by James Jaeger

As some of you may know Jaeger Research has been researching the subject of diet for many years. Prior, my late grandfather (who was a neurosurgeon that established Jefferson's department of neurosurgery), was intensively researching diet and nutrition. Between the current generation and past generations almost every book and paper on the subject has been studied. Our conclusion here at JRI in 2014 is that the vast number of books and papers are politically motivated.

That said, the entire Food Industry has us hood-winked. In short, who cares about fruits and vegetables -- they are great, but what's most important is HOW MUCH SUGAR AND CARBOHYDRATES ONE EATS!

The food Establishment has us "counting calories" when all a calorie is, is a unit of heat. ALL foods produce "heat" when eaten (burnt). And so what. One can reduce "calories" by eating less of ANY food. So calories are mostly irrelevant. The only reason the food Establishment rivets everyone's attention on "calories" is so consumers will CONTINUE to eat (a little of) EVERY food product on the market. If it were widely known by consumers that two food groups should seriously be cut back -- sugar and carbohydrates -- the multi-trillion dollar sugar and carb industries would go bananas. They would scream DISCRIMINATION!

So here are the facts made simple:

When you eat a bunch of foods in a typical meal -- some meat, some dairy, some vegetables, some sugar and some carbohydrates -- your system processes (burns) the food that's easiest to process (burn) FIRST. And the food that's easiest to process (burn) first is SUGAR.

Since carbohydrates ("carbs") turn into SUGAR -- and can actually be treated AS sugar -- carbs will be processed (burned) next. After the sugar and the carbs are burnt, all the rest are addressed (burnt).

Unfortunately, WHILE your system is burning the sugars and carbs, it has to stash the rest of the food you have stuffed into your stomach (especially complex molecule-foods like meat and dairy) to the side for later processing (burning). As soon as the sugar and carbs are burnt, your system turns to the meat and dairy to burn this as well. BUT just when your body is about to burn the meat and dairy, you stuff yourself with a NEW meal of sugar, carbs, meat, dairy and all the rest. So your system abandons this burning (of yesterdays meat and dairy), stashes it all to the side -- and starts once again processing the NEW supply of sugar and carbs coming in from your current meal.

All the meat and dairy that is stashed to the side -- while your system burns an endless parade of sugar and carbs (peddled by the multi-trillion dollar food Establishment) -- eventually turns into FAT. This is why you can never seem to loose that FAT. You never give your system enough time to burn it. Your system is thus on an endless treadmill burning sugar and carbs -- and making the producers of such rich.


A cell is like a small furnace. It burns food. Since sugar burns HOT, it destroys the walls of the cell. A furnace burning hot does not last as long as a furnace burning cooler. Heat thus breaks down the walls of a furnace as well as the walls of a cell.

Thus, each and every one of the trillions of cells in your body is damaged by excessive heat -- the burning of sugar and carbohydrates. This is why people that eat fruit and vegetables seem to "live longer." They don't live longer because they are eating MORE fruit and vegetables: they live longer because they are eating LESS sugar and carbs.

Again, no Establishment-study will tell you this because they don't want millions of consumers to STOP eating SUGAR and CARBS. Sugar and carbs are HIGH PROFIT foods. Real sugar, which is expensive, has even been replaced by fructose, a cheaper, "higher margin," sugar. And carbs and/or sugar are in everything: breads, cakes, pizza, donuts, pies, pastas, cereals, chocolates, candies, sodas, fruit drinks, beer and all alcoholic beverages. Think of the trillions of dollars all this CRAP represents!

So, instead of telling you to stop eating sugar and carbs, the "experts" tell you to simply "watch your calorie intake." This mainstream "advice" thus causes hundreds of millions of consumers to cut back on everything EQUALLY -- the equality mentality run crazy. But this is a manageable profit loss to corporate executives so long as consumers CONTINUE buying their SUGAR and CARB products. And these corporate fascists know that even if their victims TRY to eat fewer sugar and carbs it will be futile because these products have been DESIGNED to be addictive. High fructose corn syrup and sugar -- and the carbs that turn into sugar -- are addictive drugs, little different than nicotine, caffeine or heroin.

So the reason you and all your friends are FAT is because YOU are making corporate fascists RICH. It's as simple as that. YOU EAT, THEY PROFIT.

See CORPORATE FASCISM - The Destruction of the Middle Class for more information on what corporate fascists are doing to destroy YOU and your country and all your Facebook friends. http://www.CorporateFascism.org and if you want to join a lively discussion on this this topic, go to http://www.kurzweilai.net/forums/topic/why-you-are-fat-sick-and-will-die-sooner-than-later.

Originated: 26 February 2014
Supplemented and Revised: 18 March 2014

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