the latest wetware -- will become the rulers.

Eventually the planet will only have one man and one women (Adam and Eve) each living forever. They will be served by a huge computer that provides everything they need and can imagine -- even an environment that looks like a garden.

Unfortunately, Adam and Eve will soon have little to do except philosophize about why they exist and complain about existence. Eventually they'll get board, until the machines invent sex. With this new invention, Adam and Eve will re-populate the garden with 6 billion others who will then help them philosophize and complain -- about how crowded the garden has become.

17 August 2005

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